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There are so many Delicious Desserts in America but where are the best cities to find it?

The 4 Most Outrageously Delicious Desserts in America And Where to Find Them: NY, LA, Las Vegas, Texas

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If Americans know how to do anything, it’s going over the top with everything from music festivals to fireworks to dessert. And while there are countless cities across the country home to some ingenious dessert creations, we’ve picked four destinations where you won’t be disappointed with the dessert scene. Take a look at some of the best cities for delicious desserts and just a few of the incredible sweets they offer.

1. New York

Dessert enthusiasts hit the motherload when they visit New York. It’s a city known for its unparalleled inventiveness with daring dessert creations that exceed anyone’s wildest expectations. At Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho, you can enjoy a new twist on the classic cookies-and-milk combo. At this bakery, they serve you a helping of milk in a shot glass made entirely of a chocolate cookie.

After easing your way into a dessert-eating marathon, step it up a notch at Holey Cream a bit further uptown where you can chow down on doughnut ice cream sandwiches. They’ll stuff a generous helping of any ice cream you like between one of their assorted donut flavors. You may have to lie down after gorging on this dessert, but it’s 100 percent worth it. Finally, if you think you know what a decadent milkshake looks like, you have no idea until you try one at Black Tap. It’s renowned for its outlandishly large and extravagant milkshakes topped with a buffet of chocolate treats like M&Ms, peanut butter cups, and chocolate chip cookie crumbs. You’ll need to snap a picture of your milkshake for Instagram before indulging in this impending sugar coma.

2. Los Angeles

Although Los Angeles might not have quite the same quantity of dessert spots as New York considering this West Coast city is a bit more health-conscious than its East Coast counterpart, it’s still one of the best cities for delicious desserts. If you’re in the downtown area, hunt down the Ridges Churro Bar food truck, where you can treat yourself to mouthwatering churros made with ice cream and topped off with a variety of flavors, including s’mores, strawberry shortcake, and Nutella.

Los Angeles’s version of Holey Cream is Donut Friend, a quaint little shop that truly is a doughnut lover’s best friend. No black coffees and day-old doughnuts here. Donut Friend creates photogenic and equally delicious doughnuts with flavors like coconut bacon, strawberry jam, and even sriracha for the adventurous foodie.

And for those hot summer days when you’re craving a good old-fashioned ice cream sandwich, stop off at Afters Ice Cream Sandwiches, where you’ll find a whole assortment of ice cream sandwiches that really do look too pretty to eat. Each ice cream sandwich is made with an outer “bun” that has the same texture as a doughnut. For ice cream, you can choose among the many flavors, including Jasmine milk tea, fruity pebbles, and butter cookie.

3. Las Vegas

After heavy gambling, you’ll want to re-energize yourself with a hefty dose of sugar. If you are dining at Giada, you absolutely must order the tiramisu cheesecake. It’s an elegant, beautifully plated dessert layered with vanilla mascarpone cheese, salted caramel cheesecake, and chocolate espresso cheesecake. And to top it off, it’s covered in chocolate-dipped espresso beans and chocolate shavings.

Keeping with the cake theme, head to Jardin for a cake, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The restaurant is famous for its Flower Pot Cake called the “fleur.” It looks exactly like a flower pot and is topped with edible flowers. Once you open up the pot, you’ll find a decadent arrangement of chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, and raspberry jam.

Finally, you can’t leave Las Vegas without wolfing down a churro fried ice cream pop at Chica. Inside the cinnamon-coated churro, pops are delicious caramel and vanilla bean ice cream. It’s the perfect combination to cool off in that dry Las Vegas heat.

4. Texas

In Texas, you go big or go home. Cowboy hats, houses, food portions, dessert. It’s all big. Including the cinnamon rolls. And by “big,” we’re talking 3 pounds. At Lulu’s in San Antonio, you can order a 3-pound cinnamon roll to split with friends or attempt to eat all by yourself.

If you’re in Austin, head to Bananarchy for a delicious frozen banana covered in chocolate or vanilla and rolled in toppings like chocolate drizzle, peanut butter, pecans, toffee, and cinnamon. In San Antonio, stop off at Cold Cookie Company where you can enjoy homemade ice cream with fresh, warm homemade cookies stuffed inside.

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A group of men celebrating with their friends at a bachelor party.

4 Cities That Are Perfect For Your Next Bachelor Party

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Planning a wedding? For most grooms and groomsmen, that also entails planning a bachelor party. And what better way to go out with a bang than to party it up in another city? This way, you get to prolong the festivities, explore a new place, and hang out with your best mates for a longer period of time. For some inspiration, we’ve come up with four cities that are perfect for bachelor parties.

