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3 Tips for Traveling With Pets

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3 Tips for Traveling With Pets

Going on vacation is a great way to relax and get away from it all. While you’re busy packing, make sure you don’t leave one very key family member behind: your fur baby! Although it may not always be practical to take your pet along on your trip, in some instances, it’s a great idea and can even help you unwind more effectively while you’re away. Here are some tips for traveling with pets to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Pack a Pet Essentials Bag

Just like you need your plush travel pillow and your cozy travel shawl, your pet needs a few essentials to stay comfortable on the road, too. Why risk having a cranky pooch or kitty who misses his favorite toy? Toss it into a bag along with food, any necessary medications, first-aid items, a leash, a collapsible bowl, grooming products, and waste bags.

Assuming you’re heading to pet-friendly accommodations, you’ll need to take your animal outside for regular walks and fresh air. Having all these items close at hand will minimize the possibility of any sudden emergencies developing while you’re out and about. It may also help to bring along a beloved blanket—something that smells like home so your pet will feel more comfortable when he’s nestled inside. This is one of those tips for traveling with pets that is often overlooked—don’t neglect to bring a little touch of home with you!

Research Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you’re going camping, you don’t have to worry—your pet will feel right at home in the great outdoors!

If you’ll be staying at a hotel or resort instead, you need to make sure that your accommodations of choice are as welcoming to animals as they are to humans. Pet-friendly hotels are everywhere, and many of them go the extra mile to provide cat and dog owners with the provisions they need to properly care for their animals when they’re away from home.

Some properties charge a small fee for pet check-ins, but others have none at all. Look for luxurious extras that promise to make the getaway even more luxurious and enjoyable for your pet. Many of the Four Seasons properties, for example, offer in-room extras like bowls topped off with Evian water, soft pet beds, and tasty treats. Some even have dog room service menus! Make sure to research the hotel’s pet weight limit, if any, and inquire about their on-site rules. Can you bring your pet along to the common areas? Are animals permitted in restaurants or by the pool? Is there a pet cleaning fee? All these factors may influence your stay, so do some thorough research before you leave.

Prepare for Emergencies

Nobody wants to imagine that something might happen to their beloved pet on the road — and in all likelihood, it won’t. But it’s always best to be prepared. If you do nothing else, take these preventative measures. They’ll actually help you feel even more relaxed while you’re away from home. First, make sure that you have your animal’s medical records available in case you need to make a stop at the nearest veterinary clinic. Before you leave, make sure you make note of the closest 24-hour veterinarians at your destination so you can be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Then attach an additional tag to your pet’s collar with contact information for your accommodations. Include the hotel’s name, address, and phone number, along with the dates of your stay. Finally, make sure that your pet stays hydrated throughout the trip. Fresh, cold water will prevent your animal from overheating while on the road.

Keep These Tips for Traveling With Pets Handy

You’ll need these tips in your back pocket as you prepare for another epic vacation with your beloved pet! Whether you’re going camping, planning a staycation in the nearest big city, or traveling to another state, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Expect to have a great time, but always be prepared for anything that a change of scenery might bring. Pets are creatures of habit, and as a responsible dog or cat parent, you know how important routines are to them. By staying by their side every step of the way, you can rest assured that everyone will enjoy themselves.

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Deciding Between Snow vs. Beach for New Year’s? Go for the Cold!

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Deciding Between Snow vs. Beach for New Year’s? Go for the Cold!

Going _anywhere_ for New Year’s Eve requires some serious planning. Going on vacation, however, calls for some next-level decision-making. If it’s between snow vs. beach for New Year’s, don’t completely toss the idea of a cold destination in favor of a warmer, sunnier climate. Sure, spending your winter in a tropical environment is appealing, but there’s something decidedly more seasonal and festive about ringing in the New Year in the snow. Here’s why it’s such a great idea.

Make Some Holiday Magic

Yes, you can hang out on the plush sand at the beach and share a kiss at the stroke of midnight, but technically you can hang out at the beach any day of the year and enjoy the same warm conditions. But celebrating the holiday in the snow is something you can really only do once a year. Some areas of the country go all out in creating unforgettable New Year’s festivities that truly outdo anything you could ever hope to experience on the beach.

