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Cousins meet up on beach after family reunion bus trip.

Take your Family Reunion on a Charter Bus

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There’s nothing like the fun of dozens of cousins, second cousins, third cousins once removed, and great aunts and uncles all gathered together in matching shirts. Getting in touch with your extended family over potluck and horseshoes is all part of the fun of a family reunion.

Whether your family is spread out all over the tri-state area or around the world, a family reunion via Adairsville bus travel or a New York City charter bus is a magical way to bring everyone together for the adventure of a lifetime. Chartering a bus offers the chance to get you there safely while doubling the fun of a family reunion road trip. Check out these popular family reunion destination ideas and start planning today.

Experience Nature at a National Park

A national park offers an unforgettable family vacation that tends to be easy on the budget. Explore breathtaking national wonders like caves, canyons, and cliff dwellings. National parks offer a lo-fi experience, which gives you plenty of time to focus on being together as a family. It’s a great chance to get in touch with nature and teach the younger generation to appreciate the raw beauty of the planet.

Check out these national park options:

  1. Yosemite National Park
  2. Yellowstone National Park
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. Olympic National Park

Go Wild at an Amusement Park

For families with a large number of children, amusement parks can be the perfect spot for a family reunion. Book an Orlando charter bus to visit Universal Studios. Disney Parks are also a popular option because their resorts offer a wide variety of amenities that are a good fit for family fun. Many parks offer special rates for large groups. With plenty of great photo ops and activities for all ages, an amusement park may be just the ticket for your family reunion.  

Chill Out on a Camping Trip

Every state has plenty of wonderful camping opportunities, and many campgrounds offer planned events to keep your family having fun throughout your stay. It’s not hard to find a campground that offers swimming pools, splash pads, mini golf, volleyball, and plenty of other activities. Choose a campground with cabins, tent camping, and RV camping to keep everyone happy, especially those relatives who don’t like to “rough it.” Family-themed parks such as Jellystone Park are a popular destination for family reunions.

Buy Bus Tickets to Miami for a Beach Trip

Who doesn’t love the feeling of sand between your toes and the smell of the ocean air?  Surf’s up for a fabulous family reunion on the beach with a Miami bus charter. Themed events can include a volleyball game and sandcastle competition. Book a row of vacation beach house rentals and enjoy hopping from house to house visiting with your relatives. Try adding a pirate, mermaid, or ocean theme to your festivities and create games and events for everyone to enjoy. For bonus fun, set up a family whale-watching adventure.

Get a Breath of Fresh Air in the Mountains

A mountain lodge offers a dreamy vacation destination for a family reunion. Wake up to the smell of fresh mountain air. Enjoy scenic drives and incredible wildlife. Break out the skis. A mountain resort offers endlessly magical adventures to share with your loved ones.

Here are a few of America’s top mountain destinations:

  1. The Rocky Mountains in Colorado
  2. The Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee
  3. Grand Teton Range in Wyoming
  4. Cascade Mountains in Washington

Lasso a Wild Time at a Dude Ranch

If you want something slightly off the grid but you’re hoping for a more interactive experience with your extended family, a dude ranch is a perfect choice. Imagine a family reunion filled with hayrides, horseback riding, and campfire songs. Put your family up in the guest house on a ranch and giddy up for the time of your life. Find someplace close to a lazy river or lake and double the thrills with fishing, boating, and rafting. Add a fun cowboy theme to your family reunion events for added fun.

Book Your Charter Bus Fun

Whatever you choose for your family reunion destination, a charter bus offers the chance for everyone to bond along the way and get to know each other better. Take advantage of the time together for sing-alongs and road games, and create an agenda filled with fun activities once you arrive at your destination.

Take time out with your loved ones to build memories that will last a lifetime traveling with Bieber or Greyhound. Visit our website for a quote to get started planning the family reunion you’ve always dreamed of. Book Your Bus Ticket Today on

Travel to the Midwest

Five Awesome Midwest Locations you Should Visit by Bus

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The U.S. is full of awesome destinations, but one area of the country is overlooked by travelers far too often—the Midwest! Spanning 12 states, the region is known for its welcoming atmosphere and friendly residents. Such traits make it the ideal location for a relaxing and fun getaway. Plus, the Midwest’s scenic landscapes make bus travel an even more enjoyable experience. Before you book bus tickets for your next trip, here are the top five destinations you won’t regret visiting.

