A box of donuts sits in one of the best donut restaurants in Portland.

Eat Your Way through Portland: Where You Have to Go

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A trip to Portland holds the promise of all things hip and happening — a literal and visual representation of the best that the country has to offer. It’s well worth the journey, whether it’s your first time or your fifth. And if you don’t take time to experience the city’s massively impressive foodie culture, then you’re truly missing out on something you’ll likely remember for a lifetime. If you’re intrigued, here are the top restaurants in Portland to add to your itinerary.


No matter what your meal preference, you’ll find something to whet your morning appetite in Portland. One of the top establishments in the city is Pine State Biscuits, where you have your choice of a whopping selection of breakfast sandwiches loaded with all the fixings. Keep it simple with eggs, experiment with fried chicken and blue cheese, or go for the vegan with tofu bacon and shitake mushroom gravy. If you have more of a sweet tooth, you won’t find a better selection of mouthwatering donuts anywhere than Blue Star Donuts. They mix it up with a vast lineup of standard, seasonal, and vegan options to tempt your early morning craving for some of the fluffiest and most unique flavors on the west coast.


You’d do yourself a disservice to miss out on enjoying brunch at one of the top restaurants in Portland, even if you’re by yourself. Head straight to Tasty n Alder, a sleek steakhouse that features outdoor seating in a lively setting. Auntie Paula’s French Toast is loaded with rhubarb maple and whipped cream, while the Skillet Corn Cake is accompanied by a side of mouthwatering jalapeño butter. The B-52 from the Grown Ass Milkshake menu contains Grand Marnier, Irish cream, orange bitters, and Kahlua, while Alder Milk Punch is a creative coffee concoction blending cold press coffee with cognac, cream, and vanilla. Or hit Q-Portland for their stellar weekend brunch menu, which includes hearty Monte Cristos, Cinnamon and Sugar Churros, and Copper River Salmon Saute, along with a glass of their “Old School” Mary.


You won’t be able to resist the charms of MÅURICE, a lovely, airy luncheonette that may be one of the most unforgettable restaurants you visit. It’s a quintessentially compact bakery filled with a heady, sugary scent, and the constantly evolving menu reflects their attention to the seasons and to the consistent desire for something new. Don’t miss the beloved Black Pepper Cheesecake — it sounds wild but it’s truly decadent — and the assortment of seasonal soups and salads that will brighten your day with their fresh ingredients. Craving Indian food? Head straight to Bollywood Theater, which has two locations in the area. The menu is rife with authentic street foods, like crunchy Bhel Puri and fiery Pav Bhaji, or you can keep it simple with a plate of saffron rice topped with lentils.


There’s so much to enjoy for dinner in Portland that you may just have to book a separate visit (or two) to get through them all. At the top of the list is Ned Ludd, where the emphasis is on simplicity, scratch-made dishes, and a wood-fired oven where all of the magic happens. The restaurant itself is warm and cozy, with old-world elements that transport you to another era. Don’t miss the Wild Oregon Mushroom Toast, the Potato Gnocchi, and the Whole Roasted Trout. Italian-inspired DOC, meanwhile, is super intimate — there are only a handful of tables, the dishes change weekly, and you can enjoy a lovely glass of wine or a cocktail with any meal. Finally, make some room on your agenda for the Multnomah Whiskey Library. It’s truly breathtaking, what with its dim lights, magnificent chandelier, brick walls, and row upon row of every possible whiskey and scotch you can imagine. If you aren’t a drinker, stay for the food: there are dozens of local favorites, like Salt & Pepper Fries, Pacific NW Oysters, and the crusty MWL Sourdough Bread served with house butter.

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Looking for a quirky vacation spot? Check out these top quirky hotels in the US.

10 of the Quirkiest Hotels in the US

By Bus Travel, California, Los Angeles, Oregon, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, Washington

Odds are you’ve stayed at your fair share of run-of-the-mill hotels. There are generic inns on every main road in the United States, along with chain properties that promise you the usual reliable amenities and creature comforts of home. If you crave something different, however, you may be intrigued by the quirkiest hotels on the West Coast. These are the locations that are as much worth the visit as many of the region’s most historic and beloved sites. Here are 10 that you can’t miss.

