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Planning a Boston Vacation? 5 Reasons to Travel by Bus

By Boston, Bus Travel, Massachusetts

From historic sites and modern adventures to good eats and epic sports events, Boston, MA, is an excellent vacation spot any time of the year. As Boston is a popular destination, there are a variety of transportation modes available, but none of them compare to bus travel. If you’re ready to book your Boston bus trip, here are a few reasons you won’t regret traveling by bus.

1. Traveling by Bus Is Affordable

Whether on a budget or not, no one wants to spend thousands of dollars on travel accommodations for their vacation. The whole goal of the trip is to relax, see some interesting sites, and truly enjoy yourself, but that feat is impossible if you’re forced to pinch pennies as a result of excessive airfare costs. Mercifully, you’ll never have to experience the pain of overpriced tickets when you book a bus ticket. Coaches are designed with efficiency in mind, so carriers are able to offer affordable costs year-round. In many cases, you can even purchase a ticket for under $100, which is a fraction of the cost of air travel.

2. Experience a Comfortable Journey

While airplane seats have drastically shrunk over the last three decades, buses have gone in the opposite direction. Today’s travelers can expect ample leg room, spacious seats, and cushy padding, all of which are chosen by manufacturers to increase the comfort of riders. Along with the coziness of today’s bus seating, many coaches also offer modern amenities. From flat screen TVs to Wi-Fi capabilities, you may find yourself more comfortable traveling by bus than you are at home. You’ll quickly wonder why there’s a need for any other style of transportation.

3. Enjoy the First-Class Views

One of the top perks of traveling by bus is the views. While you get to see multiple blobs in various colors from the sky, a bus offers first-class views of the towns, cities, and countryside that you pass through along the way. Essentially, the journey itself serves as part of your vacation because it’ll feel as if you’re receiving a tour of the scenic areas you travel through.

4. Score a Seat Without the Battle

While international jets are huge, smaller planes are used for national and regional flights, which means there’s a limited number of seats available. With fewer spots, you’re likely to end up competing with hundreds of other flyers for affordable fare or with a standby ticket for which there’s no guarantee you’ll make the flight you want.

Thankfully, there are multiple bus carriers, and the majority of them provide numerous trips per day to popular metropolitan destinations like Boston. Every commercial bus, even if they only serve a regional area, offers a massive amount of seating. If you end up having to book bus tickets last minute, you’re still sure to find a spot on one of the many buses that arrive in Beantown on a daily basis.

5. Skip the Never-Ending Security Line

Airport security lines are the stuff of nightmares. You wait for hours just to make it to the front of the line only then to feel overwhelmed by the rules surrounding what articles of clothing do and don’t need to be removed. The whole situation is enough for many travelers to forego a vacation altogether. Fortunately, traveling by bus doesn’t require that riders experience that level of chaos and confusion.

Security for bus travel is effective and safe, but it doesn’t require that passengers jump through unnecessary hoops. While bus depots utilize a variety of security features, the spacing of the departures and efficiency of the employees ensure a quick and stress-free inspection. You’ll be ready to board your bus in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Beantown offers the perfect mix of old and new, combining its rich history with modern adventures. If you’re planning a vacation to Boston, traveling by bus is the way to the go, and at, booking bus tickets has never been so easy. Our simple and efficient platform allows you to compare prices and customize your departure and return trips to fit your vacation needs. Buy your bus tickets today – Save More, Travel More!

Find the Best Bus Ticket Rates

By Bus Travel

Traveling shouldn’t break the bank, and with bus travel, you can find affordable fare to anywhere in the country at a moment’s notice. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to save even more on your travel accommodations. The better the deal you can find on tickets, the more money you have in your pocket to expand your adventures. Fortunately, a little virtual groundwork goes a long way in securing an excellent price! Here are a few insider tips for finding the best rates on your bus tickets.

Review Your Options

Before you book, you need to get the lay of the land. Delve into the different bus carriers that service your area, and take a close look at their schedules. Most companies have set arrival and departure trips in place with the exception of peak travel times and holidays. By reviewing what’s available, you can begin analyzing the best times to book your tickets.

To execute this step, use your booking company’s online portal to find out on which days or times certain carriers offer the best deals. If you haven’t booked your room accommodations yet, you could score serious savings by shifting the start or end date of your trip. Since dates aren’t always negotiable, it’s also potentially valuable to move the time of day that you want to arrive. Worst case scenario, you arrive at your destination a few hours before the designated check-in time, but you can utilize the additional time to get a jumpstart on sightseeing.

Always Book Bus Tickets Sooner Rather Than Later

If you want to get the best rate on your bus tickets, don’t put off your purchase. For many people, the slim chance of a last-minute reduced rate is tempting enough to delay obtaining tickets. However, the odds aren’t in your favor, and waiting to make your purchase can easily backfire.