1. Dodge City, KS

Bus travel to Dodge City, KS, is a must-try for fans of western television shows, movies, and books. This city has embraced its Wild West history and turned it into an attraction for individuals of all ages. If you’re ready to step back into the late 1800s, then board the city’s Historic Trolley Tours for an hour-long sightseeing excursion. The tour features some of the area’s most historic locations and provides plenty of interesting facts and stories from the city’s history. Next, you’ll want to stop by the Gunfighters Wax Museum to view wax replicas of famous gunslingers, like Wyatt Earp and Calamity Jane, before documenting your travels with an old-west style photo at the Old Dodge Photo Parlor.

2. Wisconsin Dells, WI

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than a trip to Wisconsin Dells, WI. Deemed “The Waterpark Capital of the World,” the small town offers numerous indoor and outdoor waterparks, like Noah’s Ark Waterpark—which spans 70 acres. But the water-related fun isn’t limited to man-made attractions! The Wisconsin River offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure, including guided boat tours and water sports. There’s even a nighttime ghost tour through Cold Water Canyon if you’re up for a scare.

3. Rapid City, SD

When you book bus tickets to Rapid City, SD, you’ll find breathtaking natural views along the way. Considered the “Gateway to the Black Hills,” the city is a short drive away from some of the country’s most beloved attractions. Visiting Mount Rushmore is an absolute necessity, so rent a vehicle for the 30-minute drive south to reach the iconic landmark. Then, take a scenic cruise through Badlands National Park to truly experience the beauty of the area. Finally, wrap up your trip with a ride on the City View Trolley to ensure you catch all of the historic town’s must-see attractions.

4. Dubuque, IA

Located alongside the Mississippi River, Dubuque, IA, is one of the best-kept secrets of the Midwest. The town offers a diverse, family-friendly culture with plenty of things to do, making it perfect for weekend getaways and week-long vacations alike. Stop by River Lights Bookstore to grab some interesting reads for your trip home. After nourishing your mind, it’s time to nourish your body by experiencing the finest Midwest cuisine at any one of the city’s top-rated eateries.

If you’re on a budget, bus travel to Dubuque is an excellent choice because there are plenty of free activities to explore. The downtown district features numerous murals and curated art displays, so create your own walking tour of the city’s street art for an enriching experience. You can also take in some amazing river views by trekking along the Mississippi Riverwalk, which is free and open to the public year-round. During your journey, keep an eye out for sculptures and art installations, which are part of the city’s Art on the River exhibit.

5. Richmond, IN

Another fantastic Midwest bus destination is Richmond, IN. This wholesome small city is a great vacation spot for families, offering plenty of attractions for all ages. You definitely want to set aside a whole day for the Chocolate Trail, which features several fun stops, including vintage ice cream shops and candy factories. Before you embark on the self-guided tour, stop by Richmond’s Welcome Center to grab the official Chocolate Trail Passport so that you can snag free samples along your journey.

If you’re a fan of antiques, then Wayne County should be at the top of your list. Spend a few hours checking off some of the shops on their Antique Alley Trails lists throughout Richmond and the surrounding towns. To round out your historic Midwest journey, tour the grounds of Earlham College, which dates back to 1847, and peruse the shops at the Depot District Market.

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Stop on bus adventure

How to Successfully Plan a Multi-Stop Bus Trip

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Bus travel provides an affordable travel option to locations all over the country. But if you’re already planning a trip, why would you settle for just one destination? By booking multiple stops along your journey, you can fit in a variety of activities and events without breaking the bank. Find out how to go about planning stress-free, multi-stop bus travel below.

Start With a Final Destination

With so many possibilities, it’s challenging for most travelers to decide where to begin. The easiest way to start the multi-stop process is by choosing a final destination. In many cases, the location you decide on today will change as your bus travel plans evolve. If you’re not sure exactly where you want to end up, try limiting your focus to a region or state.

It’s important to remember that nothing is set in stone at this point. Instead, this step is designed to help you begin the process by narrowing down the scope of your trip. For many individuals, simply having a rough idea of their endgame is enough to inspire them to create more concrete plans. But don’t hesitate to change up the arrangement as you go to ensure that the end result matches your needs.

Research Potential Stops

After selecting a possible endpoint, it’s time to figure out your other multi stops. An easy way to accomplish this is by looking at a map. Draw a line between your departure spot and destination, and then review the sites in semi-close proximity to the line. For a wider selection, use the beginning and end points to create a circle around the travel area.

If there are cities outside of the immediate bus travel path, simply add them to your list. For example, a bus trip from Maine to Rochester is likely to include stops in Syracuse, Albany, and Buffalo. Yet, if you follow the guide to a tee, you’ll miss out on bus travel to New York City. As a result, it’s important to remember that this step serves as a guide, not a rulebook.

