3 Best Vacation Destinations for Yoga Enthusiasts

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3 Best Vacation Destinations for Yoga Enthusiasts

Yoga is one of those things you can do almost anywhere at any time—simply roll out a mat in your bedroom, at the gym, at the local studio, or even in your backyard. But there’s something special about practicing yoga in a beautiful setting. Why not make your next vacation even more relaxing by making it a yoga retreat? If you are a yoga enthusiast, check out these three best yoga vacation destinations.

Esalen Institute – Big Sur, California

Your stay at Esalen Institute will be made even more magical by the beauty of Big Sur, California. It’s the kind of place that is so breathtakingly gorgeous, it doesn’t even feel real: the way the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean; the explosion of purple, orange, and pink that paints the sky; and the deep blue color of the water.

A trip to Esalen Institute includes a variety of workshops pertaining to the following: art and creativity, body and movement, leadership and society, meditation and spirituality, mind and psychology, nature and sustainability, and relationship and self. Within those workshops, there are plenty of yoga and meditation programs available to registered guests.

After an invigorating vinyasa flow or a yoga teaching workshop, head to the famous baths at Esalen, which are open 24 hours a day. These baths are natural hot springs with over 80 gallons of mineral water flowing through them every minute! Temperatures reach up to 119 degrees Fahrenheit because of the heat coming from the earth’s molten core. Soak in these baths for a while and give yourself time to heal, reflect, and rejuvenate.

Within the facilities of the Esalen Institute are an upper deck with an outdoor massage area and a hot tub. The lower level also has several outdoor hot tubs, and both floors feature wheelchair accessible showers, bathrooms, and changing areas. Finally, after getting your creative juices flowing with a relaxing yoga workout and a soak in the natural springs, wander over to the Art Barn, an enchanting section of Esalen open to all guests in need of refuge to write, paint, or indulge in some other creative activity.

Feathered Pipe Ranch – Lewis and Clark County, Montana

Feathered Pipe Ranch is just as quaint, charming, and inspiring as it sounds. Located in Lewis and Clark County in the beautiful state of Montana, Feathered Pipe Ranch sits in the northern region of the Rocky Mountains in a stunning setting complete with a glistening lake and tall pine trees. Visitors of Feathered Pipe Ranch will discover virtually every type of yoga being practiced there: hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, bhakti yoga, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, iyengar yoga, and yoga therapy.

At each retreat, there will also be plenty of time dedicated to mindfulness, meditation, and other forms of self-empowerment practice. Every year, the ranch hosts a variety of yoga retreats including Letting Go: The Heart of Yoga Practice; Action and Reflection: Yoga and The Journey Inward; and The Power of Nature 2.0: The Potential of Ayurveda and Yoga.

All the retreats put a great deal of emphasis on both the physical practice of yoga as well as spiritual practice. And when you’re not practicing yoga, you will have time to wander off and explore the stunning natural surroundings of Feathered Pipe Ranch.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health – Berkshire, Massachusetts

If you are looking for one of the best yoga vacation destinations on the East Coast, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health has everything you need and more. They offer 200-hour yoga teacher training and certification courses for Kripalu visitors who are serious about becoming instructors themselves as well as over 700 unique programs hosted every year.

There are a total of 150 yoga programs offered by Kripalu, including Kundalini yoga, therapeutic yoga, vinyasa yoga, and restorative yoga. Beyond yoga, you can explore the other programs including writing, drumming and music, dancing and moving, chanting and singing, and many other forms of creative expression.

Lastly, all the programs and retreats offered at Kripalu focus on health and wellness topics including martial arts, massage and bodywork, weight loss, cooking and nutrition, detox and cleansing, and other forms of complementary health. On top of this, Kripalu is nestled in one of the most beautiful parts of New England, Massachusetts: the Berkshires, a secluded wooded area that just beckons weary-worn travels to restore their souls and become one with nature.