In fact, high demand could cause the price to skyrocket the day before your journey, potentially eating into or completely destroying your budget. You also run the risk of the coach selling out all of their seats, which could leave you without any travel accommodations or forced to push back your arrival by a few days. In short, skip the stress and book your tickets sooner rather than later.

Take Advantage of Social Media Connections

Social media is a vital component of modern marketing, so many companies will promote special deals on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. This is especially common in the off-season for popular vacation destinations as well as for trips experiencing a low census. From a few dollars savings to over half off of your ticket, follow your booking company on social media to gain access to their latest deals.

If you struggle to find anything relating to your desired trip, don’t be afraid to go straight to the source and ask. A simple tweet or message to the company is enough to find out if there are any current price reductions that aren’t being advertised or that you might have missed during your search. There’s also a chance that you could receive an exclusive deal for connecting with them on a public platform.

Buy Your Tickets Online

The beauty of the digital age is being able to accomplish all of your trip planning from the comfort of your couch. While online ordering is convenient, it’ll also save you money. If you buy your bus tickets in person, the price is usually reflective of a pre-set number determined by the carrier. But, with online sales, the price fluctuates based on the current demand. You’ll also have the ability to compare prices of multiple companies at one time, which erases any doubt that you’re actually getting the best rate. Plus, there isn’t a line when you’re shopping online.

Securing affordable tickets can make all of the difference to the outcome of your trip, so find the best rate for your bus tickets with the help of Our easy-to-use portal takes the stress out of travel by allowing you to book tickets effortlessly with a click of a button. It also provides price comparisons, so you never have to second-guess your choice. Book bus tickets with ease today!

Taking A Bus Trip: Why Traveling On Your Own Can Be a Blast

By Bus Travel

Traveling on your own may seem like a strange idea at first. You might wonder who you’ll talk to, how you’ll pass the time, and if you’ll have as much fun on your own as you would in a group. However, when you start to really consider all of the benefits of booking a solo bus trip, it looks like an increasingly attractive option. You’ll have a chance to move at your own pace, explore your own personal interests, and spend your mental and physical energy only on yourself. Traveling alone is a super way to spend some quality “me time” and re-connect with yourself in our busy world. Here are some ideas why taking a bus trip on your own is the perfect way to recharge your batteries.

Time to Explore Your Own Interests

When you taking a bus trip with a group or a partner, traveling is all about compromise. You may want to go to the art gallery, but your partner is bored to tears by the thought of looking at paintings all afternoon. Your partner compromises, but your time at the gallery is cut short, and you are keenly aware of the disinterested person that is sharing your museum tour. When you travel with a group, this becomes even harder. Sometimes you’re at the mercy of a pre-determined, timed schedule, or your top choice gets nixed by the crowd in favor of a more popular activity.

When you’re traveling on your own, you can take your time and thoroughly explore all of the areas and interests you desire at your own pace. If you want to spend all afternoon exploring French impressionist painters, you can do just that. Even better, you may strike up a conversation with a fellow enthusiast who shares your passion during your leisurely study. Taking a bus trip solo is an excellent way for you to visit an attraction in a city that piques your interest. Staying connected to our passions and interests is vitally important to maintaining your sense of self in a world where you likely have to play multiple roles every day.

No One to Worry About But Yourself

Picture this: you’re on a vacation with your partner, your family, or with a group of your friends. When someone suggests that it’s time to eat, you need to take into consideration that:

  • Daryl is gluten-free
  • Tim hates “fancy” food
  • Chantel has a shellfish allergy
  • Carol is a vegetarian who hates mushrooms
  • Erik thinks Guy Fieri is the epitome of high-class cuisine

The list of dietary concerns and taste preferences is endless. Often by the time you’ve finally settled on a place that accommodates everybody, you’re all so cranky and hungry that eating becomes a joyless endeavor.

When you’re traveling on your own, there’s only one person’s preferences, dietary needs, and tastes that you need to accommodate for– your own! If you want to be adventurous and try a new cuisine or dining experience that you’ve never had before, go for it! If you’d prefer to stay a little closer to your comfort zone and stick with foods you’re familiar with, go ahead! Your snobby foodie friend isn’t there to judge you for your food choices. This is just one example of how traveling on your own allows you to focus on pleasing just yourself, and not having to expend extra time and energy to appease the crown you’re traveling with.

Silence Can Be Golden!

Worried that you might be bored with no one to talk to? Don’t fear the quiet moments when taking a bus trip or being by yourself in a restaurant. Use this time to catch up on your favorite podcast or website, or dig into a new book. We are forced to be connected and communicate on an almost never-ending basis, so having some quiet time can be a zen-like experience.