As you choose potential stops, delve further into each location’s offerings. Just because a town looks gorgeous in photographs doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy it. Avoid ending up disappointed by putting in the legwork now with extensive research. Find out what the area is known for, as well as the attractions, landmarks, and events that it offers. If it ends up sounding like a great match to your tastes, then add it to the travel plan.

Determine Time Frames

With research in hand, it’s time to consider how much time you’ll need at each spot. The results will vary drastically depending on your available travel time, the type and number of attractions you’re interested in, and the trip budget. Each layover is totally dependent on your situation. For instance, hitting a bookstore and trying out a famous eatery will take a few hours at most. Yet, planning a hike through Echo Lake Park or up to Diana’s Baths requires that you leave at least a full day for Conway, NH, bus travel.

To ensure you don’t overpack your schedule, allow extra time for each excursion on your list. It’s better to be overcautious with your time frames than risk missed bus connections or must-see attractions. If you’re unsure of the approximate amount of time needed for each activity, reach out to the organization or locals in the area for a more accurate estimate.

Compare Carrier Stops, Schedules, and Prices

Now that you know where you want to go, what you want to do, and how long you need to do it, it’s time to start looking at your options. The first step in this planning phase is finding out which carriers service the locations you’re visiting.Next, review their schedules to identify options that meet your time frame. Finally, compare prices to ensure you don’t go over your budget.

There are a variety of bus providers to choose from. For long trips, consider utilizing both national carriers and regional operations. For example, if you’re booking bus tickets from Portland to New York, you may want to start with a big company, like Greyhound, and then transfer to a local provider, like Barons Bus, once you reach the northeast. Such an arrangement offers more travel options, as well as potential cost savings.

After comparing all of your options, it’s time to create a solid itinerary. Be sure to review every stop and cross-check your plan with your notes to ensure you’ve covered everything. When you’re satisfied with the layout, finalize your schedule and begin preparing for your trip.

Book Bus Travel to New York, Portland, and Everywhere In-Between

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Why Bus Travel is a Smarter Option than Driving Yourself

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With the long wait times and frustration associated with airports, many people are choosing to reach their destinations by road instead. This choice leaves you with two main forms of transportation: cars and buses. While both options offer benefits, in a competition, bus travel wins every time. Here are a few reasons why.

Enjoy the Journey without the Stress

If your destination is more than a few hours away, chances are you’ve never driven the route before. Conquering unfamiliar roads is stressful at best, and adding rush-hour congestion only amplifies the pressure you’ll feel. Bus travel offers a hands-off approach for passengers, because your experienced, professionally-trained driver will handle everything from road work to detours, so that you don’t have to carry the weight of the driving responsibility.

Booking bus tickets also provides you with the opportunity to truly enjoy the journey. If you’re planning a trip to Colorado, bus travel allows you to take in the majestic views of the Rocky Mountains and fields of wildflowers. As a driver, you’d miss out on the scenery because you have to focus on navigating new routes, keeping track of speed restrictions, and avoiding other drivers’ bad choices.

Travel in Comfort and Style

It’s also important that you’re comfortable on your trip, especially if it’s a long journey. The driving position is notorious for causing aches and pains, but a bus ride has the exact opposite effect. You’ll be lounging on a cushioned seat with plenty of room to change positions as you need, so you can completely avoid leg cramps and neck kinks.

Not only will you travel comfortably, but you’ll also benefit from the latest conveniences. Modern charter bus carriers, like Greyhound, have made numerous upgrades to their carriages to create the epitome of luxury, including tech upgrades and customizable seat options.

Whether you are booking bus tickets to San Jose, CA, or Louisville, KY, you’ll be so comfortable that you will want to book your next trip before you arrive at your current destination.

Bus Travel is More Affordable

For most individuals, sticking to a budget is a priority, and bus travel makes that incredibly easy. With car travel, you need factor in rising gas prices and wear and tear on your vehicle into the overall costs, which are sure to quickly add up to hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

Many bus trips, on the other hand, offer tickets for under $100, making it the cost-effective choice. Online booking platforms also allow you to instantly compare prices among carriers so that you can further increase your travel savings by finding cheap bus tickets.

Accommodate a Large Group with Ease

Traveling with a large group poses many challenges, but the situation becomes further complicated when multiple individual vehicles are involved. Not only do you have to worry about the safety risks and cost of operating numerous cars, but you’ll also face the navigation difficulties of keeping your convoy together. Fortunately, you can bypass the stress of multi-vehicle travel by hiring a bus. From conferences in Las Vegas to school field trips to Kansas City, charter buses allow you to successfully accommodate the needs of large groups.

