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Packing Tips

How to Pack for a Week With Just a Carry-on

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How to Pack for a Week With Just a Carry-On

If packing isn’t your strong point, then the idea of cramming everything you need for a week-long vacation into a single carry-on may seem ridiculous. But it can be done. In fact, it’s been done by millions of seasoned travelers many times over. If you want to enjoy the benefits of packing light, you can make it happen by using these helpful tips.

Create a Packing Checklist

If you love making lists, this tip is for you. And even if you don’t, you’re going to start to love them after realizing how much they help you pack more efficiently.

Before you even begin packing, make a list of all the essentials you know you’ll need. Start with your toiletries. Some of the basics include deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, a shaving razor, any skincare products you use, and any medications you take. Keep your toiletries minimal and only take what you absolutely need.

Next, move on to clothing. Think of the activities or events you have going on during the week and pack accordingly—don’t take anything extra. A list will help ensure you don’t just mindlessly throw anything into your carry-on and end up overpacking.

Wear Your Biggest and Heaviest Items

Save an incredible amount of room when you pack for a week with just a carry-on by leaving out your biggest and heaviest items. You’ll end up with plenty of extra space to pack lightweight clothing items, an extra pair of shoes, and anything else you need. If you are traveling during the colder months, wear your winter coat and boots instead of packing them. If you end up getting too warm on the ride to your destination, you can always take your coat off and swap your boots for slippers once you are situated in your seat. Don’t waste the small amount of space you have in your carry-on when you can wear the items that take up the most space.

Be Honest With Yourself About What You Really Need

A lot of people tend to bring too many shoes, which can take up even more room than clothes. Minimalist travelers only need one to three pairs of shoes at the most: a reliable, high-quality pair of shoes you wear when doing your walking; sneakers, which could double as the walking shoes; and dress shoes or heels depending on the nature of the trip. And when it comes to clothes, many people pack multiple outfits they never even end up wearing on the trip, so be sure to make appropriate choices from your closet.

Focus on _How_ to Pack

The hard part isn’t what to pack, it’s how to pack it to save space in your carry-on. One of the first things you can do is roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will instantly create more space in your suitcase. Another way to make more space is to pack your clothes into a packing cube to compartmentalize your carry-on and group items together.

A good travel tip is to put all of your heavy items at the bottom of your carry-on; this includes toiletry and cosmetic bags, shoes, and thicker clothing items. Small items like socks or phone and laptop chargers can be tucked into shoes or hats.

When it comes to toiletries and any other non-clothing items you are packing, make sure to get mini versions of everything: travel toothpaste, shampoos, mouthwash, and so on. Better yet, don’t bother packing these items at all and instead use the toiletries at your hotel. This will free up even more space in your carry-on as you won’t have to pack bulky toiletry bags. If there are certain cosmetic or toiletry items you can’t live without, hold off on packing those items and instead purchase them at a local store when you reach your destination.

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3 Tips for Traveling With Pets

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3 Tips for Traveling With Pets

Going on vacation is a great way to relax and get away from it all. While you’re busy packing, make sure you don’t leave one very key family member behind: your fur baby! Although it may not always be practical to take your pet along on your trip, in some instances, it’s a great idea and can even help you unwind more effectively while you’re away. Here are some tips for traveling with pets to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Pack a Pet Essentials Bag

Just like you need your plush travel pillow and your cozy travel shawl, your pet needs a few essentials to stay comfortable on the road, too. Why risk having a cranky pooch or kitty who misses his favorite toy? Toss it into a bag along with food, any necessary medications, first-aid items, a leash, a collapsible bowl, grooming products, and waste bags.

Assuming you’re heading to pet-friendly accommodations, you’ll need to take your animal outside for regular walks and fresh air. Having all these items close at hand will minimize the possibility of any sudden emergencies developing while you’re out and about. It may also help to bring along a beloved blanket—something that smells like home so your pet will feel more comfortable when he’s nestled inside. This is one of those tips for traveling with pets that is often overlooked—don’t neglect to bring a little touch of home with you!

Research Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you’re going camping, you don’t have to worry—your pet will feel right at home in the great outdoors!