Case in point: the snowshoe tour in Bend, Oregon. Led by a professional guide, you’ll arrive at a crackling bonfire in the heart of an amphitheater completely hand-carved in snow. Hot beverages and mouthwatering desserts are served, and you’ll spend the evening learning about the surrounding forest while gazing at the clear night sky before ushering in the New Year. Between the crisp weather and the magnificent environment, you’ll wonder how you ever got through a celebration without it!

View the Northern Lights

Why go to a rowdy bar or watch the ball drop on television when you can experience something absolutely awe-inspiring in person? Watching the Northern Lights on New Year’s Eve in Alaska is a humbling experience unlike any other. If there was ever any doubt about the snow vs. beach for New Year’s debate, this should surely simplify your decision.

While there are several great places to visit, among the worthiest of your time is Alyeska Resort. It’s approximately 40 miles from Anchorage, making it an easy-to-access destination that provides you with exquisite views of the Aurora Borealis. The resort recommends staying for a few days so that you have an optimal chance of viewing the Northern Lights in all their glory. It may even bring you a stroke of good luck if you believe in such things. Scandinavian fishermen, who called the lights “sillblixt,” believed that the lights were caused by reflections from fish scales, and so spying the lights were considered a sign of a big haul to come. If you happen to catch the lights as you ring in the New Year, you could take it as a sign of good fortune and abundance to come.

Enjoy a Cozy Celebration

If your traditional celebration involves ringing in the New Year in the presence of hundreds of others at a crowded venue with loud music in the background, then you could probably do with a change of scenery. While the beach is certainly a gorgeous environment to celebrate any holiday, you’re more likely to deal with the same types of grounds in a sunny place. Winter destinations are considerably less crowded, and you can easily carve out some quality alone time with your family or significant other if that’s what you crave this year.

Once you’ve settled your snow vs. beach for New Year’s dilemma, you can focus on where you want to go. One of the most intimate spots is Viceroy Snowmass, a stunning resort near Aspen, Colorado. The beautiful property is situated in Snowmass Base Village, which puts you within proximity of everything from ice skating to skiing. When you’re ready to unwind, retreat to Toro Kitchen & Lounge for a hot meal by the fireplace or enjoy a healing massage before welcoming the New Year.

Snow vs. Beach for New Year’s: Where Are You Headed?

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Packing for Snowy Weather? Here’s What You Need

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Packing for Snowy Weather? Here’s What You Need

Brrr! It’s cold out there! You know you can count on dealing with all kinds of winter mayhem if you plan to travel to a snowy destination this season. But when you pack the right way for your trip, you can handle it all with ease. Here’s everything you need to make sure your journey goes smoothly.

A Moisture-Resistant Suitcase

Traveling in wet weather presents an entirely new set of conundrums you might not be equipped to handle. That’s where a water-resistant suitcase comes in handy. Aim to purchase something that is designed to handle the wrath of a little snow and rain so you don’t have to deal with shopping for a new bag when you should be out enjoying your vacation. Your best bet? Have a suitcase or a backpack that tolerates the wet stuff like a champ.

If you prefer to carry a suitcase, look for something that has a hardshell case or that specifically states it is made from a weather-proof material of some kind. If you favor a backpack, look for products that are sturdy, thick, and made with a weather-resistant material. The base, too, should be waterproof in order to protect its integrity in the long term. Run your hands over the seams of your bags to ensure they’re tightly stitched; these are the areas that are most vulnerable to breakage, and they’re most likely to invite moisture inside.

A Great Pair of Boots

You won’t get very far if you don’t have a pair of reliable boots with you. Although the footwear world is full of all kinds of boot styles, you can narrow down your selection right away by zeroing in on the pairs made specifically for winter wear. Skip the bells and whistles and definitely the suedes—you’re looking for more of a heavy-duty boot than something you would wear to brunch with friends.

There are several factors that come into play here with your boots. The first is their ability to keep you dry. Waterproof boots are a great choice because they lock out moisture and ensure you won’t trudge back to your hotel in sopping wet socks. Then, consider how warm they feel. The boots should be properly insulated to ensure maximum coziness at all times. Next, run your hand over the soles. They should be made of rubber and offer premium traction. That’s the only way to walk on slick surfaces comfortably and safely with any amount of confidence this winter.