Buses Are Safer than Automobiles

While today’s auto manufacturers are striving to improve safety features, cars, trucks, and SUVs can’t compete with the travel security provided by passenger buses. In fact, you’re 335 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury from a car crash than a bus accident. There are many factors that contribute to these statistics, including the size and design, but one of the biggest differences between the two modes of transportation is the operators.

In the U.S., it’s fairly easy to obtain a standard driver’s license, and there aren’t any regulations in place that require drivers to take courses alongside an expert instructor. Bus drivers, on the other hand, undergo extensive on-the-road and classroom training to prepare them for the hustle and bustle of roadways. Their education also enforces defensive driving practices to ensure they can combat the mistakes made by drivers of other vehicles. Such a combination enhances your safety as a passenger.

If the unmatched benefits of bus travel have ignited your wanderlust, turn to for unbeatable deals. Our convenient service brings you the most affordable options from the industry’s top carriers all in one place so that you can book your tickets quickly and efficiently. Travel more and spend less by purchasing your cheap bus tickets today!

Couple Romantic Destination

5 Romantic Destinations Just for Couples

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Love is in the air…and on the bus.

Although bus travel may not be your first choice for a romantic getaway, it may be your best choice. A charter bus tour allows you to spend much needed time with your partner taking in the roadside scenery, getting to know each other more, and experiencing life together as you hit the road for a romantic destination.

Below are some of our picks for romantic destinations for couples.

1. Napa Valley, California

If you and your significant other love wine, Napa Valley is the place to be. The valley’s history is ripe with vineyards that go back to the mid-1800s and span hundreds of square miles across California. California wineries have risen to the level of vineyards across Argentina, Europe, and Australia.

You can charter a luxury tour bus out of San Francisco that will take you into the heart of Napa Valley, where you can discover the breathtaking landscape and book a comfortable suite in a bed and breakfast or resort. California bus travel offers flexibility and relieves you of the responsibility of driving. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

If you’ve never been to Charleston, you’re missing out on some of the country’s most deeply-rooted history. Charleston embodies everything that is great about Southern charm while offering lots of activities and plenty of good food for a romantic destination.

Charleston is home to century-old mansions, Spanish moss-drenched trees, haunted landmarks, and miles upon miles of cobblestone streets. The city provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. Carriers such as Trailways, Barons Bus, and Greyhound offer a variety of Charleston, South Carolina bus travel packages. You can fully customize your trip through

3. Savannah, Georgia

Nestled close to the Georgia coastline, Savannah is one of America’s crown jewels. Like Charleston, Savannah is adorned with Spanish moss and haunted graveyards. But don’t let the similarities fool you. Savannah’s landscape provides a wide range of natural and man-made attractions that are sure to appeal to your romantic side.

You can schedule a Savannah bus tour that puts you in the heart of Savannah and picks you up when the trip is over. And the best part is that you can enjoy the beautiful Southern mountains, lakes, forests, and coastline along the way. Bus travel provides the perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Southern culture.

4. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

If you’re looking for a quiet getaway without all the commercial fluff or busy cities, Cape Cod is the ideal destination for lovers old and young. Cape Cod consistently makes the list of top summer vacation spots. You can book a bed and breakfast and walk along the sand dunes or enjoy a scenic bike trail. You can also schedule a fishing expedition or boat tour.

One of the best things about Cape Cod bus travel is you can put together a charter bus tour that brings you closer to the area. Many of our top carriers drive through Cape Cod. No matter where you live, a Cape Cod excursion will put you in the New England territory where you can take in the mountains, the coastline, and many other natural landmarks. You and your partner can enjoy this part of the country together on a comfortable charter bus.

5. St. Augustine, Florida

Are you and your spouse history buffs? Then a trip to St. Augustine will bring out your inner geek as you explore a true treasure along the Eastern Seaboard. St. Augustine was established by the Spanish colonies in 1565 and is the oldest European settlement in the U.S. You can enjoy the cobblestone streets and marvel at the colonial architecture. But beware, because many of the top attractions in St. Augustine are inhabited by the ghosts of Spanish settlers.

Once you exit the St. Augustine charter bus, you can enjoy a broad spectrum of boutiques, restaurants, live entertainment, and art galleries that line the streets. can help you book bus tickets and plan your trip so that you see a lot of amazing sights along the way.

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No matter where you decide to take your trip, you can always count on to get you there. We offer personalized charter bus travel for all groups, large and small. You can customize your trip while stopping at prime locations along the way to your destination. To find out more about how can help you with your getaway, schedule your romantic bus trip by going to our booking page. Buy cheap bus tickets today!