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Stress-Free Vacation: Choose Bus Travel

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From long days at the office to putting in extra hours on the weekends, you work hard all year, so when the opportunity for a vacation arises, you jump at the chance. The last thing you want to do when putting the chaos of work behind you for a few days is to face a stressful transportation situation. Luckily, bus travel will get you to your destination without any unnecessary complications. If you’re planning a relaxing getaway, here are a few reasons you should book a bus ticket.

Reduce Your Travel Costs

Vacations are expensive, and there’s really no way to get around it. From eating at restaurants to hotel bookings, you’re likely to spend thousands of dollars on a week-long getaway. However, you can reduce costs with your choice of travel accommodations. Bus tickets are incredibly affordable, so you can utilize the money you save on traveling for other aspects of your trip, like entertainment. Whether your journey consists of a few hundred miles or a couple thousand, you’ll feasibly save hundreds of dollars traveling by bus.

Make the Journey Part of the Experience

Far too often, the focal point of traveling is the destination. While the location may be the reason for scheduling your trip, it doesn’t have to be the only focus. One of the biggest benefits of bus travel is the time you get to spend with your loved ones. Even in the blandest and featureless areas of the country, you’d be surprised by how easy conversations flow without the distractions of regular life. Whether you’re booking bus tickets to Florida or Las Vegas, you’re sure to make long-lasting memories every mile of the way.

The Comfort of Bus Travel Can’t Be Beat

One of the biggest complaints of air passengers is the ever-shrinking seats. Not only have airlines reduced their seat sizes, but they’ve also limited the amount of leg room available to increase the planes’ capacity. Luckily, bus manufacturers seemed to have moved in the opposite direction by making their seats roomier with cozier padding and covering materials. If you’re going to be sitting for long periods of time, any discomfort can put a damper on your entire trip. Skip the aches and pains simply by choosing bus travel for your vacation.

Avoid the Chaos of Airports

If your choice vacation spot is more than a few hours away, you’ve probably considered flying. In theory, a flight will get you there quickly, but when reality sets in, you’ll start cursing your past self for your choice of travel accommodations. Have you ever seen an airport security station without an enormously long line? Probably not. Making it to your departure terminal can easily be a three-hour journey in itself, not to mention the risk of flight delays, which could cause you to miss connecting flights. Oh, and don’t forget — there’s also a chance that your baggage will be lost in transit. Opting instead for bus travel lets your bypass the inevitable chaos of airports with a two-step process: get on the bus, then get off the bus.

Skip the Hassle of Self-Navigation

In an attempt to avoid the mayhem of air travel, you may consider driving yourself, but you’re likely to find that this is another one of those “good in theory” options. Most families plan their vacations around school breaks and great weather, which makes summer the prime season for a getaway. However, summer is also the most popular time of year for roadwork because of the ideal temperatures. As a result, you can expect to sit and wait for hours on end, wasting gas and precious time. Since you don’t know the area yourself, you’re probably not going to feel comfortable finding an alternative route, so instead, you’ll slowly creep an inch at a time toward your destination.

Fortunately, buses are backed by teams that are committed to efficiency. For instance, if you’re taking a Greyhound to New York and hit roadwork, your driver will utilize their resources to find a quick and efficient way around the delay to ensure that you reach your destination on time and without any inconvenience.

If you’re planning an upcoming vacation, get the most out of it by opting for bus travel. Ready to book your bus fare? Make it a hassle-free, quick purchase with Our convenient platform allows you to efficiently research, compare prices, and book tickets at a moments notice. Buy bus tickets for your much-needed getaway today!

If you're ready to visit Sin City without breaking the bank, here are five expert tips for finding affordable bus tickets to Las Vegas.

5 Expert Tips for Finding Affordable Bus Tickets to Las Vegas

By Bus Travel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Bus travel is known for being incredibly affordable, even to a destination as popular as Las Vegas. However, the Nevada tourist hub is notorious for its food, entertainment, and hotel costs, so it’s only natural to want to reduce your travel expenses as much as possible. Fortunately, following a few simple steps in the lead-up to your ticket purchase can help you achieve substantial savings. If you’re ready to visit Sin City without breaking the bank, here are five expert tips for finding affordable bus tickets to Las Vegas.

1. Start Shopping Early

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm”? When it comes to bus travel to Las Vegas, the early bird gets incredible ticket prices. Sin City is one of the most popular locations for last-minute travel plans, so waiting until the last minute to book bus tickets can cost you. Any surge in demand during the week or two before your desired departure date from other travelers placing their orders will result in prices skyrocketing. Yet, if you choose to order early on when the supply far outweighs the demand, you’re likely to secure better rates. It’s best to make your purchase at least a month in advance, but two to three months ahead is better.

