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The best safari parks in America are closer than you think! Hop on the bus and plan your next adventure.

The Best Safari Parks in America

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You may be inspired and downright excited about the possibility of going on a safari vacation someday. Who can resist the allure of becoming one with nature, seeing exotic animals up close, and exploring new-to-you territories? If a trip abroad isn’t quite in the cards right now, though, you don’t have to put your dreams on hold. Some of the best safari parks in America offer similar experiences that put you in the center of all the action. Here are five you should consider for your next getaway.

1. San Diego Safari Park

You’ll likely be overwhelmed the first time you set foot on the grounds of San Diego Safari Park in Escondido, CA. There is simply that much to do, and there’s so much going on at any given moment that you won’t know where to start. Fortunately, the park makes it easy to explore at your leisure. It’s broken down into zones, so you can tackle several in a day or go through all of them over the course of two or more days. Gorilla Forest, the African Outpost, Nairobi Village, Tiger Trail, and Elephant Valley are just a few of the thrilling destinations where you can enjoy glimpses of incredible wildlife. Expect to see everything from antelopes and cheetahs to pelicans and tigers while you’re here. The next step is a guided tour on the Africa Tram so you can catch a glimpse of the animals up close. Then take a Balloon Safari that sends you 400 feet into the air in a tethered balloon. Designed to replicate the balloon tours in Serengeti, this incredible experience provides flawless views of the vast landscape and many animals that live in the park.

2. Safari West

Just 12 miles from downtown Santa Rosa, CA, is one of the best safari parks in America: Safari West. The 400-acre preserve is home to over 900 animals and more than 90 different species. Enjoy a face-to-face meeting with a white rhinoceros. Gaze in wonder at the awe-inspiring cheetahs before you. Learn about the stunning hoofed mammals that may be unfamiliar to you, including addax, bontebok, and bongo. Snap photographs of the graceful birds and ducks. There’s something to catch your attention at every turn! The dining experience here honors the South African tradition of braai, similar to barbecue but different in that the wood fire remains continuously lit even after the food is prepared. Thinking about staying the night? Book a tent on the property — they’re imported from Botswana, and they offer all the creature comforts of home while providing you with incredible views and the sounds of wildlife throughout the night. This incomparable experience is a rarity in the United States and something any outdoor enthusiast will appreciate.

3. Wild Animal Safari

You don’t need to have your own vehicle to enjoy a drive-through ride at Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA. The park is renowned for its 3.5-mile trek that provides stupendous views of more than 550 animals on the 500-acre grounds. You can expect to encounter everything from a zebra to an American bison, all from the comfort of the park’s own zebra van. It holds up to seven people at a time and is a great way to experience all that the park has to offer in a safe and efficient way. The beauty of this adventure is that everyone in the family can sit back and enjoy the ride, from toddlers to grandparents! Each excursion is led by a qualified tour guide who will share valuable information about the many animals on the grounds.

4. Custer State Park Resort

Situated in Custer, SD, in the Black Hills region, Custer State Park Resort offers an incredible safari experience for the most ardent outdoor enthusiasts. This is the ultimate location to indulge your passion for wildlife and beautiful scenery. In addition to the dramatic forests that canopy the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway on the bus ride to the resort, the grounds feature wide-open grassy landscapes, shimmering streams and lakes, and fantastic mountain views. Feeling adventurous? Join the buffalo safari jeep tour and explore views of the buffalo, elk, and pronghorns that populate the park. Because the grounds were designated a game preserve in 1913, it’s a natural habitat for the animals to reside. In fact, there are some 56,000 acres devoted strictly to the Norbeck Wildlife Preserve along the edge of the park. Here, you’ll spot plenty of animals as they roam casually, from mountain goats to white-tail deer.

5. Virginia Safari Park

The Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge, VA, offers visitors plenty of practical options to enjoy the wildlife and scenery. During the walk along the 10-acre Safari Village, you can feed the giraffes, watch the white Bengal tigers splash around in the pool, feed all the goats and pigs your heart desires, and observe the African penguins — an endangered species — as they play. You’ll even spot kangaroos taking relaxed naps in the sunshine! You can also opt for a drive-through excursion that lets you see more of the 180-acre grounds. Animals roam freely, so keep your eyes alert to all the action around you. The park also provides public wagon rides, along with a bucket of feed so you can toss some sustenance to the wildlife as you ride through.