You Can Make New Friends or Acquaintances

If you are a naturally extroverted person, you’re probably good for a little quiet time, but need to have human interactions in order to feel connected. Traveling on your own gives you the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with a local, or even another traveler. Most locals are full of useful information, and will readily offer their opinions for the best pie, coffee, local landmark, or festival in town that you haven’t heard of. If you’re visiting a niche hobby or specific interest on your itinerary, don’t be afraid to speak with the curator, director, or other patrons of the exhibit. Chances are, if you’re visiting a vintage candle maker’s shop, you’ll find lots of other patrons just like you who share this common interest. This is a great time to swap social media contacts and add these resources to your network. You’ll never know who you need to call when you need a wick replacement for an antique, artisan candle!

Don’t shy away from taking a bus trip on your own because it’s something you’ve never thought about before. Think of this solo adventure as a chance for you to re-connect with yourself, your interests, and your sense of independence.


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Bus Trip to Buffalo, NY: What You’ll Find to “Buffalove”

By Buffalo, Bus Travel, New York

Buffalonians have heard all of your jokes before: the never-ending snow, the four Super Bowl losses, the hockey team that can’t catch a break. However, Buffalo is getting the last laugh now, as this emerging city on Lake Erie’s shoreline is going through a renaissance. Affordable housing, a young and thriving arts and music scene, and its proximity to Canada have made this once-declining Rust Belt city an attractive option to both live in and visit. Don’t be surprised if your friends are shocked at first when you tell them that your taking a bus trip to Buffalo. However, what your friends don’t know is that this city’s hidden secrets make it the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Here’s what you’ll find to “Buffalove” during your bus trip:

Museums and Architecture

Did you know that famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright has more than one building in the Western New York area? You can visit the Darwin Martin House, which is located in Buffalo’s Parkside neighborhood and known for being one of the crown jewels of Wright’s portfolio. Schedule a tour of the interior for a world-class lesson on architecture and design. His sprawling Graycliff Manor, perched above the shores of Lake Erie about 20 minutes away from the downtown corridor, will make you wish you were alive during its heyday to host a supper party on the expansive grounds.

Buffalo is also host to a world-class art museum: the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, which houses both modern and contemporary art. Museum curation rotates regularly and has hosted exhibits featuring Monet, Modigliani, Takashi Murakami, Jackson Pollock and Frida Kahlo. When you’re done touring the gallery, make sure you step out back to enjoy Hoyt Lake and its perfectly manicured Japanese gardens.


Everyone knows Buffalo’s claim to culinary fame is its wings. You can hit the original Anchor Bar, where Frank and Teressa Bellissimo’s creation sparked a worldwide wing frenzy. However, any local worth their sauce knows that the best wings are found in local pubs and dive bars such as Kelly’s KornerThe Nine-Eleven Tavern or Gabriel’s Gate. Get ’em hot and extra crispy, and don’t you dare order ranch for dipping.

Juxtaposed with corner bar food is a thriving local food scene that is home to several chefs who have been featured at the James Beard House in New York City. Chefs Steve and Ellen Gedra, of Black Sheep, pride themselves on using locally sourced animals, cheese and vegetables to create dishes that utilize every part of their products. Don’t forget to order Ellen’s legendary sticky toffee pudding for dessert. When you’re finished, head across the street to Steve’s sister’s joint, Lait Cru Brasserie. You can also visit the thoughtfully curated Nickel City Cheese and Mercantile, which is housed on the same floor as the restaurant and features a French bistro-inspired menu.

You’ll never look at Mexican food quite the same after sampling Victor Parra-Gonzalez’s menu at Las Puertas. A classically trained French chef, Gonzalez takes the flavors and ingredients of his native Mexico and prepares them with unrivaled finesse. You’ll look at your plate and find it hard to believe you’re sitting in a cozy restaurant on the West Side of Buffalo, New York and not a 5-star Michelin restaurant.


The music scene in Buffalo is active and thriving, so you can’t miss a chance to catch a show at The Town Ballroom. Once a supper club in the 1940s that housed the likes of Al Capone and Frank Sinatra, the vintage architecture hosts some of modern music’s hottest acts.

If you’re lucky enough to take your bus trip to Buffalo during the summer months, you’ll find that the city comes alive with sunshine and outdoor concerts. Check out Canalside, a newly refurbished portion of the city’s waterfront that hosts diverse acts, to catch some rays and enjoy the feeling of an outdoor live event.

Buffalo’s Colored Musicians Club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017 of housing jazz and blues acts from all over the globe. A true haven for music lovers, their legendary Sunday night jam sessions encourage anyone to with a passion for playing to join seasoned musicians on stage.

The Arts

Located near the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo hosts one of the country’s longest-running productions of Shakespeare in the Park. Pack a picnic from some gourmet snacks and drinks (local Big Ditch Brewing Company is a winner) you grabbed at local grocery gem Wegmans, and enjoy a free, world-class production.