2. Know Your Bus Ticket Options

Booking your seat sooner rather later doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around. To find the best bus ticket deals, it’s important that you do your research. There isn’t a set travel price among bus carriers, so simply choosing the first one you find won’t help you find the best rate. However, browsing different sites will take you hours to gather all of the information you need to make an educated decision. Fortunately, online booking sites allow you to compare prices from multiple companies at the same time so that you can find the most affordable option for your travel needs.

3. Avoid Peak Tourist Season

Vegas is a tourist haven, but the hordes of visitors are concentrated during certain times of year. April through June and late-August through October are some of the busiest seasons because of the overlap of good weather and summer breaks. However, the scorching heat of July creates a slight dip in travelers as do the cooler desert temperatures in November through February. Scheduling your vacation during the lower census periods can drastically reduce your travel costs because demand is low. However, be wary of booking trips around holidays, as the city experiences a flood of tourists.

4. Research Local Events

Even outside of peak tourist season, Las Vegas is a popular destination to hold national and international events. From conferences to sporting events, the city’s combination of near-endless food and entertainment opportunities, huge capacity venues, and hotel options make it the go-to destination for large group gatherings. Consequently, there are seamlessly random spikes in ticket rates, which will quickly eat away your budget. Fortunately, you can avoid higher travel costs by double checking the city’s events calendar before you book, even if it’s the off-season.

5. Consider Mid-Week Travel

Las Vegas is one of the rare tourist locations that sees repeat visitors, some of whom travel to the city multiple times per year. Many individuals will make the journey solely for a weekend or 24-hour getaway instead of a week-long trip, which results in higher travel costs during weekends. As such, you can score better bus ticket rates by booking your arrival and departure times to fall within the middle of the week. Bonus: Many hotels also offer their best booking prices during the week as opposed to the weekend, so this strategy could end up saving you even more in the end.

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Destination to visit by bus

5 Awesome Destinations You Should Visit by Bus

By Buffalo, Bus Travel, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Florida, Jacksonville, Nevada, New York, Reno, Virgina Beach, Virginia

Aside from its budget-friendliness, one of the many advantages of bus travel is being immersed in the landscape on your way to your destination. While many major metropolitan areas offer endless opportunity for indoor activities, they’re often secluded from the wonders of nature. Fortunately, you can experience the best of both worlds by choosing a slightly smaller location for your vacation. Here are five amazing cities that offer plenty of exciting activities as well as fantastic scenic journeys along the way.

1. Jacksonville, FL

Florida is full of amazing travel destinations, but none of them are quite as unique as Jacksonville, or ‘Jax’, as the locals refer to it. Located in the northeastern part of the state, the city offers a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere that allows visitors to immerse themselves into the culture and feel like an insider from day one. From tasting local cuisine to sunbathing beachside, you’ll never want to leave.

While it’s known for its relaxed ambiance, Jacksonville is full of fun adventures for individuals of every age. Nature enthusiasts are sure to fall in love with the multitude of outdoor activities, including 80,000 acres of parks as well as hiking and bird watching trails. There’s also a host of arts and culture features, like live music and art exhibitions.

2. Virginia Beach, VA

Another awesome place to visit by bus is Virginia Beach. This mid-sized, East Coast city offers a rich history that’s ingrained in the local culture, which translates to an abundance of beautifully preserved historical sites. The city also serves year-round tourism, so you can plan a vacation to Virginia Beach around your busy schedule regardless of the season.

For your first bus trip to Virginia Beach, the three-mile boardwalk is a must-see, but don’t forget to peruse the ViBe Creative District to see some of the city’s greatest artists in action. There’s also ample fishing opportunities for novice and expert anglers alike. Not to mention, there’s a massive local food and drinks culture that boasts top-notch culinary techniques and unique wine and beer selections.

3. Colorado Springs, CO

The pristine landscape is one of the many reasons that Colorado bus travel is so popular, but if you want to bypass the hustle-and-bustle of Denver, place Colorado Springs at the top of your must-see list. This destination offers some of the most magical natural features in the country, including the Garden of the Gods park, which is open all year. It also features over 20 local breweries, many of which offer tours and tastings on a daily basis. Whether you’re riding solo or planning a group trip, there are endless possibilities for fun in Colorado Springs.