If you’ll be staying at a hotel or resort instead, you need to make sure that your accommodations of choice are as welcoming to animals as they are to humans. Pet-friendly hotels are everywhere, and many of them go the extra mile to provide cat and dog owners with the provisions they need to properly care for their animals when they’re away from home.

Some properties charge a small fee for pet check-ins, but others have none at all. Look for luxurious extras that promise to make the getaway even more luxurious and enjoyable for your pet. Many of the Four Seasons properties, for example, offer in-room extras like bowls topped off with Evian water, soft pet beds, and tasty treats. Some even have dog room service menus! Make sure to research the hotel’s pet weight limit, if any, and inquire about their on-site rules. Can you bring your pet along to the common areas? Are animals permitted in restaurants or by the pool? Is there a pet cleaning fee? All these factors may influence your stay, so do some thorough research before you leave.

Prepare for Emergencies

Nobody wants to imagine that something might happen to their beloved pet on the road — and in all likelihood, it won’t. But it’s always best to be prepared. If you do nothing else, take these preventative measures. They’ll actually help you feel even more relaxed while you’re away from home. First, make sure that you have your animal’s medical records available in case you need to make a stop at the nearest veterinary clinic. Before you leave, make sure you make note of the closest 24-hour veterinarians at your destination so you can be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Then attach an additional tag to your pet’s collar with contact information for your accommodations. Include the hotel’s name, address, and phone number, along with the dates of your stay. Finally, make sure that your pet stays hydrated throughout the trip. Fresh, cold water will prevent your animal from overheating while on the road.

Keep These Tips for Traveling With Pets Handy

You’ll need these tips in your back pocket as you prepare for another epic vacation with your beloved pet! Whether you’re going camping, planning a staycation in the nearest big city, or traveling to another state, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Expect to have a great time, but always be prepared for anything that a change of scenery might bring. Pets are creatures of habit, and as a responsible dog or cat parent, you know how important routines are to them. By staying by their side every step of the way, you can rest assured that everyone will enjoy themselves.

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Packing for Snowy Weather? Here’s What You Need

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Packing for Snowy Weather? Here’s What You Need

Brrr! It’s cold out there! You know you can count on dealing with all kinds of winter mayhem if you plan to travel to a snowy destination this season. But when you pack the right way for your trip, you can handle it all with ease. Here’s everything you need to make sure your journey goes smoothly.

A Moisture-Resistant Suitcase

Traveling in wet weather presents an entirely new set of conundrums you might not be equipped to handle. That’s where a water-resistant suitcase comes in handy. Aim to purchase something that is designed to handle the wrath of a little snow and rain so you don’t have to deal with shopping for a new bag when you should be out enjoying your vacation. Your best bet? Have a suitcase or a backpack that tolerates the wet stuff like a champ.

If you prefer to carry a suitcase, look for something that has a hardshell case or that specifically states it is made from a weather-proof material of some kind. If you favor a backpack, look for products that are sturdy, thick, and made with a weather-resistant material. The base, too, should be waterproof in order to protect its integrity in the long term. Run your hands over the seams of your bags to ensure they’re tightly stitched; these are the areas that are most vulnerable to breakage, and they’re most likely to invite moisture inside.

A Great Pair of Boots

You won’t get very far if you don’t have a pair of reliable boots with you. Although the footwear world is full of all kinds of boot styles, you can narrow down your selection right away by zeroing in on the pairs made specifically for winter wear. Skip the bells and whistles and definitely the suedes—you’re looking for more of a heavy-duty boot than something you would wear to brunch with friends.

There are several factors that come into play here with your boots. The first is their ability to keep you dry. Waterproof boots are a great choice because they lock out moisture and ensure you won’t trudge back to your hotel in sopping wet socks. Then, consider how warm they feel. The boots should be properly insulated to ensure maximum coziness at all times. Next, run your hand over the soles. They should be made of rubber and offer premium traction. That’s the only way to walk on slick surfaces comfortably and safely with any amount of confidence this winter.

A Whole Bunch of Layers

Now it’s time to think about your wardrobe. A coat is a must, and you should opt for the warmest option you own. If you need to shop for something, look for outerwear made from waterproof fabrics that will shield you from wet weather, lock in body heat, and keep you dry all at once. These are the most basic of requirements when you’re outside in the snow. You should also bring along a couple of sweaters—a thick cardigan you can wear when you’re curled up by the fireplace inside the hotel, for example, and a pullover you can wear layered over a collared shirt when you go to dinner or head outside.