1. Las Vegas

What better place to hold your bachelor party than in one of the biggest party cities in the world? Provided you and your buddies either live near Las Vegas or can afford the trip to Sin City, a bachelor party weekend in this iconic destination will not disappoint. So how do you do the trip right? Start by booking a room at the Palms Casino Resort, where you and your guests can play a few rounds of bowling and go for a swim in the pool that extends over the edge of the hotel. And yes, those amenities are included in the actual Hardwood Suite, not just the hotel itself.

For a hefty dose of adrenaline, spend the first half of your day at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where you and your buddies can rip around the track in Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Porsches and spend the second half of the day flying fighter jets at Sky Combat Ace. You’ll have the chance to fly over the desert learning how to do tail spins and torque rolls just like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. After racing sports cars and flying fighter jets, rest up with a snooze by the pool at Encore Beach Club followed by a wild evening out playing poker at Bellagio and clubbing at Omnia.

2. Boulder

Maybe a few years ago Boulder, Colorado, wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar when planning an out-of-town bachelor party. But today, Boulder has become one of the most desirable places to live in the United States, and with that, it has plenty of amazing attractions that make for an unforgettable bachelor party weekend. Not to mention, Boulder is a great destination if you and your groomsmen want both a great cultural scene and plenty of hiking trails.

Try the brisk three-mile hike up Mount Sanitas Trailhead for breathtaking views of Boulder and spend an afternoon exploring the Flatirons. If your bachelor party weekend is anytime between November and April, plan a day or two at Eldora, easily the best mountain in Boulder for some serious skiing. Naturally, a bachelor party weekend would not be complete without plenty of beer—and Boulder has lots of that. Oskar Blues and Avery are two craft breweries that are very popular among visitors and locals alike. Colorado is also where Coors was born, so consider a free tour of the Coors plant.

3. Chicago

The great thing about the Windy City is it won’t be as crowded with other bachelor parties as certain cities like New Orleans and Las Vegas. Still, there is plenty to do and many reasons why you should make this city your bachelor party destination. Not only is Chicago a lively city with plenty to do downtown, it also has a handful of fun beaches situated on Lake Michigan (and conveniently almost all those beaches come with their own bars). Neither a bachelor party weekend nor a trip to Chicago would feel right without a proper evening, and there’s no better place in the city for red meat than the iconic Gene & Georgetti Steakhouse.

4. New York City

New York City may be the most popular of all cities when it comes to bachelor parties. If you’re tired of night clubs and strip clubs, New York has the variety you need. Head to Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn where you and your buddies can drink beer and throw axes. Then head to Chelsea Piers for some golfing, rock climbing, and bowling. In the evening, grab a few cheap drinks at Fat Cat and play some pool, Skee-Ball, or darts as you listen to jazz. For funny, head to the Comedy Cellar and for brunch in the morning, try Lavo NYC. Like Chicago, New York City is home to some of the most renowned, historical steakhouses in the world. You definitely don’t want to wrap up the festivities without grabbing a juicy strip steak or filet mignon at Keens or Gallagher’s.

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Book a bus ticket and find your adventure.

The Best Places to Visit for Adventure Lovers

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There is something of an adventurous spirit about the United States itself. After all, it’s a country that was formed by brave individuals ready to embark on new journeys and live out daring lives. So it should come as no surprise that there are countless destinations across all 50 states that beckon thrill-seekers to come explore. If you are one such adventurous type, you will be pleased to discover some of the many incredible places that can perfectly fulfill your desire for exciting experiences. In this post, we will share these places with you. Here are four places in the United States that you should visit if you consider yourself a bona fide adventure junkie.

Maui, Hawaii

When people think of Hawaii, the first thing their mind usually goes to is a lazy day on the beach with a Mai Tai in hand. However, Hawaii has plenty of opportunities for the adventurous types as well, making it the perfect vacation destination for all personalities. The island boasts a variety of land and sea activities including zip lining, surfing, kayaking, sailing, outrigger canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and mountain biking. And you can’t forget the opportunities to explore Haleakala, the island’s shield volcano that makes up more than three-quarters of the island of Maui. If you’re looking for some slightly more low-key but equally exciting and adventurous activities around the island, treat yourself to a Polynesian dance show complete with fire dancing and knife twirling and sample some exotic new dishes like poke and Kahlua.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a Midwestern paradise surrounded by majestic mountains and roaming plains, thus making it an appealing spot for the outdoor adventurers. Avid mountain bikers will get a kick out of the rugged terrain and stunning scenery on Jimmy’s Mom Trail. Other thrill-seekers will love white water rafting through Snake River Canyon. And anyone looking to work up a sweat and commune in nature will feel physically and spiritually energized by the hiking opportunities around the beautiful Crystal Butte area. If you’re visiting Jackson Hole during the snowy season, prepare yourself for a wealth of winter sports just waiting for you to take advantage of them. From cross-country skiing to snowboarding and snowmobiling, there’s no end to the adrenaline-inducing fun to be had — even during the coldest months of the year. Anyone who visits Jackson Hole during the spring, summer, or fall will find plenty of outdoor activities to participate in, including horseback riding, camping, mountain biking, paragliding, and rock climbing. And if you pay a visit to Grand Teton National Park, there will also be plenty of wildlife to meet, such as wolves and elks and grizzly bears, oh my!