4. Reno, NV

While it’s often overshadowed by its big brother, Las Vegas, Reno, NV, deserves a place on everyone’s bus travel bucket list. There’s no better way to visit “The Biggest Little City in the World” than by bus. Its diverse landscape, which is a combination of high desert, mountains, and wetlands, can only truly be appreciated from the ground.

Like Las Vegas, Reno offers an abundance of entertainment options with its wide selection of casinos and hotels. Yet, its close proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountain range and Lake Tahoe also offers a variety of outdoor adventures, from horseback riding and rock climbing to snowboarding and biking. Such a diversity of recreational activities makes Reno a superb destination any time of the year.

5. Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY, offers the perfect mix of old and new with its collection of historic buildings nestled alongside its modern eateries. From day to night, there are plenty of things to do in town or on the Lake Erie shoreline. It’s also located a short trip away from one of the most popular tourist spots in the nation — New York City. Plan a stop on your itinerary to the Big Apple to catch a show or see some sites on the way to the relaxing and calm atmosphere of your primary destination. Buffalo’s convenient location also means you can book bus tickets to Buffalo from anywhere in the U.S. at great rates.

Plan Your Next Charter Bus Trip with

There is virtually an endless number of awesome destinations in the U.S., and with the affordability of bus travel, you can see them all! Plus, allows you to quickly and efficiently compare rates across multiple carriers so you can explore without worrying about budgetary limits. Buy bus tickets to your dream destination today!

Bus Travel With Kids

Bus Travel with Kids: 5 Key Tips for A Successful Trip

By Bus Travel

Whether it’s a vacation or a visit with relatives, planning a trip with children is stressful for even the most organized parent. Kids love adventure, but sometimes, the journey required to get to the fun part is too much for them to handle. In fact, you’re probably envisioning a nightmare scenario complete with mid-aisle tantrums and hours of tears for both you and your little ones…but fret not! A calm, cheerful trip is a total possibility with the right planning. Follow the five tips listed below to make bus travel with kids uneventful — in a good way.

1. Bring a Wide Variety of Snacks

Snacks are the key to happy travels. It’s surprising how many ailments are cured by the sight of a child’s favorite food, which makes them a vital commodity on bus trips. A good rule of thumb is to bring along a variety of snacks — at least one option per hour of your journey, but it’s important that you put most of your focus on healthy options to avoid the hyperactivity of a sugar rush and crankiness of the inevitable crash.

Pack a lunch box with easy-to-eat, non-messy things, such as carrot sticks, raisins, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries. To appease picky eaters, individual dipping sauces (like travel packets of peanut butter) work well, but skip heavily fragrant options to avoid disrupting other passengers. Not only will these delicious snacks ward off hunger-related tantrums, but you’ll also get to benefit from your delicious forethought by having some for yourself.

2. Plan Multiple Activities

Another component of a successful travel arsenal is activities to keep your kids busy. Just like a hungry belly is sure to cause a meltdown, boredom will result in emotional upheaval. Luckily, it’s easy to keep children occupied for hours on end with both traditional and digital diversions. A tried-and-true occupation is coloring books, which is also an activity that interests kids (and adults) of all ages. Digital recreation is essential for long journeys, so pre-download movies or television shows to a tablet, phone, or laptop to ensure you don’t experience any reception interruptions.

3. Make Bus Travel With Kids Easier with Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are a must-have for bus travel with kids, especially toddlers and infants. A happy, well-rested child is much easier to work with than a restless, tired one, so it’s important that you set your little one up for a successful sleep. In most circumstances, passengers respect the plight of stressed parents with quiet conversations and limited movements, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to avoid honking from nearby vehicles or the sounds of a busy roadway. This is where noise-canceling headphones make their miraculous entrance! Simply slip them on your child’s head and allow them to rest in peace.

4. Prepare for Unexpected Messes

As a parent, you’re probably used to tackling spilled drinks, food-covered clothing, and diaper leaks on a regular basis, so normally, you’re prepared for anything. Yet, the level of attention required when planning a family trip makes it easy to overlook things that you’d normally consider obvious. Before the day of your departure, make a list of everything you need for unexpected messes, like baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and diapers. If your trip is over a few hours long, it’s wise to also bring a few extra sets of clothing on board for everyone in the party. Pack everything on your emergency cleanup list a few days ahead of your bus journey to avoid forgetting them in the last-minute rush.

