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Stay at These Holiday Season Hotels This Winter

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If you’re entranced by the magic of the holiday season and spend most of the year counting down the days until twinkling lights return, then you probably wouldn’t say no to spending some quality time at a festive hotel for your winter vacation. Some of the most impressive properties in the country go all out in their celebrations. While you might not normally go out of your way to travel somewhere just to stay at a particular hotel, these holiday season hotels may just change your mind. Here’s where to set your sights this year.

Mohonk Mountain House

Winter is simply a magical time of year at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York. The resort, situated approximately 90 miles north of Manhattan, is a beautiful place to escape from the chaos and settle into some cozy, festive fun for a few wondrous days and nights. Best of all, it’s completely family-friendly! The entire property is decorated with meticulous attention to detail, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

There’s a variety of fun holiday-themed activities that await at Mohonk Mountain House. Don’t forget to pack your ugliest sweater to partake in the annual Ugly Sweater Weekend and try for your chance at the prize! The Hudson Valley Gingerbread Competition is also worth a try if you love to bake, mingle with fellow cooking enthusiasts, and enjoy some sweet treats. The resort itself is filled with enormous Christmas trees and wreaths. Little ones can have some holiday fun of their own through the Kids’ Club program. There’s also live music (including carols, of course!), regular nightly entertainment for the entire family, arts and crafts, movie nights, and delicious food. What’s not to love?

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

If you’ve never been to Arizona before, this may be the perfect excuse to make a first-time trek to the sunny state. The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is a luxury resort in the Sonoran Desert. Enjoy views of grand mountain ranges at every turn, witness the magic of the humbling sunset over stunning greenery, and enjoy delicious meals at the property’s many restaurants and bars.

Things at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess get particularly festive during Christmastime, with over four million lights on display. There’s also an ice skating rink, a light show in the Enchanted Plaza, and plenty of mouthwatering food—think s’mores and freshly baked cookies galore! Kids can take a photograph with Santa Claus and mingle with other fun characters while the entire family will enjoy making treasured memories together. From the beloved Christmas carousel to the gleaming ice slide, the resort leaves nothing untouched in celebrating the holiday in a grand, unforgettable style.

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

It’s difficult to compete with the countless activities that the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center offers in National Harbor, Maryland, each year. The property brings the wonders of the season to life through a series of comprehensive itineraries and packages designed to meet the entire family’s needs. Enjoy a meal with The Grinch, spend some time decorating gingerbread, explore the harbor and the beautiful scenery, catch the laser light show at the Atrium, and go shopping in the Christmas Village. There’s also a miniature express train, ice skating in Christmas Square, and the addition of over three million shimmering Christmas lights to wow you at every turn.

The property itself is nothing short of spectacular. Slumber in contemporary rooms featuring plush beds, enjoy some quality time alone in the full-service spa, dine in one (or all!) of seven restaurants, and pop into the bar for a cocktail after the kids have gone to bed. Offering the best of all worlds—and just under half an hour by car from Washington, D.C. —the holiday season hotel offers everything you could possibly want in a memorable holiday experience.

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5 Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Make Your Holiday a Breeze

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Make Thanksgiving Travel Easy

Feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming Thanksgiving trip? There’s no need to be when you are prepared ahead of time! We have five useful Thanksgiving travel tips to make your trip a breeze.

Pack Smart

For your first Thanksgiving travel tip, you can make things a lot easier on yourself by employing smart packing techniques—like packing early. If you’re like most people, you may find yourself packing the night before the trip. Although it may seem like leaving it until the last minute is inevitable due to work and personal demands, it will benefit you tremendously to pack in advance and allow you to get other travel arrangements in order.

A second point to keep in mind is that the lighter you pack, the easier traveling is going to be. No one enjoys lugging a big, bulky suitcase onto a train platform, through an airport, or up onto a bus. Eliminate the hassle by packing a small carry-on suitcase that you can easily lift and wheel around.