1. Thornewood Castle

Tacoma, WA

Whether or not you lay claim to any royal ties, you’ll certainly feel the part once you step onto the grounds of Thornewood Castle. The property is Tudor Gothic elegance at its best. The handsome home is resplendent in its beauty, boasting the types of old-world luxuries you would expect of a place so quaint and historic. Shaded by abundant fir trees, the hotel consists of pieces of a 400-year-old Elizabethan manor purchased in England shipped to Tacoma in the early 1900s. Exquisite grounds include a lakefront, plush green grass, and even a charming English garden where you can enjoy a quiet break after a good night’s sleep inside your beautifully appointed suite filled with opulent furnishings reminiscent of Victorian-era glamour.

2. The Charlie Hotel

Hollywood, CA

Once owned by Charlie Chaplin, The Charlie Hotel is worth a visit for its dramatic architecture and intriguing history alone. Beyond the iron gates lies a veritable step back in time: lush greenery, the sound of water crisply falling from fountains, the spacious deck dotted with cozy lounge chairs. It was built in 1924 and taken over by Chaplin some years later. The actor eventually sold the property, and it wasn’t until 2002 that it was restored. Today, it’s home to several decadent cottages that feel as posh as their Hollywood namesakes —it’s worth a stay in the inviting Marilyn suite if you want to enjoy a homey stay. You may be in Hollywood, but you would never know it by your surroundings here.

3. Hotel Figueroa

Los Angeles, CA

It’s humbling to step inside the Hotel Figueroa downtown. It’s a place of deep history and empowerment — it opened in 1926 as a YWCA. At the time, this was an enormous step in a considerably unusual direction. It’s “quirky” for its place in innovation history. It’s essentially a snapshot of a time when such progress was considered heresy — yet it stands today as a model example of what is possible with effort and hard work. It’s as creative as it ever was, and it earns accolades for its artfully decorated rooms, dynamic courtyard, and the area’s only ground-floor pool. The on-site restaurants take culinary art to an entirely new level: masterfully designed interiors vie for the spotlight, but it’s ultimately the creative dishes crafted from local ingredients that rule the dining experience.

4. Mama Shelter

Los Angeles, CA

If mega quirk is what you’re after, you’ll find it in droves at Mama Shelter. Set in Los Angeles, the offbeat property, designed by Thierry Gaugin, earns rave reviews as one of the hippest spots in town. There’s a lot happening here, from the outrageous colors to the lively accents to the killer views from the rooftop bar. The rooms range from compact to jumbo, all sized just right for a stay in the city, complete with all of the amenities you expect of the perfect place to stay. Enjoy a bite to eat, chill on the roof, have a drink or two, or just marvel at your surroundings from up high, where you can see everything from the iconic Hollywood sign to the activity below on Hollywood Boulevard.

5. McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel

Portland, OR

Among the quirkiest hotels on the West Coast, this is one you can definitely file under “I can’t believe it’s actually real.” McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel was founded in 1915, but at the time it was an actual elementary school. Fast forward many years, and today it’s a hip boutique hotel that many people specifically visit Portland for. And why not? The interior is dramatic and fun, where former classrooms now serve as guestrooms, and where old-school artwork sets the tone for a vintage-ready stay. Many of the rooms are even equipped with the original cloakrooms and chalkboards. The school’s former boiler room even serves as a vibrant, multistory bar.

6. Hotel Zeppelin

San Francisco, CA

Escape to an edgy hideout that’s equal parts urban-chic, industrial, and contemporary. Whether you’re a creative type, a wallflower, or somewhere in between, you’ll find a home for yourself in the Hotel Zeppelin, whose bohemian roots are evident in its laid-back, welcoming ambiance.

7. The Inn at El Gaucho

Seattle, WA

In a fast-paced world where everything seems in need of an upgrade, it’s hard to believe a place like The Inn at El Gaucho exists. Yet it does, and it’s inside this retro-inspired haunt that you can enjoy a stay in a dramatic guestroom and a cocktail bar that exudes 1950s charm.

8. Madonna Inn

San Luis Obispo, CA

It’s tough to compete with the eclectic charm that the Madonna Inn brings to San Luis Obispo. Boulders are built into the construction, and there are 110 themed rooms with out-of-this-world amenities, like rock showers and stone fireplaces.

9. Out’n’About Treehouses Treesort

Takilma, OR

The serene Out’n’About Treehouses Treesort is quite literally a village of treehouses. There’s a scenic, rustic vibe here that anyone with an appreciation for the great outdoors will absolutely love. Each abode is equipped with a kitchenette and a bathroom to lend it a truly homey feel.

10. Inn at Northrup Station

Portland, OR

There are few places more quintessentially Portland than the bright and lively all-suite Inn at Northrup Station. The rooms are obsessively fun, with vibrant pops everywhere you turn. No detail is spared here, and odds are you’ll quickly grow to love the place for its electrifying personality.