Ready to Visit One of These Best Yoga Vacation Destinations?

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Have December Fun in Montana This Year

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Have December Fun in Montana This Year

If you dream of exploring the great outdoors and getting away from your fast-paced life, you may want to consider having some December fun in Montana this year. Known for its rich scenery, incredible history, wildlife, and delicious food, the state offers plenty to do at all times of the year. However, winter is a great time to book your bus trip. Here are a few things that you’ll want to include in your itinerary.

Head for Triple Creek Ranch

Whether you’re traveling on your own or are in the company of others, you’ll find the respite and peace you crave at Triple Creek Ranch in Darby. The self-professed “luxury ranch resort” redefines high-end hospitality in the most impressive way. You’ll enjoy a stay inside one of their incredible cabins or ranch homes, which are packed with the creature comforts of home; they are essentially designed to ensure that you never want to leave. When you book your stay, you’ll also enjoy a full slate of all-inclusive activities that are sure to make your autumnal dreams come true.

There’s much to do, whether you want to learn archery, go for a brisk hike, or indulge in your love of Nordic and alpine skiing. You don’t have to be an outdoorsy type to enjoy the ranch, however—there’s just as much to enjoy inside! Dine on delicious meals created by Executive Chef Jacob Leatherman and his talented staff; no need to dress up, despite the upscale ambiance. Don’t miss the exquisite on-site Western art collection, which includes a wide range of works from both old-world and modern artists on display in both the Main Lodge and within the guest cabins. There’s never been a better way to have December fun in Montana!

Explore Glacier National Park

You simply won’t find a location more exquisite in the entire state than the beautiful Glacier National Park. It’s the ultimate place to visit when you’re determined to experience December fun in Montana by honoring its stunning scenery. This is truly a paradise in every sense of the word. It’s a feast for the senses, what with its rich forests, the fresh alpine meadows, the crisp lakes, and, of course, the magnificent mountains. You won’t want for things to do while you’re here—even if you merely claim some serious peace and quiet.

Bear in mind that it can be exceptionally cold in the middle of the season, so always check the park’s website in advance and plan accordingly. Then figure out how to make the most of your time there. You have approximately 730 miles of trails available to you, along with plenty of space to go backcountry camping if you’re feeling adventurous. You can even enjoy a ranger-led journey through the Apgar area, where you can explore plants and view wildlife from a safe distance. Feel free to bring along your own snowshoes, or rent them for a small fee at the Apgar Visitor Center Bookstore. Remember to pack plenty of warming layers to ensure your comfort throughout the entire trip.

Enjoy Quality Time in Bigfork

There’s no such thing as the winter blahs when you’re in Bigfork! Experience the magic of the season in what can only be described as an old-world village. Decorating begins in November, when a group of volunteers—self-professed “elves”—do the honors in festive reds and greens. Twinkling lights and lush wreaths abound; when it snows, the town looks like something out of a postcard. Enjoy hot beverages as you participate in the beloved Art Walk, where you can explore local galleries and boutiques and even snap up a few well-priced gifts for the holiday season. The Holiday Wine Stroll is another must if you want to include a little bubbly while you’re enjoying December fun in Montana.

Have Some Unforgettable December Fun in Montana

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Best Kept Secrets in Montana

The Best Kept Secrets in Montana

By Bus Travel, Montana

The Best Kept Secrets in Montana

Named for the Spanish word for mountains (montañas), it’s no surprise that a large portion of Montana has diverse terrain that includes its namesake. Many of the state’s hidden gems feature its natural beauty. While many travelers might be familiar with spots such as Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park, there are many less crowded sites to explore as well.

If you love nature and finding unique places, Montana has countless options to choose from — and booking your trip through can make it easier to get there. Keep reading to discover just a few of the best-kept secrets in Montana.