Expect the Unexpected

Anyone who has traveled anywhere knows things don’t always go as planned. A flight gets delayed, your car gets stuck in a traffic jam, your checked baggage gets lost, a massive snowstorm puts a temporary halt on road travel—you get the idea. The first thing you can do to mitigate the added stress of travel plans going awry is to mentally prepare yourself for the reality that things could go wrong. When you can expect that anything could happen, you are better equipped to handle the situation.

However, you don’t have to just passively accept a travel situation that doesn’t go as planned. Having a contingency plan is reassuring and can get you back on track. For example, if you are driving your own vehicle to your Thanksgiving destination, use things like Google Maps to inform you of an alternate route to take in case of traffic or a detour. If you are taking a bus and need to reach your destination at a certain time, book an earlier trip so that you allow plenty of room for any delays and will still be able to get to your destination when you planned to.

Use Mobile Apps

Speaking of Google Maps, that—along with a few other apps—is something you are going to want to utilize when you are traveling. You can navigate the roads and get accurate information regarding the route and the time of arrival to your destination. Another great GPS navigation app is Waze, which provides live traffic updates and will alert you of any speed traps, traffic jams, and car accidents.

Navigation apps aren’t the only apps you can use when traveling. You can keep everything organized by downloading TripIt, which is an app that allows you to store and organize every detail of your travel plans in one place. Not only does the app create one big travel itinerary for you, but it will also provide reminders and alerts throughout the whole trip; this way, you can rest easy knowing you won’t forget a thing because your phone will remind you!

Book Everything as Early in Advance as Possible

Whether you are traveling across a couple of states to visit extended family or you are taking the whole family to an exciting new destination for the Thanksgiving holiday, the sooner you book your travel arrangements and lodging, the better. Not only will it make you less anxious about everything there is to do before a big trip, but you will undoubtedly end up getting better rates on transportation, hotels, and other travel-related activities. Because it’s a holiday, the costs of flights will likely surge. If you find yourself looking at astronomical airfare, consider an alternative (and more cost-efficient) means of transportation, such as taking a bus. Similarly, hotel prices will be much higher than average during the week of Thanksgiving, so booking your room in advance could reduce some of that cost.

Finally, the basics like transportation and lodging aren’t the only things you want to book early on. If you are traveling to a place like New York City for Thanksgiving and you plan to go on a lot of outings, make all your reservations before you reach the city. If you know what restaurants you want to visit, reserve your table in advance. If you plan to catch a Broadway show, get your tickets before you even leave for the trip. That way, you don’t have to be bothered with making all those arrangements when you are supposed to be enjoying your vacation.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

After all that planning, the most important Thanksgiving travel tip is to breathe. Relax, take time for yourself, and don’t get consumed with the stress of planning. There is no need to put a damper on our holiday by getting sick. Make sure to rest and leave time to take care of yourself ahead of the big holiday weekend.

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Don’t Miss These Winter Sporting Events

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Summer is synonymous with music festivals, and fall has everything from pumpkin harvests to Oktoberfest. Winter, however, is all about getting out there and enjoying the season for all that it has to offer. Yes, that includes the freezing cold temperatures and the thick snow padding the ground. It’s difficult to ignore the excitement in the air when you attend any of these winter sporting events! Here are a few to keep in mind as you make your travel plans for the season.

Winter X Games

What kind of list would this be without a mention of the Winter X Games? Since 1997, the annual sports extravaganza has delighted thrill-seekers and sports enthusiasts all over the globe with its incredible array of events—think skiing, snowboarding, and snow biking, to name a few. The event is held every January in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, an incredible skiing destination known for its four main ski zones: Buttermilk, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands, and Aspen Mountain.

During the event, you’ll enjoy far more than just winter sports. Pop by the Aspen Mountain vendor village and explore the many sponsors on-site, who are busily passing out serious swag and performing product demos to keep you entertained. The X Games, which welcomes about 100,000 guests each year, also include a variety of musical performances. It’s well worth the trek if you love action sports, lively environments, and brisk weather!