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Hipster Places to Visit in America.

5 Hipster Places to Visit in the United States

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Tracking down the most hipster-worthy spots in the United States isn’t a difficult proposition. The hallmarks of a truly notable locale include the usual suspects: hip boutiques, vintage record stores, vegan dining establishments, and cafes galore. All the better if there’s a tattoo shop thrown into the mix. These were the criteria that MoveHub used to cultivate its list of the most hipster cities in the U.S. We’ve narrowed down our own picks to those that stand on their own as memorable travel spots. You won’t regret booking a bus vacation to one of these destinations!

1. Minneapolis, MN

How could a city packed with microbreweries and metal sculptures not be considered a serious hipster hotspot? Minneapolis has a little bit of everything in its eclectic blend of options. The aforementioned Sculpture Walk St. Cloud, with its mesmerizing array of work from local artists, runs year round. Meanwhile, the North Loop — often referred to as the warehouse district — teems with bicycles thanks to its rider-friendly paths and beautiful riverfront views.

Northeast has it all: the requisite art studios, the all-hours dive bars, the industrial feel that sets it apart from more established, modern districts around town. And the cozy Parlour Bar practically screams “Hello, hipsters!” thanks to its menu of craft cocktails, dim lighting, and intimate vibes. It’s just one of many cool haunts for hipsters to settle into in the city.

2. Portland, OR

It’s not really a hipster-friendly list without a nod to Portland. The city is a hipster’s fantasy come to life, with everything from aging warehouses and lively music venues to sexy drinking dens and hip global eateries. Artsy movie houses abound — you’ll need to stop by the Hollywood Theatre just to say you’ve been there, as it’s placed so high on must-see lists. Be warned, though, that lines are long.

Of course, you don’t need to sit around in a brewery stroking your well-coiffed beard just to achieve hipster status. Pay a visit to the Portland Japanese Garden to escape much of the city’s bustle and find yourself at one with nature (and maybe snap a selfie or two, naturally). Because no hipster paradise is complete without a few thrift shops, you can check out one of the many in town. You’ll find plenty, including the beloved Red Light Clothing Exchange.

3. Salt Lake City, UT

There’s no denying the eclecticism and intensity that catapults Salt Lake City to the top of many domestic travelers’ wish lists. It’s as spirited as it is subtle, as engaging as it is emerging. And though it seems a wee bit surprising that SLC would land on _any _type of hipster paradise list, it’s more than earned its place. There’s something for you whether you’re bold or timid, and the hipster scene is a great place to explore both avenues.

Head straight to the Sugar House district for a hint of old-school-meets-modern-day flair, courtesy of art galleries, vibrant shops, and quaint bookstores. Compact bars, snug coffee shops, and easygoing lounges set the tone downtown, and you can pop into anyone without feeling a hint of pretentiousness — it’s all laid-back and completely in line with the overall inviting vibe SLC exudes.

4. Seattle, WA

Seattle could well be considered the old guard of hipster culture. Many of the scene’s most beloved destinations are right here in town. There are vegan eateries aplenty, artsy boutique hotels galore, and hip, little-known speakeasies that those in the know swear by. It’s easy to get lost in everything that Seattle offers, if only for its diversity. Are you more of an active sort? Rent a bike and glide through Capitol Hill. Feel a strong connection with the city’s famed musical roots? Head straight to Linda’s Tavern, the dive bar where Kurt Cobain was reportedly last seen alive. And, yes, Seattle may be home to the OG Starbucks, but you’ll want to forgo the brew you can get anywhere in the world in favor of one of the hundreds of coffeehouses peppered throughout the city. Not-so-secret pro tip: check out Espresso Vivace for a truly unforgettable cup of joe.

5. Atlanta, GA

What’s Atlanta doing on a list of the most hipster cities in the U.S.? The city exudes quintessential southern charm and hospitality, yet there are pockets that seem expressly made to indulge your innermost hipster whims. The East Atlanta Village has it all: great cafes, lively gay bars, tattoo shops, and microbreweries, just to name a few. Head to midtown for Little Five Points, indulge in some serious thrift and record shopping and relax with a few pints at a local brewery. Don’t miss the intense dining scene, where you can keep it simple with a slice of your favorite cheesy pie or go a little more luxe with an artisan burger. The Westside district is also worth a visit, especially if you’re musically inclined and dig the chill vibe — it’s a haven for quaint breakfast cafes, beer haunts, and art exhibits.