Layering, however, encompasses far more than those basics. As you’re packing for snowy weather, make sure to include a few long-sleeve thermal tops you can slip on beneath your sweater and coat as a third warming layer. Bring along a vest, too, if you think that temperatures might go up a little; you’ll feel comfortable layering that over a long-sleeve top, but you won’t need to also wear your coat unless the weather absolutely calls for it.

A Few Extra Provisions

It’s good to be prepared with a few additional winter essentials. Bring along sunscreen to protect your skin from potent ultraviolet rays while you’re on the slopes, plus lip balm infused with sun protection. Pack a thick body cream, such as one enriched with shea butter, to prevent dryness and windburn.

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5 Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Make Your Holiday a Breeze

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Make Thanksgiving Travel Easy

Feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming Thanksgiving trip? There’s no need to be when you are prepared ahead of time! We have five useful Thanksgiving travel tips to make your trip a breeze.

Pack Smart

For your first Thanksgiving travel tip, you can make things a lot easier on yourself by employing smart packing techniques—like packing early. If you’re like most people, you may find yourself packing the night before the trip. Although it may seem like leaving it until the last minute is inevitable due to work and personal demands, it will benefit you tremendously to pack in advance and allow you to get other travel arrangements in order.

A second point to keep in mind is that the lighter you pack, the easier traveling is going to be. No one enjoys lugging a big, bulky suitcase onto a train platform, through an airport, or up onto a bus. Eliminate the hassle by packing a small carry-on suitcase that you can easily lift and wheel around.

Expect the Unexpected

Anyone who has traveled anywhere knows things don’t always go as planned. A flight gets delayed, your car gets stuck in a traffic jam, your checked baggage gets lost, a massive snowstorm puts a temporary halt on road travel—you get the idea. The first thing you can do to mitigate the added stress of travel plans going awry is to mentally prepare yourself for the reality that things could go wrong. When you can expect that anything could happen, you are better equipped to handle the situation.

However, you don’t have to just passively accept a travel situation that doesn’t go as planned. Having a contingency plan is reassuring and can get you back on track. For example, if you are driving your own vehicle to your Thanksgiving destination, use things like Google Maps to inform you of an alternate route to take in case of traffic or a detour. If you are taking a bus and need to reach your destination at a certain time, book an earlier trip so that you allow plenty of room for any delays and will still be able to get to your destination when you planned to.

Use Mobile Apps

Speaking of Google Maps, that—along with a few other apps—is something you are going to want to utilize when you are traveling. You can navigate the roads and get accurate information regarding the route and the time of arrival to your destination. Another great GPS navigation app is Waze, which provides live traffic updates and will alert you of any speed traps, traffic jams, and car accidents.

Navigation apps aren’t the only apps you can use when traveling. You can keep everything organized by downloading TripIt, which is an app that allows you to store and organize every detail of your travel plans in one place. Not only does the app create one big travel itinerary for you, but it will also provide reminders and alerts throughout the whole trip; this way, you can rest easy knowing you won’t forget a thing because your phone will remind you!

Book Everything as Early in Advance as Possible

Whether you are traveling across a couple of states to visit extended family or you are taking the whole family to an exciting new destination for the Thanksgiving holiday, the sooner you book your travel arrangements and lodging, the better. Not only will it make you less anxious about everything there is to do before a big trip, but you will undoubtedly end up getting better rates on transportation, hotels, and other travel-related activities. Because it’s a holiday, the costs of flights will likely surge. If you find yourself looking at astronomical airfare, consider an alternative (and more cost-efficient) means of transportation, such as taking a bus. Similarly, hotel prices will be much higher than average during the week of Thanksgiving, so booking your room in advance could reduce some of that cost.