Steamboat Winter Carnival

Those who understand the agony of suffering from cabin fever will appreciate the Steamboat Winter Carnival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The annual winter sporting event was devised by the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (SSWSC) in an effort to encourage more outdoor time and nix that cabin fever for good. The annual event puts a fun twist on winter sports—you’ll definitely want to bring your camera along to capture some of the incredible scenery that awaits. The first to take your breath away is the Night Extravaganza on Howelsen Hill. Lights brighten up the snow as members of the club perform somersaults, while others race down the hill aglow in neon-lit ski attire. You can even pop into the Howelsen Hill Lodge downtown to learn about the history of skiing in the state. The next day, watch with other ski enthusiasts (or join the race itself!) as Nordic skiers glide down the hill for the cross-country obstacle race. There’s also a ski jumping competition for children, a Nordic jumping game, amateur ski jumping, a bicycle race, and an amazing athletic exhibition. The grand finale is the always enjoyable ski jumping competition.

Adirondack International Mountaineering Festival

If you plan to be on the East Coast this winter, look no further than the Adirondack International Mountaineering Festival in Keene County, New York. The annual winter sporting event celebrates the wonders of both mountaineering and ice climbing. Each year, guest athletes arrive to delight sports enthusiasts with stories about their own winter sport adventures. The event also features instructional clinics to help you polish your skills. Learn the fine art of alpine climbing, join a snowshoe adventure, figure out slide climbing once and for all, and get schooled on avalanche awareness—something everyone who participates in winter sports should know. Whether you’re completely new to ice climbing or have years of experience, you’ll appreciate the diverse opportunities to spend time with like-minded people. There are also plenty of chances to demo high-quality clothes and gear.

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3 Ways to Enjoy Fall in New England

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for anyone who appreciates crisp weather, beautiful scenery, and absolutely brilliant foliage. If you’re planning to make the most of the season, consider spending fall in New England! There are hundreds of areas to visit, foliage backdrops to photograph, and small towns to explore. When booking your bus ticket, keep these potential activities in mind!

Visit the Cold Hollow Cider Mill

There’s really no better time of year to indulge your love of sweet treats. One of the best places to indulge that craving is at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center, VT. An absolute feast for the senses from the moment you step inside, this little spot dating from 1974 includes both a bakery and a gift shop. The bakery alone lures you in with its enticing aromas of pumpkin, maple, and apple that beckon you to stay for a while. Whether you’re traveling solo or with your family, you’ll want to stop and watch the bakers produce their beloved cider donuts on old-fashioned donut makers, as well as fresh cider in their presses. Back in 2000, the now-defunct _Gourmet_ magazine branded their donuts among the top four in the country, and it’s easy to understand what makes these fresh, sweet delicacies such huge favorites. The largest cider mill in New England also offers self-guided tours seven days a week. Why not stop by and give in to temptation?

Hop Aboard the Mount Washington Cog Railway

Situated in Bretton Woods, NH, is the wondrous Mount Washington Cog Railway. In simplest terms, there’s no better way to experience fall in New England and all of nature’s incredible beauty than to enjoy this journey. The three-hour round-trip ride takes you to Mount Washington’s summit, where you’ll explore the vast landscape, breathtaking greenery, and awe-inspiring foliage that you might mistake for a postcard. You’ll begin at Marshfield Base Station; during the 1800s, this was where hotel guests would travel via stagecoach to their local accommodations. Building on its historic roots, the station provides you with a chance to explore the area’s rich background. Pop into the free museum, enjoy a bite to eat as you take in the beautiful views at the restaurant and grab a few souvenirs at the gift shop. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as you gaze at your unspoiled surroundings. It’s a humbling trip from start to finish, and you’ll never think of fall foliage in the same way ever again.