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park is lauded for its world-class rock climbing routes and is even considered the most popular and well-known climbing destination in the world. But rock climbing and bouldering aren’t the only activities this destination has to offer; Yosemite National Park welcomes all outdoor enthusiasts and provides a myriad of adventurous activities including BASE jumping, trekking, camping, biking, and boating. If you want to tone things down or unwind after a strenuous day of hiking through the woods, you can take an outdoor yoga class in the woods or at a neighboring spa center just outside the park. Additionally, you can take a refreshing dip in Tenaya Lake or Mirror Lake and take in the beautiful views of Horsetail Fall, Happy Isles, and North Dome.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is not an adventurous destination it the outdoorsy, adrenaline-inducing, extreme sports kind of way. But as the place known as “sin city,” there’s bound to be plenty of alternative adventure to be had … whether it’s a shotgun wedding at the chapel or a night hitting it big at the casino. For those reasons and more, Las Vegas is indeed a prime vacation spot for thrill-seekers. Some of the best casinos in the city include Caesars Palace (for sports betting), ARIA (for slots), Bellagio (for poker), MGM Grand (for gambling newbies), and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (for people who care less about gambling and more about the food).

If you are looking for some non-gambling related thrills, climb up the Stratosphere Observation Deck (the tallest observation tower in the United States), drive a Lamborghini at 130 mph with Exotics Racing, or go indoor skydiving at Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

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Group of college friends enjoying a budget-friendly spring break bus trip

Top 4 Destinations for a Cheap Spring Break Bus Trip

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Spring break offers a much-needed escape after a long, hard winter, but for many individuals and families, the event poses financial challenges. Fortunately, opting for a location getaway off the traditional trajectory can help you stay well within your budget. Whether you’re ready to escape campus with your besties or enjoy a family getaway, here are the top four cheap spring break bus trip destinations.

Las Vegas, NV

Bus travel to Las Vegas, NV, offers an unforgettable experience year-round, but visiting in March and April offers the advantage of off-season pricing and enjoyable weather. Most of the hotels begin re-opening their pools in spring, so there’s plenty of opportunities for lounge chair relaxation on your break. Additionally, there is a huge variety of attractions available at every budget.

A shuttle ride to Freemont Street is a necessity to catch street performers, live music, and inexpensive souvenirs. The buffets and restaurants in this area also typically offer lower rates than their counterparts on the strip. If you make one splurge in Sin City, choose the High Roller back uptown. The massive Ferris wheel sits at over 550 feet high, offering a truly unforgettable experience. There’s even a cabin option with an open bar.

While Las Vegas bus travel typically caters to adults, there are plenty of locations that are family-friendly. M&M’s World spans four stories and is sure to keep the kiddos occupied for an afternoon, and there’s no entrance fee. The Adventuredome theme park at Circus Circus offers everything from go-carts to roller coasters, while the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat provides a fun yet educational experience for free.

West Palm Beach, FL

If a beach destination is what you have in mind, then bus travel to West Palm Beach, FL, is right up your alley. Its southern Florida location offers excellent weather year-round. Spend your days soaking in the rays on Palm Beach, paddle boarding in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, or snorkeling just off the coast. There are a variety of outfits in the area that offer affordable water sport equipment rentals as well as boat charters and guided water tours, perfect for spring breakers of all ages.

While the beach is sure to hold your attention, you won’t want to miss out on all that West Palm Beach has to offer. CityPlace in the Downtown district boasts an eclectic selection of dining, entertainment, and cultural opportunities. For incredible nightlife, hit Clematis Street for live music, food, and drink specials. Want to enjoy some affordable retail therapy? Enjoy reduced rates on big name brands at the Palm Beach Outlets.

Peterborough, NH

Not all spring break destinations require bikini weather. For a non-traditional getaway, book your cheap bus tickets to Peterborough, NH. The sleepy, charming New England town offers the ideal atmosphere to unwind and relax. With under 7,000 residents, Peterborough is the best-kept secret of the region, and along with that accolade comes cost-effective prices.