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Sioux falls is beautiful and is something you must add to your South Dakota vacation guide.

Your Complete Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Vacation-Planning Guide

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While Sioux Falls, SD, may be small in size — less than 200,000 residents, the city is full of big opportunities. From rugged outdoor adventures to laid-back days riverside, the biggest challenge is fitting all the fun into one vacation. If a trip to Sioux Falls is in your future, follow this South Dakota vacation guide for a memory-making experience.

What to See

Sioux Falls’ rich past and community commitment to education has produced a long list of must-see sights. From solo travelers to group trips, you’re sure to find a location or area of the city worth exploring.

History & Architecture

To truly appreciate a city, you need to understand its past. Even though it’s not on the east coast, Sioux Falls offers plenty of rich historical buildings. In fact, the city was originally chartered in 1856, and there are still many gorgeous architectural sites dating back to that time period.

If you’re a history buff, then you won’t want to miss a trip to the Pettigrew Home & Museum. Dating back to 1889, the house’s second owner, Richard Franklin Pettigrew, was a senator and instrumental in Sioux Fall’s commercial growth. There are free guided tours of the museum available daily. Other popular historical sites include the Old Courthouse Museum and the Cathedral of Saint Joseph.

Family Fun

Keeping the kiddos entertained with historical sites isn’t always that easy. Thankfully, Sioux Falls offer plenty of interactive educational attractions perfect for family-friendly vacation planning. One of the most popular sites is the Butterfly House and Aquarium, which is composed of multiple exhibits on one property.

The Butterfly House allows you to get up close and personal with free-flying butterflies amidst a backdrop of lush, green plant life. The Cove aspect of the adventure offers the chance to see exotic fish and breathtaking corals from around the world, while the Stingray Touch Pool provides a hands-on learning experience. If you’re not traveling with kids, enjoy a nice and quiet tour of the exhibits at one of their adults-only evening experiences.

For a wider variety of wildlife, stop by the Great Plains Zoo. The facility features species from all around the world, including bears, giraffes, and snow monkeys. It’s also home to the Delbridge Museum of Natural History.

What to Do

Whether you want to spend your Sioux Falls vacation getting in touch with Mother Nature or tasting the local brews, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Three favorite pastimes of both locals and visitors include hiking, drinking, and eating. Fortunately, you can customize all three experiences based on your personal preferences.

Head Outdoors

Surrounded by such serene landscape, outdoor adventures are a staple of South Dakota vacation guides. In Sioux Falls, Falls Park is an excellent spot for an afternoon of exploration. The 123-acre park is home to the city’s namesake — The Falls. Enjoy the views — and a snack — at the Falls Overlook Cafe before hitting one of the many walking paths.

For a more intense adventure, head to Great Bear Ski Valley. During winter, the park offers skiing, snowshoeing, and a tubing park. In summer, the area transforms into an oasis for hiking and bird watching. Or, if your idea of outdoor fun is more on the relaxing side, head to Wild Water West for a day of water-based relaxation in the sun.

Grab Drinks

Sioux Falls is also an excellent destination for wine and beer connoisseurs. For wine enthusiasts, Strawbale Wine offers a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city with a calming, laid-back vibe. You can visit the vineyards and taste delicious wine, and enjoy the regularly offered events like live music.

With a resurgence of craft breweries, beer lovers definitely have the upper hand in Sioux Falls. Some of the top spots include Remedy Brewing Co., Woodgrain Brewing Co., and Fernson Brewing Co. You can book tours for individual breweries or enjoy multiple locations with a guided tour from SuFu Brewery Tours.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Ranging from Americana staples to chic and gourmet, Sioux Falls is home to an eclectic food scene. Phillips Avenue Diner offers a retro dining experience with a classic selection of dishes, including omelets, burgers, and malts. The B&G Milky Way is another comfort food establishment with a throwback vibe, featuring hotdogs, burgers, fries, and soft serve.