5. Dress Everyone Comfortably

A comfortable child is a happy child, so choosing the right clothing is a valuable aspect of planning for bus travel. While buses are substantially more comfortable than other modes of transportation, sitting for long periods of time becomes uncomfortable in the wrong outfit. Tight jeans are likely to cut into stomachs and thighs, and dress shirts become scratchy, which will leave you coming face-to-face with an angry, fussy child. Skip the drama by avoiding an attempt to make an entrance upon arrival, and instead, make sure everyone is dressed in loose-fitting, casual attire. Also, bring along soft blankets and neck pillows to make their seats even cozier.

Successful bus travel with kids is reliant on planning ahead, and with a few simple steps, you and your kiddos will have a fun, exciting, and relaxing trip. Purchasing bus tickets for the whole family also just got easier with Our site allows you to conveniently book seats on your schedule, and it provides instant price comparisons of multiple carriers. Your family’s adventure awaits, so book your bus tickets today!

Air vs. Bus Travel

Air vs. Bus Travel: Why the Bus Always Wins

By Bus Travel

One of the most common misconceptions in long-distance travel is that it’s better to get on a plane rather than a bus if you’re heading out cross country. Bus travel, however, has a few distinct advantages that flying cannot provide. What are the pros and cons of each and how do they stack up? Let’s take a look.

Air vs. Bus Travel – What Are We Comparing?

Before we crunch the numbers and look at the actual comparisons, it’s important to lay the groundwork for comparing two completely different modes of transportation. Passengers who board a bus or a plane essentially look for the same features, such as:

  1. Travel time
  2. Total cost of travel
  3. Comfort
  4. Safety
  5. Amenities

These are the comparative issues we will tackle.

Travel Time

The truth is, most people are not long-distance travelers. They just want to arrive at their destination in as little time as possible. So when it comes to extended travel, a plane may be a better option. In shorter distances, however, a bus is the better choice when you count in loading times, layovers, and actual travel. If you are flying out of regional airports, you’re likely to make connecting flights. These can take twice as long as the stops on a bus trip.

Total Cost of Bus Travel – Boston to Philadelphia

There is relatively little comparison to the cost of flying versus the cost of bus travel. As the number of airlines continues to shrink and the demand goes up, so does the cost of getting on a plane. You also incur additional fees and expenses such as baggage, into the overall cost. By contrast, bus tickets rates are impressively economical with few, if any, additional expenses. Whereas a plane ticket from Boston to Philadelphia could run you $200-$400, a bus charter from Boston to Philadelphia is a much cheaper purchase at $10-$30.


Airlines are notorious for shoving as many people in coach as possible with little head, arm, or leg room to spare. So, it’s no surprise that the most common passenger complaint is being uncomfortable. This is an area where bus companies like Greyhound and Trailways excel. Greyhound recently increased occupant space by simply removing their entire front row and spacing the seats out. Companies like Barons Bus and Bieber Transportation have upped the ante by offering impressive legroom and leather seats, while continuing to keep the cost of bus travel to  Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Los Vegas lower than airfares. Air vs. Bus Travel, simply put, you’re likely to enjoy a more relaxing experience in a bus than on a plane.


You’ve seen the reports that state over and again that flying is still the safest form of transportation. While this is true, the comparisons are often made with automobiles– millions of them– which by sheer numbers create a more dangerous situation on the road. The fact is, the more people that drive, the more dangerous a road becomes.

Buses, like airplanes, however, have an overall good traffic safety record, because fewer accidents occur on a bus on the highway than in automobiles. Buses have also improved in areas such as routine inspections, repairs, maintenance, and seating conditions in recent years due to tougher laws and regulations. So the real question is: how likely you are to suffer injury or fatality in an accident? The answer? Compared to a commercial jet, you’re more likely to survive a wreck in a charter bus.


What is the overall value of a plane ticket compared to a bus ticket? That question can be answered when you explore what each has to offer once you board and take off. Since commercial airliners are designed for mass transit and less travel time, they’re less likely to offer amenities that make the trip more enjoyable. Thus, there’s nothing fun or memorable about a ride in an air coach.

If you’re the type that loves traveling and sees the trip as an opportunity for more fun, then bus travel is for you. A New York Charter bus now offers all types of amenities such as plush seating, kitchen accommodations, individual electrical outlets and USB ports, Wi-Fi, widescreen entertainment, larger restrooms, and accommodations for children and those with disabilities. To get these types of services in the air, you’d have to book a luxury airliner. That’s okay if it’s in your budget, but that’s a pretty big budget.

Book Your Bus Tickets Online Today

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