Finally, the basics like transportation and lodging aren’t the only things you want to book early on. If you are traveling to a place like New York City for Thanksgiving and you plan to go on a lot of outings, make all your reservations before you reach the city. If you know what restaurants you want to visit, reserve your table in advance. If you plan to catch a Broadway show, get your tickets before you even leave for the trip. That way, you don’t have to be bothered with making all those arrangements when you are supposed to be enjoying your vacation.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

After all that planning, the most important Thanksgiving travel tip is to breathe. Relax, take time for yourself, and don’t get consumed with the stress of planning. There is no need to put a damper on our holiday by getting sick. Make sure to rest and leave time to take care of yourself ahead of the big holiday weekend.

Ready to Go After Reading These Thanksgiving Travel Tips?

Take the stress off your holiday plans by following the Thanksgiving travel tips listed here. Another great tip for you? Use bus travel! You won’t have to worry about finding and navigating your way to your location. Let []( help you find the routes you need today at a great deal!


Christmas travel with kids

Survive Traveling With Kids This Christmas

By Bus Travel, Packing Tips

Traveling With Kids This Christmas? Here’s How to Survive It

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for eager kids who can’t wait to spend a couple of weeks at home. For parents, it’s time to gear up for an especially busy season—one that involves keeping little ones entertained, making plans for the holiday, and determining the most efficient way to handle your upcoming vacation. If you’re planning on traveling with kids this Christmas, make sure you’re ready for the journey with these tips.

Plan It All out Early

The sooner you develop a concrete travel plan, the more confident you’ll feel about traveling with kids this Christmas. As you approach leaving day, make sure to do all the research in advance, including pricing different room rates so you can snag the best deal early. You can also book your transportation early so you don’t have to worry about dealing with sudden price hikes. It gets increasingly busy deeper into the season, so it’s well worth handling everything now so you can focus on other details.

Book a Spacious Room

Think about your sleeping situation. If your kids are old enough, you may want to consider booking a neighboring room for them. Or, if your budget allows, you might want to book a suite to ensure no one goes stir crazy inside a single room. While you may not plan to spend too much time in the hotel room, it’s worth booking the extra space if you have more than one child. The more cramped the room, the more likely you’ll spend half your time attempting to gain some semblance of control.

Pack Only the Essentials

Part of traveling involves transporting luggage from one destination to the next. If you’re traveling by bus, then it’s especially important to factor in the number of bags you bring along. Kids have a tendency to toss all kinds of things into their bags, from toys to electronics. Make sure they bring along only the essentials. After all, a single bag is far more practical than multiple, as it allows just enough space to bring comfortable clothes for Christmas day, along with any dressy essentials that might be needed if you’re attending a special event. Otherwise, keep everything else casual so you and the kids will feel relaxed and at your best. If you’re planning to pack gifts, reserve a single suitcase for those items, or save yourself the hassle and ship those gifts to your destination in advance. Be sure to confirm with your place of accommodation, whether it’s a rental home or a hotel, that this is permissible.

Keep Travel Basics Handy

Kids are likely to get pretty restless while en route to the destination. If you’re traveling with kids this Christmas, fill a bag of holiday essentials so they stay busy, focused, and entertained during the journey. Include travel-friendly snacks, like apple slices, cheese sticks, crackers, and nuts, and plenty of water to keep them hydrated on the go. Fill up their tablets or smartphones with games, puzzles, and books, including a few holiday-themed apps to help them feel more festive and enthusiastic about the trip. Adding classic Christmas books is a great idea, as is downloading the NORAD Santa Claus tracker so little ones can keep an eye on the big man’s whereabouts (and hopefully stay on their best behavior in preparation for his arrival)!

Bring the Holidays Along

Sure, being in a different environment on Christmas day can be unusual, especially if you’re accustomed to celebrating with great flair in the comfort of your own home. But the beauty of traveling with kids at Christmas is that it gives you an opportunity to make some new memories together. Bring along some creature comforts of home to remind your kids you can celebrate the holiday anywhere so long as you’re together. Stockings, cute little figurines, and ornaments are all easy to pack, and you can play some festive tunes in the background to enhance the mood. If you’re staying in a rental home or apartment, you might even purchase a small tree while you’re there and decorate it.

Survive Your Bus Trip When Traveling With Kids This Christmas

Don’t let the prospect of traveling with the kiddos this holiday season throw you off! All it takes is some strategic planning, and you’ll be ready for anything the journey brings. Head over to book your Christmas vacation today!

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