If you’re looking for a more refined offering, head to Crawford’s. Located in downtown, the restaurant offers a hipster-fied selection of American eats and handcrafted cocktails in a historic setting. For vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, stop by Sanaa’s Gourmet. The eatery specializes in plant-based, gluten-free fare with a nod to Mediterranean styles.

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Travel to the Midwest

Five Awesome Midwest Locations you Should Visit by Bus

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The U.S. is full of awesome destinations, but one area of the country is overlooked by travelers far too often—the Midwest! Spanning 12 states, the region is known for its welcoming atmosphere and friendly residents. Such traits make it the ideal location for a relaxing and fun getaway. Plus, the Midwest’s scenic landscapes make bus travel an even more enjoyable experience. Before you book bus tickets for your next trip, here are the top five destinations you won’t regret visiting.

1. Dodge City, KS

Bus travel to Dodge City, KS, is a must-try for fans of western television shows, movies, and books. This city has embraced its Wild West history and turned it into an attraction for individuals of all ages. If you’re ready to step back into the late 1800s, then board the city’s Historic Trolley Tours for an hour-long sightseeing excursion. The tour features some of the area’s most historic locations and provides plenty of interesting facts and stories from the city’s history. Next, you’ll want to stop by the Gunfighters Wax Museum to view wax replicas of famous gunslingers, like Wyatt Earp and Calamity Jane, before documenting your travels with an old-west style photo at the Old Dodge Photo Parlor.

2. Wisconsin Dells, WI

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than a trip to Wisconsin Dells, WI. Deemed “The Waterpark Capital of the World,” the small town offers numerous indoor and outdoor waterparks, like Noah’s Ark Waterpark—which spans 70 acres. But the water-related fun isn’t limited to man-made attractions! The Wisconsin River offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure, including guided boat tours and water sports. There’s even a nighttime ghost tour through Cold Water Canyon if you’re up for a scare.

3. Rapid City, SD

When you book bus tickets to Rapid City, SD, you’ll find breathtaking natural views along the way. Considered the “Gateway to the Black Hills,” the city is a short drive away from some of the country’s most beloved attractions. Visiting Mount Rushmore is an absolute necessity, so rent a vehicle for the 30-minute drive south to reach the iconic landmark. Then, take a scenic cruise through Badlands National Park to truly experience the beauty of the area. Finally, wrap up your trip with a ride on the City View Trolley to ensure you catch all of the historic town’s must-see attractions.

4. Dubuque, IA

Located alongside the Mississippi River, Dubuque, IA, is one of the best-kept secrets of the Midwest. The town offers a diverse, family-friendly culture with plenty of things to do, making it perfect for weekend getaways and week-long vacations alike. Stop by River Lights Bookstore to grab some interesting reads for your trip home. After nourishing your mind, it’s time to nourish your body by experiencing the finest Midwest cuisine at any one of the city’s top-rated eateries.

If you’re on a budget, bus travel to Dubuque is an excellent choice because there are plenty of free activities to explore. The downtown district features numerous murals and curated art displays, so create your own walking tour of the city’s street art for an enriching experience. You can also take in some amazing river views by trekking along the Mississippi Riverwalk, which is free and open to the public year-round. During your journey, keep an eye out for sculptures and art installations, which are part of the city’s Art on the River exhibit.

5. Richmond, IN

Another fantastic Midwest bus destination is Richmond, IN. This wholesome small city is a great vacation spot for families, offering plenty of attractions for all ages. You definitely want to set aside a whole day for the Chocolate Trail, which features several fun stops, including vintage ice cream shops and candy factories. Before you embark on the self-guided tour, stop by Richmond’s Welcome Center to grab the official Chocolate Trail Passport so that you can snag free samples along your journey.

If you’re a fan of antiques, then Wayne County should be at the top of your list. Spend a few hours checking off some of the shops on their Antique Alley Trails lists throughout Richmond and the surrounding towns. To round out your historic Midwest journey, tour the grounds of Earlham College, which dates back to 1847, and peruse the shops at the Depot District Market.

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