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Craving your favorite vegan friendly dish but can find a place? Hop on a bus and check out these top cities for vegan food.

The Top 5 Vegan-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

By Austin, Bus Travel, California, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Missouri, Oakland, Oregon, Portland, Texas

Foodie havens, like New York and Los Angeles, are known for their virtually endless plant-based meal options. Yet, herbivorous travel is no longer restricted to these coastal hotspots. From Texas to Minnesota, many of the top vegan-friendly cities are now spread out across the U.S. If you want to enjoy a getaway without sacrificing food quality and taste, visit one of these five destinations.

1. Portland, Oregon

Known for its punk-like mentality and appreciation of all things unique, it should come as no surprise that Portland, OR, is a haven for vegans. The city even hosts two vegan festivals every year — the VegOut! Vegan Beer & Food Festival in the summer and VegFest in the fall. If you don’t end up making it to either event, there are still plenty of eatery options available year-round.

Whatever style of cuisine you’re in the mood to eat, there’s an incredibly high chance that Portland offers it. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee and waffles at the Nectar Coffee Bar or juice and avocado toast at Tiny Moreso. For local flavors, reserve a table at Farm Spirit for a tasting or stop in for vegan-twists on classic dishes at Canteen. When your sweet tooth gets a craving, go wild at Doe Donuts.

Portland even boasts a vegan mini-mall on Stark Street. The site features an eclectic selection of businesses, all of which are dedicated to providing animal-free products and services. Grab groceries and snacks at Food Fight! Grocery; coffee and pastries at Sweetpea Baking Co.; and a new wardrobe at The Herbivore Clothing Company. Finish off your Rose City shopping trip with some commemorative ink at Scapegoat Tattoo — and yes, it’s vegan-friendly too.

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cheese curds have long held the position as Minneapolis’ signature food. Yet, a rise in demand for alternative dish options has given way to an impressive selection of vegan fare in the Twin City. One of the most popular spots is The Herbivorous Butcher. The entirely vegan shop sells unique retail products, like Bee Free Honee, as well as deli “meats,” non-dairy cheeses, jerky, and ready-to-eat sandwiches. If you end up falling in love with one of their offerings, you even have the option to order it online after you get back home.

While the plant-based food options in Minneapolis cover the spectrum, the culinary scene makes a name for itself with mouth-watering vegan comfort food. Devour sloppy joes and PLTs (pastrami, lettuce, and tomato) sandwiches at Vegan East; BBQ ribs and creamy macaroni and cheese at Trio Plant-Based; or mozzarella sticks, wings, and craft beer at J. Selby’s. When it comes to dessert, the selection of non-dairy ice cream and crepes at Crepe & Spoon is sure to hit the spot.

3. Kansas City, Missouri

While it may have a reputation for barbecue, Kansas City, MO, has embraced the vegan cuisine scene with open arms. Café Gratitude is a staple for locals, offering an organic, completely plant-based menu. Along with salads and wraps, patrons have a wide selection of healthy entrees, including sweet potato tacos and eggplant parmesan. For heartier options, grab a black bean burger and side of onion rings at Happy Apple Cafe, or enjoy a frappe and cupcake at Mud Pie Vegan Bakery and Coffeehouse.

Even if you don’t end up at a vegan restaurant, the vast majority of eateries in the area offer plant-based options. For instance, Beer Kitchen offers an entirely separate vegan menu, all of which pairs perfectly with their craft beer selection. Alternatively, canihaveabite specializes in organic carryout dishes with a long list of vegan entree options, like cashew meatloaf.

4. Austin, Texas

Watch out, Portland — Austin is coming for you. Both cities already share the same motto of keeping it weird, but soon, Austin may take the spot as the unofficial top vegan-friendly city in the U.S. There is already a long list of plant-based eateries in the Texas capital, but more and more pop up every year.

When it comes to burritos, The Vegan Yacht is untouchable with its Freeto Burrito and Buffalo Burrito. The eatery also offers gluten-free bowl variations. If pizza and sandwiches are what your taste buds are craving, stop by the dog-friendly patio at Counter Culture for a Jerk Seitan or Tempeh Reuben. Or, wrap up an unforgettable night on the town with the taco selection at The Vegan Nom.

5. Oakland, California

Even with its close proximity to San Francisco, the incredible vegan food scene in Oakland, CA, catches many travelers by surprise. The city not only offers a plethora of plant-based restaurants, but many of the vegan eateries also infuse culture into their menus to create a culinary experience — not just a meal.

