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Planning a bus trip to Washington, D.C? Here are the must see historic monuments.

5 Historic Destinations to Visit in Washington, D.C.

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If a trip to Washington, D.C., is in the cards, then you have a lot to anticipate. Between the picture-perfect weather and beautiful scenery, you’ll never want for things to do when you’re in the nation’s capital. It’s most noteworthy trait, of course, is the fact that it’s deeply steeped in American history. Whether you happen to be a history buff or not, you can’t deny the meaning and reverence of these sites. Here are five historic destinations in Washington, D.C., that you can’t miss!

1. Ford’s Theatre

Many learn about the legendary Ford’s Theatre in school. It was here, on a night in April of 1865, when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in the Presidential Box. The theatre’s façade has not changed much since then, and it’s humbling to step inside the revered building and experience it in much the same way that over 1,700 visitors did on the night that changed American history forever. While you’re here, you can enjoy a self-guided tour, observe the President’s Box from the balcony, and, of course, catch a performance of a live show at any time of the year.

2. Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is iconic for its beauty alone. Accented by brilliant marble columns, the structure stands before the shimmering Reflecting Pool. There are 36 columns in total, each reflecting the States of the Union during the period of Lincoln’s passing. “In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.” So reads a plaque dedicated to the fallen American servant, whose 175-ton statue looms over the National Mall with a certain regality. It’s open 24 hours a day for visitors to enjoy, or you can book an engaging walking tour with a ranger to learn more about one of the most historic destinations in Washington, D.C.

3. Thomas Jefferson Memorial

A beautiful representation of neoclassical architecture, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial is a jewel surrounded by the waters of the National Mall’s Tidal Basin. If you happen to book your bus trip in the spring, you’ll want to make every effort to stop here and observe the city’s beloved cherry blossom trees in all of their glory. Inside the structure sits a 19-foot statue of the former president. The surrounding walls are etched with words from many of his most important writings concerning democracy and freedom. The Jefferson Memorial is open to the public 24 hours a day and well worth the trip if you want to take some unforgettable photographs.

4. Arlington National Cemetery

As the country’s largest cemetery for the military, Arlington National Cemetery holds particular reverence not just in the city, but all over the world. It is home to over 400,000 veterans and immediate family members. Although situated in Arlington, Virginia, it’s just across the Potomac River over Memorial Bridge. The cemetery provides bus tours of many of the grounds’ most esteemed sites, including the graves of President John F. Kennedy and General John J. Pershing. You can also visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and watch the Changing of the Guard, which occurs multiple times every day. It’s open every day of the year, but hours vary depending on the season.

5. National World War II Memorial

Created in honor of the 16 million service members and the over 400,000 who died during World War II, the National World War II Memorial is ideally situated in the National Mall and surrounded by the Lincoln Memorial on one end and the Washington Monument on the other. Open 24 hours a day, the exquisite memorial features 24 bronze bas-relief panels around the entrance. Around the water feature in the center are several granite columns that represent the states and territories in the United States at the time of the war.

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Have you started planning your honeymoon yet? Check out these top destinations.

4 Places to Consider Making Your Honeymoon Destination

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The honeymoon is an important and fun part of a new marriage. It presents an opportunity for the betrothed couple to put the chaos of wedding planning and the wedding day itself behind them and focus on themselves and their future. So finding the right honeymoon destination is paramount to a happy and unforgettable honeymoon. We’re here to help you do that! Let’s take a look at a few of the most romantic locations in the United States that make for perfect honeymoon destinations.

1. Gasparilla Island, Florida

As Katharine Hepburn rented a home on this charming island for many years, you can be sure this place is known for its class. There is something nostalgic and quaint about Boca Grande, the small residential community of Gasparilla Island, which is home to ice cream parlors, boutique shops, and palm-tree-lined bike paths.

Start your day by waking up in a king-size bed in a suit at the old Hollywood Gasparilla Inn & Club which features a pool, golf course, and beach club in addition to gorgeous rooms. Grab brunch at the 3rd Street Bistro and enjoy your eggs and mimosas on the outdoor patio. Afterward, you and your spouse can work off a hearty meal by renting a couple of bikes and peddling down the Boca Grande Bike Path.