Spend your vacation perusing the many boutiques and antique shops, like Ava Marie Handmade Chocolates and Remarkable. After seeing what the indoors have to offer, take a trek outside on the trails at Edward MacDowell Lake. Enjoy an unforgettable dinner river-side at the Waterhouse before catching a game of candlepin bowling at Bowling Acres. Finally, finish off another enjoyable day with drinks at Post and Beam Brewing.

Myrtle Beach, SC

While Myrtle Beach, SC, is a popular tourist destination, it doesn’t bring in the crowds of notorious spring break havens further south, like Miami and Jacksonville, FL. The location offers a plethora of affordable and free attractions. As a result, the city makes the list for cheap spring break bus trips.

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade spans over one mile and is lined with shops, eateries, and bars. Spend an afternoon strolling the boardwalk, tasting local cuisines, and snapping pictures of the sights. After soaking up the rays beachside, visit Broadway at the Beach to enjoy some nostalgic rides at Pavilion Park and reasonably priced food and drinks.

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Charter Bus Group Travel

6 Tips for Planning a Bus Tour for Your Group

By Charter Bus, Las Vegas, Nevada

Although large group bus tours create a lot of energy and excitement, they can also be stressful for the person who’s putting the entire event together. With the right planning, a bit of organization, and a healthy mindset, however, you can create a memorable and relaxing charter bus tour for your large group this season. Let help you plan your next trip with these practical planning tips.

1. Choosing the Right Bus Size

Without a dependable charter bus, your trip is already headed for disaster. Therefore, you need to spend a lot of time researching the best bus for your group. If you are taking a group of 25 – 50 people, you’ll want to look at reserving a sizable coach that can accommodate everyone throughout the trip. If you have a smaller group, say 20 or less, you may want to look at reserving a mini-bus. Either way, the size of the bus should easily have enough room for your entire crew. That way everyone will enjoy longer tours, like this Miami Beach bus travel package.

2. Book Bus Tickets in Advance

Group tours take a lot of organization and scheduling. At the center of all your planning should be when you buy bus tickets. We recommend purchasing them at least six months in advance for larger groups. Although it can be challenging to get that many people to commit to an extended bus tour, the sooner you secure your tickets, the fewer problems you’ll have.

Here’s an idea: start planning your bus travel at least one year before launch date.  Say you want to book a round trip Atlanta to Dallas charter on Greyhound. You’ll spend the first six months assembling the party. During that time you’ll be collecting the funds, establishing the itinerary, and picking out your destination spots. By the time you’re six months out from the trip, you’ll have everything you need to purchase the tickets. That trip you booked will be easier than ever.

3. Maximize Your Charter Bus Tour Comfort

No matter how exciting your bus tour is, several hours or days on the road can be a challenge for even the toughest road warrior. Opt for charter buses with the most comfortable amenities. For instance, coach services such as Greyhound, Adirondack Trailways, and Bieber Transportation Group have upgraded their entire bus lines to include extended footrests, more leg room, and luxury leather. Plus, their modern seats now give you far more adjustment options.

These little extras make the trip far more relaxing and keep everyone in a more amiable mood. When contacting to book a charter bus, feel free to ask about all the amenities and comfortable seating options. Making the extra investment in a comfortable trip is worthwhile.

4. Go All Out with a Las Vegas Charter Bus Tour

No matter where you’re traveling from, a large group bus travel tour to Las Vegas can be one of the most exciting trips your group has ever taken. And the best part is that there are plenty of stops along the way.

One of the reasons Las Vegas is such a popular destination is because there are endless activities, lots of attractions, and of course, cheap yet delicious gourmet food. You can spend some time in the casinos, take in a few Broadway-style shows, visit some of the coolest museums in the country, or just relax poolside. There are so many options, that you’ll never fit it all into one trip.

5. Take Every Opportunity to Use Your Group Discounts

One of the greatest benefits of taking large groups on charter bus excursions is that everybody gets to save money. These days, almost every type of hospitality business on the road offers large group discounts. You can take advantage of savings from restaurants, attractions, hotels, theme parks, parking lots, and casinos. And don’t forget large group discounts when you buy bus tickets from

You can book your New York, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, or Philadelphia charter bus tour and save money with your group. If you know where your destinations will be, we recommend that you call ahead so that you can secure your discounts in advance.

6. Your Resource for Bus Travel

If you are looking for comfortable and affordable charter bus service for your next trip, book your bus tickets through We offer a wide range of personal and group travel packages to virtually anywhere in the U.S. To reserve your tickets, visit