Boiling River

Located in Yellowstone National Park, many visitors may miss this unique spot if they’re not looking for it. Near the park’s northern entrance, you can hike to a place where the water is the perfect temperature to dip in and enjoy the natural surroundings. You’ll have a short hike of about half a mile, but it’s worth it!

Our Lady of the Rockies

The fourth-tallest statue in the United States, Our Lady of the Rockies is a 90-foot tall statue that stands atop the Continental Divide, overlooking the city of Butte, Montana. The statue is built in the likeness of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and regardless of your religion or beliefs, this is truly a sight to see! You can even take a bus tour up to the statue and see the views from right beside the statue or stay below — either way, you’ll leave with a unique experience and excellent photos.

Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

Another unique spot that visitors should add to their list is the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas near Arlee. Don’t try to count all the buddhas to see if there really are a thousand, simply because there aren’t— at least not yet. The park is working on installing the rest of the statues to eventually reach the claimed thousand buddhas. The garden aims to spread the teachings and ideals of Buddhism, such as compassion, wisdom, forbearance, tolerance, and joy.

Yaak Valley

Perhaps unlike any other place in Montana, Yaak Valley is in the northwest part of the state, close to Canada. With more biological diversity than any other part of the state, visitors can camp, hike, fish, and bike. There are also several creatures such as black bears, grizzly bears, mountain lions, wolves, deer, lynx, and mountain goats — although you understandably may not want to run into most of these creatures during your trip.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Sometimes called Montana’s Grand Canyon, you can visit the Bighorn Canyon and take in over 120,000 acres and 10,000 years of history. Beyond gorgeous views, you can choose from many activities to explore this area, from boat rentals on the canyon lake to kayaking and hiking.

The Ringing Rocks

Located in Butte, Montana, these unique rocks produce a melodic sound when tapped gently with a hammer. It’s believed that the ringing is produced from the combination of the composition of the rock and the joining patterns that have developed as the rocks erode. In fact, if a rock is removed from the pile, it no longer rings!

The Underground Town of Havre

For a truly unique experience, visit the town of Havre. In 1904, the town was damaged by a large fire that destroyed many buildings and homes. After the fire, rather than simply giving up, many businesses operated from the basement of their buildings while the streets above were being reconstructed. Covering six blocks, the tunnels connect these businesses, which also served to facilitate the opium trade and contributed to liquor being transported to speakeasies during the prohibition era.

The Ghost Town of Garnet

About 20 miles from Missoula, the town of Garnet offers another unique experience for visitors who decide to travel here. A former mining town that began in the 1860s, the population quickly dwindled as the mining stocks ran out. However, now travelers have the chance to visit an eerie place surrounded by forests and mountains with many dwellings, inns, hotels, and stores still standing, but vacant.

Tippet Rise Art Center

Finally, for travelers drawn to the arts, consider attending an event at the Tippet Rise Art Center, located north of Yellowstone National Park. The center is on a 12,000-acre working ranch and presents concerts by world-renowned classical musicians and exhibits large-scale contemporary outdoor sculptures.

Discover the Best Kept Secrets in Montana

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Here Are The 10 Best Kept Secrets In Montana

Montana is stunning. But where to visit in Montana? There are so many options!

5 Montana Destinations You Won’t Want to Miss

By Billings, Bus Travel, Butte, Great Falls, Missoula, Montana

Montana is one of the most scenic states in the U.S. When combined with its rich history, there’s no question why it’s such a popular destination. Yet, the biggest challenge of planning a trip is determining where to visit in Montana. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. Add these five must-see locations to your itinerary for an unforgettable visit to Big Sky Country.

1. Billings

While Billings may be the largest city in the state, it offers a welcoming, small-town vibe that only a Montana city could provide. Diving into the history of the local culture is a great place to start your Billings exploration. The Western Heritage Center offers an in-depth look at the history of Yellowstone River Valley and the people that settled it centuries ago. After learning about how they lived, see a real-life example at the Moss Mansion. Dating back to 1903, the home-turned-museum offers both guided and self-guided tours of the grounds six days a week.