A Whole Bunch of Layers

Now it’s time to think about your wardrobe. A coat is a must, and you should opt for the warmest option you own. If you need to shop for something, look for outerwear made from waterproof fabrics that will shield you from wet weather, lock in body heat, and keep you dry all at once. These are the most basic of requirements when you’re outside in the snow. You should also bring along a couple of sweaters—a thick cardigan you can wear when you’re curled up by the fireplace inside the hotel, for example, and a pullover you can wear layered over a collared shirt when you go to dinner or head outside.

Layering, however, encompasses far more than those basics. As you’re packing for snowy weather, make sure to include a few long-sleeve thermal tops you can slip on beneath your sweater and coat as a third warming layer. Bring along a vest, too, if you think that temperatures might go up a little; you’ll feel comfortable layering that over a long-sleeve top, but you won’t need to also wear your coat unless the weather absolutely calls for it.

A Few Extra Provisions

It’s good to be prepared with a few additional winter essentials. Bring along sunscreen to protect your skin from potent ultraviolet rays while you’re on the slopes, plus lip balm infused with sun protection. Pack a thick body cream, such as one enriched with shea butter, to prevent dryness and windburn.

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4 Hottest New Year’s Destinations to Ring in the New Year

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4 Hottest New Year’s Destinations to Ring in the New Year

There’s a lot of expectation placed on New Year’s Eve. Not only do you want to finish out the year in a memorable way, but you also want to set the tone for the new year. Luckily, there are a few cities that understand the importance of the evening and commemorate it with unforgettable celebrations. These four hottest New Year’s destinations all fall into that category.

Atlanta, Georgia

It’s not a secret that Atlanta is known for throwing unforgettable events, and for New Year’s, the Empire City lives up to its reputation. From wild to mild, there’s a memory-making event for every personality type. One of the most popular options is NYE Live! at the Battery Atlanta. The annual shindig features buffets, live music, swag bags, and even a cash drop. There’s also a complimentary midnight champagne toast alongside a live stream of the NYC Ball Drop.

For a slightly more intimate setting without sacrificing fun, head to Gatsby’s Penthouse. The flapper-themed event offers an open bar, live DJ, and phenomenal rooftop views of Downtown and Midtown — perfect for midnight fireworks viewing. Craft beer fans, on the other hand, may find that the Atlanta Brew Year’s Eve party is more up to their speed. The party offers a casual vibe with an open bar, two live DJs, and party favors. It’s also located at the historic Georgia Railroad Freight Depot.

Even though Atlanta is known for its mild winters, snowstorms and freezing temperatures aren’t unheard of. As such, be sure to bring a coat and warm clothing for your bus trip. Yet, with enough dancing, you probably won’t even notice the chill.

Chicago, Illinois

While the winter weather in Chicago may not be hot, the New Year’s parties are on fire. The most sought after event of the night is the annual Chicago Resolution Gala. Held at the breathtaking Aon Grand Ballroom, the larger-than-life event features a buffet, 30 — yes, 30! — bars, and a revolving list of DJs. It’s superb location also offers an easy viewing experience of the Navy Pier NYE Fireworks Show.

If a 2,000-person event isn’t quite big enough for you, then the 3,000-person festivities at Congress Plaza Hotel are right up your alley. The hotel’s New Year’s Eve Ball is a big-energy, semiformal event. There are pre- and post-ball parties, multiple bars, a buffet, live DJs, and A-list attendees. Partying with friends? Grab tickets for one of the VIP tables.

San Antonio, Texas

If you’re heading to San Antonio for New Year’s Eve, leave your coats behind and soak up the sun as you enter 2020. There are numerous events across the city, but the one most anticipated is at Howl at the Moon. Energize for the night at the dinner buffet before filling up on premium drinks and hitting the dance floor. At midnight, give your feet a break while enjoying a champagne toast.

On a budget? You can still go big in San Antonio at Celebrate SA! The city’s official NYE celebration is held downtown with three live music stages, carnival rides, and festive food. Not only is admission to the event free, but it also culminates with a midnight fireworks show.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the hottest New Year’s destinations in both the figurative and literal sense. With sunny skies and average winter temperatures in the upper 60s, the City of Angels is an excellent escape for anyone looking to escape the cold. It’s also the perfect weather for roaring ’20s attire, which is what you’ll need at Prohibition NYE. Held at Union Station in downtown, the iconic celebration offers burlesque performances, live jazz music, and a premium open bar. There’s also a midnight ball drop inside the venue!