Naturally, an island getaway wouldn’t feel right without copious amounts of time sunning yourself on the sandy beaches, smelling the salty sea air, and going for a dip in the ocean. In the afternoon, you’ll want to make your way to Gasparilla Island State Park for swimming, fishing, boating, and barefoot strolls along the beach.

2. Napa, California

Does anything say “romantic honeymoon getaway” quite like magnificent sunsets and wine? For non-wine activities, spend an afternoon horseback riding on the equestrian trails at Skyline Wilderness Park before gallivanting through the meadows, canyons, and groves of the scenic, 157-acre Alston Park. Other romantic outdoor experiences include Westwood Hills Park and a walk through the garden at Kennedy Park.

Some must-see wineries and vineyards include Domaine Carneros, a stately French mansion with a winery, the 40-acre O’Brien Estate, and the Napa Valley Wine Train. Honeymooners will want to book reservations at the Westin Verasa Napa located right in downtown Napa. This luxury hotel provides guests with an unforgettably romantic experience with amenities like a heated saltwater pool, elegant restaurant, and poolside couples massages. For more unique, novel honeymoon activities, consider taking a hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley region, shopping for artisanal goods at the Oxbow Public Market, and taking a cooking class at The Culinary Institute of America at Copia.

3. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The Cape Cod National Seashore’s 40,000 acres of pristine beachfront makes for an inviting romantic getaway for any occasion, particularly a honeymoon. You won’t want to miss a sunset over the Cape Cod Canal as you stroll or bike your way along the canal path. Hop on a cruise ship with Hy-Line Cruises and take a ride over to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket for enjoyable day trips.

Beaches you and your significant other should visit during your honeymoon include Nauset Beach (great for surfers) and Marconi Beach. For a romantic candlelit dinner, spend the evening at Buca’s Tuscan Roadhouse for some unbelievable Italian fare. And being in Cape Cod means you can’t miss out on all the fresh seafood, so plan to visit such restaurants as The Ocean House Restaurant, which overlooks the Nantucket Sound, the upscale Chatham Wine Bar and Restaurant, and Karoo Restaurant, which serves up South African-inspired cuisine.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

There is no end to the amount of romance New Orleans has to offer. Newly married couples won’t want to miss an evening at the Carousel Bar & Lounge complete with cocktails, crawfish beignets, and live jazz music. Two other insanely romantic activities include a stroll through the Frenchmen Art Market (which is only open at night) and a boat cruise down the Mississippi River.

On your New Orleans honeymoon, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy romantic, elegant dinners at such places as Brennan’sCarrollton Market, and Upperline, a Creole restaurant located in an 1877 townhouse. Finally, your honeymoon would not be complete without luxurious, romantic accommodations. If you’re staying in the French Quarter, book a room at the Hotel Monteleone. Two other gorgeous hotels you’ll only find in a place like New Orleans include The Frenchmen Hotel and The Saint Hotel, Autograph Collection.

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Looking to travel like a NYC local? Read our guide and be prepared for your next trip!

4 Ways to Explore NYC Like a Local

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Although it’s one of the most mesmerizing, exhilarating places in the world to visit, there is no doubt that New York City can feel incredibly overwhelming some (most) of the time. This is especially true for visitors who are experiencing the hustle and bustle of New York City for the first time. However, there are ways to ensure your trip to the Big Apple is fruitful (no pun intended) and well worth your time. The secret is to explore the city like a NYC local. In this post, we’ll show you how to do just that.

1. Venture Into the Other Boroughs

Most first-time visitors and regular frequenters of New York City spend most, if not all, of their time in one borough only: Manhattan. And while, yes, the bulk of the sightseeing and tourist attractions are found in this high-energy island, if you want to see what the whole city has to offer, you should check out the other boroughs to visit like a true NYC local.

Many neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens are often just a short subway ride away. In Brooklyn, you can escape the concrete scenery of Manhattan and enjoy such attractions as the lush, green Prospect ParkBrooklyn Botanic Garden, and Brooklyn Bridge Park. In Queens, you’ll enjoy a low-key atmosphere and find a little bit of everything: great cuisine, beautiful parks, and cultural centers.