When you’re ready to trek outdoors, head to the Pictograph Cave State Park. Located just south of the city, the park offers insight into the lives of prehistoric hunters over 2,000 years ago. Stop by the visitor’s center before tackling the quarter-mile hike to the three caves. There are picnic tables and grills located throughout the area, so bring a lunch for an unforgettable afternoon.

Back in Billings proper, dive into the arts and culture of the city with a visit to the Yellowstone Art Museum. The gallery offers rotating exhibits as well as special events and classes. Yet, Billings doesn’t conceal its art indoors. A stroll through downtown will get you up close and personal with various exhibits and street art presentations. Plus, there are plenty of delicious eateries and unique boutiques to check out along your walk.

2. Missoula

Missoula, MT, is a diverse, culturally-minded small city. The community places a substantial emphasis on arts and culture, which has spawned a wide selection of galleries, festivals, and concerts. Downtown is of the best places to get in on the celebration. Stop by the Missoula Art Museum to browse the exhibits, support local artists at 4 Ravens Gallery, and then head to Caras Park for live music.

The only thing Missoulians love more than art is craft beer. There are numerous breweries and brewpubs scattered about the city, so if you’re a beer lover, Missoula is where you need to visit in Montana. Stop by Bayern Brewing’s tap room for delicious German snacks and samples of their Bavarian-style brews, or head to the Highlander Beer TapHouse for pizza and a drink. If you prefer to enjoy your craft with live music, then Image Nation Brewing Co. is the place to be. Or, head outdoors with River City Brews Rafting Tours for drinks on the water.

3. Great Falls

Great Falls offers one of the richest histories in all of Montana, making it a popular destination for history buffs. Back in 1805, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through the area. For that reason, a visit to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center is a necessity on any Great Falls itinerary. Other notable historical sites include the C.M. Russell Museum and the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art.

Great Falls’ locals know have to have a little fun with history as well. If you’re in town in June, book tickets for the annual Waking the Dead tours. The beloved event covers graves of some of the area’s most famous residents and visitors, including Pris Gibson, Josephine Trigg, and Robert Vaughn. For a slightly spookier adventure, visit in October to catch the Great Falls Historic Ghost Tours.

4. Glacier National Park

If you’re looking for an idyllic outdoor getaway, then Glacier National Park is where to visit in Montana. Covering over 1,500 square miles, the oasis is full of lush foliage, crystal-clear water, breathtaking mountains, and mesmerizing wildlife. The park offers a free shuttle system to visitors, but for full immersion, hiking and biking is the way to go. You can also catch guided tours on land or water, including rafting adventures. Regardless of how you explore, be sure to visit Going-to-the-Sun Road, Lake McDonald, and the Grinnell Glacier.

5. Butte

Founded as a mining town back in the 19th century, Butte is one of Montana’s hidden gems. While mining isn’t the center of modern life, the locals take pride in their heritage and the town’s Wild West past. To understand what makes Butte so special, stop by the World Museum of Mining to explore the exhibits and the Underground Mine Tour, followed by a visit to the Mineral Museum. For a further delve into the past, turn to Old Butte Historical Adventures for a city tour.

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Book a bus trip and enjoy a midweek relaxation.

4 Mid-Week Bus Trips to Relax & Unwind

By Arkansas, Bus Travel, Chester, Eureka Springs, Hood River, Kalispell, Montana, Oregon, Vermont

Mondays are nearly always a challenge, but sometimes, the weekend is just too far away to make up for your current level of fatigue and stress buildup. Fortunately, avoiding complete career and life burn-out is as simple as booking a few days away to unwind and recharge. If you’re in dire need of a mid-week trip to relax, here are four destinations sure to hit the mark.

1. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

When you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, put a bus trip to Eureka Springs at the top of your list. The beloved tourist destination is nestled in the Ozark Mountains and known for its welcoming, laid-back attitude — making it an ideal location to unplug and unwind.

For lodging, there are a variety of historic bed and breakfasts and hotels in the city offering charming aesthetics ideal for mid-week rejuvenation, like the Heartstone Inn Bed and Breakfast and the Red Bud Manor Inn. If your ideal accommodation is getting up close and personal with nature, the Eureka Springs Treehouses offers themed elevated cabins immersed in the woods, along with underground Hobbit Caves and cottages.

Once you’re settled in, grab brunch and a cup of coffee at the Mud Street Cafe before getting to know Eureka Springs better with a relaxing guided tram tour through the town. The event takes around 90 minutes with stops at the historic Crescent Hotel and Grotto Spring — two must-see attractions in the area. After seeing what the town offers above, take a look below with an underground walking tour. Finish up with your day of adventure with dinner and drinks at Grotto Wood-Fired Grill and Wine Cave.

2. Hood River, Oregon

Hood River is the ideal bus travel getaway for nature enthusiasts. De-stress amongst the majestic scenery of the Cascade Range the Columbia River Gorge. Grab gear from one of the local rental shops and de-stress with a day on one of the area’s many hiking and biking trails. If you’re more of a water person, enjoy the private beach and numerous water sports offered by Hood River Waterplay at the Gorge.

Once your endorphins are up, grab some delicious treats at Kickstand Coffee and Kitchen before exploring the historic shops and galleries in downtown Hood River. The area is also home to a variety of distilleries, wineries, and cideries, the latter of which is a growing trend in the region. For spirits, stop by the Camp 1805 Distillery tasting room for a meal and drinks, or hit up Pfriem Family Brewers for local artisanal beers. Cider fans, on the other hand, won’t want to miss the locally crafted offerings at Fox-Tail Cider and Distillery.

3. Chester, Vermont

In the Northeast, there’s no better location for a mid-week trip to relax than Vermont. With a population just over 3,000, Chester is a quaint and quiet destination filled with friendly locals and Instagrammable architecture. Along with your bus tickets, book a spot at one of the idyllic historic inns, such as the Inn Victoria or the Stone Hearth Inn and Tavern.

Relax your mind and loosen up your muscles with a morning trek in or around the town. Take a self-guided walking tour to view the many historic buildings in the area, or enjoy a hike on the Lost Mine and Green Mountain trails. The trails are fairly easy to navigate and ideal for both beginners and fitness fanatics that simply need a calm, de-stressing walk.

After working up an appetite, grab brunch at The Free Range, which is located in a Victorian-era home dating back to 1895. Try the Cinnamon Roll French Toast, Bagel Gravlax Sandwich, or the Hash Bowl, along with one of their brunch cocktails. Next, hit up The Chester Bookworm followed by the Phoenix Books Misty Valley to find a new book. Finish off your day with dinner and drinks at MacLaomainn’s Scottish Pub for authentic Scottish fare.

4. Kalispell, Montana

If you’re looking for a great escape from big city life, then Kalispell offers the ideal setting for your mid-week break. The downtown district offers eateries, landmarks, and historic architecture — some even dating back as far as 1891. Built in 1912, the Kalispell Grand Hotel offers grandiose ambiance with an in-house massage studio and art gallery. Just down the street, guests can enjoy old-world treats at Norm’s Soda Fountain and world-renowned pizza at Moose’s Saloon. When it’s time to quench your thirst, hit up the taproom at the Kalispell Brewing Company.

Booking bus tickets to Kalispell also puts you in prime position to explore the best of Flathead Valley. Spend an unforgettable day kayaking or boating at Flathead Lake or hiking in Glacier National Park, both of which are a quick drive from Kalispell. The national park also offers a variety of guided walking and bus tours, as well as water excursions on St. Mary’s Lake.

Book Your Mid-Week Getaway Today

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