For a more mysterious setting, grab your favorite mask and head to the New Year’s Eve Masquerade Celebration at Seven Grand. The free event features a full cocktail menu and plenty of dancing. There’s also no admission fee at Angel City Brewery. The annual No Cover New Year’s boasts a wide selection of craft beers, live music, and a midnight toast.

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The Best Christmas Getaways for Two

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The Best Christmas Getaways for Two

While some choose to spend Christmas in the comfort of their own home surrounded by family, festive decorations, and a big green tree, others like the idea of making an adventure out of the holiday. If you and your significant other are thinking of getting away for the holidays this year, there are plenty of great advantages to foregoing the traditional homestyle Christmas and opting for something new. For readers considering a quiet yuletide getaway for two, we’ve come up with a list of four perfect destinations.

New York, NY

New York City might just be the king of destinations when it comes to the best Christmas getaway for two. It’s such a vibrant city that takes its holiday season seriously, so you’ll have no trouble finding a myriad of Christmas activities. Start your trip by checking into a cozy AirBnB or a world-famous hotel in Midtown Manhattan. After settling in, venture out into the winter wonderland that is New York and snap a few selfies in front of the impressively large tree in Rockefeller Center. Afterward, go ice skating in Bryant Park (for free!), and then catch the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Check out the underground market beneath the famous Plaza Hotel and grab a cup of gourmet hot cocoa and delicious Italian cookies before heading back outside to explore more of the city. If you want to experience Christmas in New York like a local, there are plenty of options off the beaten path as well. Aside from ice skating in Bryant Park, you can browse the endless array of vendors at the Winter Village and pick up some artisanal foods that make for excellent Christmas gifts. Another novel holiday experience is catching a production of _A Christmas Carol_ at The Merchant’s House in downtown Manhattan. Of course, your Christmas getaway to New York would not be complete without endless hours of shopping along 5th Avenue and a walking tour of the gorgeous holiday window displays at all the iconic stores.

Williamsburg, VA

Is there anything with more storybook charm than a quaint Christmas spent in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia? If this Christmas season is going to be a quiet, intimate occasion for two, Williamsburg may have all the seasonal ingredients necessary for an unforgettable experience. Throughout the entire month of December, the greater Williamsburg area puts on quite the assortment of festivities, starting with The Grand Illumination. Every year, visitors flock to the downtown area to sip a hot drink, listen to live music and watch the spectacular fireworks show. If you are in Williamsburg in early December, you don’t want to miss the Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade, where you’ll spot a string of brightly lit and decorated sailboats. After watching the parade, walk along the Riverwalk Landing to the giant bonfire where you can sing carols, listen to music, and sip free hot cider with the other locals and visitors.

Charleston, SC

Charleston is another quaint town that is perfect for a cozy Christmas getaway. It’s not large enough to be overwhelming and chaotic, but there’s no lack of things to do around the holiday season. Every weekend throughout the month of December is the Charleston Farmers Market, where you can sample homemade baked goods, sip hot cocoa, listen to live music and pick up some local art for a Christmas gift. After a day of shopping, head to the Dock Street Theater to catch a musical adaptation of _A Christmas Carol_. Finally, you won’t want to miss the annual Holiday Festival of Light, which takes place at James Island County Park. It’s open every day through the month of December and beckons visitors to drive through the incredible display of lights. After seeing the Christmas displays, head to the Winter Wonderland to ride trains, roast marshmallows, shop for gifts and listen to live holiday music at this choice for the best Christmas getaway for two in South Carolina.

Park City, UT

Want to make sure it’s a White Christmas? Head to Park City, Utah, where you can be sure the snow will be blanketing the earth. Do some last-minute Christmas shopping at the local boutiques along Main Street before catching the Torchlight Parade on Christmas Eve. Every Christmas, hundreds of skiers adorned in bright Christmas lights glide down the ski run at Deer Valley Resort’s Big Stick. After watching the parade, skiers and spectators alike are invited to enjoy free hot cider and cookies. And because it’s Park City, you’ll have no trouble finding plenty of resorts to indulge in your favorite winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and more. If you want an experience unlike any other this Christmas, you will definitely want to check out The Viking Yurt.

Visit These Best Christmas Getaways for Two

When you’re ready to snuggle up with your partner for the holiday this year, we hope this list of the best Christmas getaways for two helps with your decision. Don’t stress about your travel arrangements—make it easy and buy your tickets on today!

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