You are probably familiar with the Bills and the Sabers, but did you know that soccer is also big in the Queen City? During your bus trip to Buffalo, drop over to All-High Stadium to catch NPSL’s FC Buffalo take a match on the pitch “for our city.” You’ll have a blast in the stands with fervent fans who have their own chants and songs for their hometown team. When the match is over, head to Mes Que, the city’s only soccer-centric pub.

The best part about your bus trip to Buffalo? You’ll fall in love with the city’s charm and the kindness of the people you’ll encounter. Sitting alone at the bar eating wings? Not for long. Soon you’ll have a new friend sitting next to you, wanting to give you their best recommendations in the city. You can even tell your bad Buffalo jokes, and they’ll smile — because they’re in on the secret that their city is actually wonderful.


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How Bus Travel Changes Your Worldview

By Bus Travel

You’ve signed up for a fun quiz app on your phone, and decide to check your knowledge of famous landmarks in the United States. It starts off easy enough with recognizable locations like the Grand Canyon and the Empire State Building, but quickly increases with difficulty. You begin to say to yourself:”I didn’t know the Appalachian Mountains went through West Virginia.””How many waterfront coasts does Florida have?””There’s more than one Disney theme park?”

Knowing specific geography facts is a skill that likely abandons you once you graduate elementary school. To really know and understand a country’s geography and landscape, you need to travel. Travel makes permanent indentations in your long-term memory when you see and experience different parts of the country. More importantly, it broadens your worldview. Here are a few ways that bus travel broadens your horizons!

You Appreciate Life’s Small Gestures

When you’re at your local grocery store and someone holds the door open for you, you might not even think twice. However, when you’re traveling to a different city and you have the same thing happen, it garners a different feeling. Seeing that people’s kindness and generosity in a different setting allows you to appreciate the goodness that you may overlook on a daily basis. Looking at life through a different lens is one of the greatest benefits of bus travel.

You Begin to Appreciate Experiences Over Objects

Yes, travel costs money. You need to budget for your bus ticket, hotel accommodations, food, souvenirs and admissions to local attractions. However, what you can’t put price on is the experiences you will have. You may have friends or neighbors who have lots of coveted objects in their homes. Don’t confuse having lots of items with having lots of experiences or memories. You may not have a hot tub on your deck, but you’ll remember your bus trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon by the lasting impact it has had on your worldview.

You’ll Become More Outgoing

Living in a digital society, it’s very easy to go an entire day without speaking to another human being. While this may seem convenient, it’s actually a detriment to the human experience. We are social creatures, and it is imperative that we continue to communicate face to face in order to cultivate new relationships. When you travel by bus, you are presented with many opportunities to communicate with other people in order to ask for directions, order your meal or find out the best coffee shop in town. Travel encourages us to reconnect with a part of ourselves that we so often turn off for the sake of convenience.

You Become a Great Bus Travel Researcher

Even if you choose to travel with a partner, you will still need to do some research and legwork before you reach your destination. Researching the cost of bus tickets, transfers, hotel locations, restaurants, museums and other attractions will need to occur before you leave for your destination. You will need to locate an arsenal of tools to find out information, such as internet reviews, friends’ opinions and word-of-mouth suggestions. If you don’t know the answer to a query, you need to seek out answers.

Traveling Encourages Independence

Traveling requires a DIY spirit — you will need to be ready to research and plan a trip all on your own. Even more exciting, if you plan to travel on your own, you will really find a great way to exert your independence. If you traveled when you were younger, chances are you itinerary was completely planned out for you. You didn’t need to worry about anything other than packing your favorite stuffed animal and getting into the car. However, traveling as an adult allows you to exert your independence and tailor a trip based on your preferences and interests. Remember when you were 8 and your family forced you to visit the yarn museum that bored you to tears? Your own itinerary won’t have the same issues. You can visit and explore places that you find interesting or would like to learn more about at your own leisure. The world is truly your oyster when you choose to travel to places you’d like to see!

You Become More Flexible

When you travel, many things are beyond your control. Mother nature, construction and closures all do not operate on your carefully planned itinerary. This means that you need to be adaptable and flexible when you travel. If the museum you’d like to visit is closed for renovations, don’t pout and sulk that your trip is ruined. Find another attraction nearby that also piques your interest and allow yourself to enjoy the last-minute curve ball. Travel is a fluid experience with many ups and downs — just like life. Being rigid and inflexible will guarantee a miserable experience on your trip. If you allow yourself to “go with the flow” and make changes on the fly, you’ll find that that attitude can also be beneficial in your everyday life when challenges arise. Exploring the United States will do more than help you with your quiz app on your phone — it opens your mind and spirit to many different experiences that help broaden your worldview.


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