Specializing in Ethiopian dishes, Cafe Dareye is beloved by both herbivores and omnivores with its Veggie Combo and seasonal juices. Core Kitchen offers a twist on traditional vegan meals by creating dishes only using organic produce, and the innovation continues at the gourmet Millennium Restaurant. However, if you need some old-school comfort food, Donut Farm has your back with a curation of sweet vegan treats.

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Discover your mother day top trip inspirations.

Mother’s Day Travel Ideas: 5 Bus Trips to Impress Mom

By Bus Travel, California, Charleston, Oregon, Portland, San Francisco, South Carolina, Virginia

You’re known for your amazing ability to surprise mom with the best gifts ever. But even if you’ve managed to outdo yourself every single Mother’s Day, there may come a time when you’re completely stumped for clever ideas. There’s only so much perfume and chocolate you can really give a gal, after all. Why not use this opportunity to make her Mother’s Day travel dreams a reality? Booking a bus trip is an easy way to make any of these excursions happen. Here are five fun suggestions to keep in mind.

1. Joshua Tree National Park

If she can’t resist the call of the wild or simply loves nature, you can bet she’ll be blown away by the natural beauty of Joshua Tree National Park in California. As one of the world’s most renowned spots for stargazing, camping, and hiking, it provides nearly endless options for her inner adventuress. Since the park is situated in the High Desert and miles from Los Angeles and other big cities, it offers nothing but miles and miles of crisp, clean, pure skies — and that means you have every opportunity to marvel at the stars above for hours. Make the most of your explorations by tethering yourself to a helpful guide, who can show you prime hiking spots, help you climb safely, and even give you tips on taking the best photographs. There are also plenty of cute boutiques, restaurants, and live music venues in the surrounding communities.

2. Downtown Charleston

Warm, relaxed, slow-paced, comfortable — all are words that beautifully describe the vibe in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. If mom spends most of her week tolling at the office and taking care of everyone else, a much-needed bus trip to one of the country’s most laid-back cities is definitely in order. There’s so much to do here. Delve into local history and check out Fort Sumter via ferry. Wander to one of three nearby beaches and rent a boat for the day. Hit the Charleston City Market and indulge your inner shopaholics at the many stalls packed with everything from clothes to candles to artwork. If her greatest Mother’s Day travel idea involves spending quality time by the water, then make sure to schedule a stop at Waterfront Park — it’s situated along Cooper River and provides incredible views of water and nature alike.

3. Historic San Francisco

“Vibrant” only scratches the surface in describing the appeal of historic San Francisco, California. Of course, there is plenty to do here — including a visit to the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, which is certainly worth the trouble if you’re in the area. What makes San Francisco so worldly and special is its eclecticism, dynamic culture, and brilliant water views. Where but here can you explore the world’s most crooked road, Lombard Street, or check out the Cable Car Museum in its entirety? Don’t forget to visit Mission Dolores, the city’s oldest building, and the absolutely lush grounds at the mesmerizing Japanese Tea Garden. If mom is all about history, your trip wouldn’t be complete without checking Civil War-era Fort Point and the interactive museum at the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.

4. Chincoteague Island

While a beach getaway is likely high on her list of Mother’s Day travel ideas, she probably isn’t fantasizing too much about boardwalks crammed with wall-to-wall foot traffic. Enter Chincoteague Island, a beautiful resort on the eastern shore of Virginia. Known largely for its wild ponies, the beautiful island differs dramatically from the luxe resort getaways you probably envision. There are no towering hotels or crowded boardwalks to navigate; instead, the area captures undeniable serenity thanks to its crisp, clean air and beautiful surroundings. There’s a Main Street in town where you can pop into a cute boutique or snap up a piece of artwork as a souvenir of your stay. If the idea is to eat, relax, explore, and repeat, you won’t find a better place to do all of the above.

5. Downtown Portland

Portland, Oregon, is a natural food lover’s paradise. It’s truly as simple as that, so if you both tend to eat to your heart’s content on vacations, this will be a trip worth every single penny. Here’s why: You will experience every possible element of culinary bliss during your stay. There are food carts to peruse, breweries to explore, coffee shops to check out, and countless global eateries to sample as you nosh your way through the city. There’s more to see, too, including the breathtaking Japanese Garden and equally elaborate Lan Su Chinese Garden. If there’s time, make room in the schedule for a quick jaunt to Multnomah Falls, just 30 minutes outside of the city. You’ll be dazzled by the jets of water as they cascade down.

Inspired to surprise mom with an unforgettable bus trip this Mother’s Day? Book your bus tickets today and prepare to wow her!