Pay a Visit to Historic Hildene

If you find yourself in Manchester, VT, a visit to historic Hildene is an absolute must. Known more significantly as the Lincoln family home, it was built in the early 20th century by Robert Lincoln, the son of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. Although the last surviving Lincoln descendant passed away in the 1970s, the home remains a beautiful memorial and lasting testimonial of the Lincoln family’s rich and notable history. The 412-acre estate consists of a breathtaking Georgian revival mansion and multiple buildings, all of which offer something special for visitors to devour. There’s the stunning formal garden, where you can enjoy a picnic lunch as you gaze at the foliage and blossoms before you. There is a delightful farm with goats where you and the kids can enjoy some quality time with adorable animals. There’s also the intricate trail system, where you can hike for up to 12 miles and find yourself enchanted by the colorful meadows that surround you and the birds that soar overhead. It’s a magical experience unlike any other and a lasting reminder of the family’s rich and enduring history.

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Top Tropical Destinations in the US

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When you don’t have the time or money to travel halfway around the world to the Amalfi Coast or fly a couple thousand miles down to the Caribbean, you can still experience a tropical vacation. There are plenty of warm and sunny destinations right in the United States that can easily be accessed by car or bus (followed by a short ferry ride). If you need help deciding on which US winter tropical getaway destination to visit for your next vacation, consider any one of these four locales.

Anna Marie, Florida

To reach Anna Marie Island, you’ll have to take a car or bus and then a ferry, as this destination is an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Once you make the journey, you will be treated to breathtaking views of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. There are several gorgeous beaches throughout the Florida island, including the colorful Coquina Beach at the southern tip of the island; Bean Point Beach where you can watch the sunset over the water; and Manatee Public Beach, a great spot for a picnic or a surf. If you are staying in a condo right on or near the beach, make like the locals and get from place to place in a golf cart rental. Another option is to hop on a bike and pedal your way around the seven-mile island on the boardwalk and through the tree-lined streets.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Although Hilton Head in South Carolina is not situated in the Gulf of Mexico, it still boasts a lot of tropical appeals. Spend the day at Coligny Beach Park to take a dip in the ocean, work on your tan, and snooze under a palm tree. Rinse the sand off your body before making your way over to the Hilton Head Island Bike Trails, where you can rent a bike and pedal all over the island. To get in some fine dining and shopping, head over to the immaculate Shelter Cove Towne Centre, which also features a park and two lagoons. If you’re feeling adventurous, take advantage of the many water sports offered on the island including Jet Skiing, banana boating, parasailing, water skiing and tubing, kayaking, sailing, and paddleboarding. There are also opportunities to go dolphin watching and alligator hunting in this US winter tropical getaway.

Key West, Florida

If Daytona is for spring breakers and Orlando is for families, then Key West is for anyone who needs to hide out on a gorgeous beach for a few days, uninterrupted by clients or bosses or smartphones. While Key West is famous for its amazing beaches, there are plenty of other things to do that will appeal to your cultural side. Pay a visit to the Harry S. Truman Little White House and the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum before grabbing a bite to eat and doing some shopping in Mallory Square. As far as water activities, you can do everything from dolphin watching to snorkeling to island hopping on a private charter. Key West is also a prime destination for avid fishermen and birdwatchers. If you want to explore Key West while fitting in a bit of exercise, you can also take a guided bike tour of the island.

Laguna Beach, California

California is a large state known for so many incredible beaches stretching from the north to the south, so picking just one can be hard. However, it’s safe to say that Laguna Beach is one coastal town that’s so jam-packed with activities, you couldn’t possibly fit everything into just one weekend or even a whole week! Start off with a wine tasting at Laguna Canyon Winery before embarking on a whale-watching cruise to spot minke whales, finbacks, humpbacks, and even a few dolphins! If you’re an art lover or enjoy shopping around little boutiques, you’re in luck when you come to Laguna Beach. This famous California destination is home to over 100 unique galleries and shops where you can browse art and pick up some gifts, furniture, jewelry, and more. At the end of a long day spent exploring the town and lounging on the beach, grab dinner and enjoy live music at one of the many excellent restaurants along the shore; a few favorites include Skyloft, the White House, Brussels Bistro, and the Cliff Restaurant.

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