Film buffs will love a tour of Kauffman StudiosThe Museum of Moving Images, and Silvercup Studios, all located in the Astoria and adjacent Long Island City neighborhoods. In terms of food, an evening in Astoria for some world-class Greek eats is an absolute must. Throughout the rest of Queens, you’ll find incredible dishes from almost every country in the world. Fill up on falafel, get some Thai takeout, and even try Kangaroo meat at The Thirsty Koala.

2. Take Advantage of All the Free Things There Are to Do

It’s indisputable that New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also have plenty of amazing free things to do. And if there is one thing locals know how to do, it’s finding hidden gems and unforgettable experiences at a significantly discounted rate (or completely free). Visit the Museum of Modern Art by going on a Friday between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Ride the Staten Island Ferry for free and spot the Statue of Liberty in the harbor.

Head to any one of the beaches surrounding the city including The Rockaways or Coney Island and enjoy the smell of the ocean and the sensation of the sun hitting your face. Not only are there many free events throughout the city and special deals like free appetizers at happy hour, but many of the major sightseeing destinations around the city are totally free, too. Some of those attractions include the Brooklyn Bridge, Central ParkTime Square, and the 9/11 Memorial.

3. Eat out for Every Meal

Although this isn’t the most budget-friendly activity for anyone visiting New York, it is something New Yorkers tend to do a lot. While you’re in the city, you might as well embrace the “when in Rome philosophy.” Although New Yorkers tend to live up to the stereotype of having nothing but condiments from 2011 in the refrigerator and therefore tending to brunch, lunch, and dine in the evening at restaurants, they also know a thing or two about striking a good deal. For brunch, there are plenty of restaurants that offer bottomless brunch deals at a fixed rate.

In Queens, the cost could be as low as $15 for two hours. At lunch, keep things affordable by eating out in Chinatown or Little Italy, where you can score a scrumptious lunch for under $15. Another affordable alternative is the food truck scene, where you can munch on shawarma, street tacos, and chicken kebabs for under $10. Dinner will most likely be the most expensive meal of the day, but there are still plenty of restaurants that keep things reasonably priced. Another solution is looking on Groupon and browsing the website for any restaurant deals.

4. Hang out in the Parks

At first glance, there really doesn’t seem to be much nature in New York City. But if you venture out to the parks, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush greenery, open spaces, giant trees, ponds, and riverfront views. Some must-see parks include McCarren ParkAstoria Park, and Fort Greene Park. And if you’re in the city during the summer, you may be able to catch an outdoor movie, concert, or festival!

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These locations are perfect for the artsy traveler.

5 Vacation Destinations for the Artsy Traveler

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For many people, being surrounded by artwork is just as rejuvenating as a day at the beach. Fortunately, some of the best tourist spots in the U.S. also provide a rich artistic culture. Whether you’ve hit a creative roadblock or simply enjoy eye-catching visuals, these five vacation destinations for the artsy traveler are sure to spark your imagination.

1. Berkeley, California

Considering the namesake of Berkeley, CA, is the Irish philosopher George Berkeley, it’s not a surprise that the Bay Area city has attracted free-thinkers, creatives, and intellectuals for generations. Such a collection of temporary and permanent residents results in artistic viewing opportunities on virtually every block. From galleries and museums to outdoor exhibits and street art, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the most popular spots is the Berkeley Art Center, which showcases work by local artists of all mediums. They also host regular lectures and talks, allowing fans to discuss pieces of artwork with their favorite creators. The Trax Gallery, on the other hand, specializes in ceramics. Visitors can catch exhibits during the fall and spring, but the gallery closes during the summer. However, the second-floor apartment above the studio is available for rent year-round, allowing you to immerse yourself in a creative space during your stay.

The city even combines its love of art with local sweets at the Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival in August. Roam the streets to see sidewalk and wall creations from artists of all ages and experience levels, browse booths ran by local craftsmen, and taste a long list of desserts while sipping on wine or craft beer. Want to show off your artistic skills? Join the chalk art contest; they accept both pre-event and same-day registrations.

2. St. Louis, Missouri

Midwest cities are often overlooked as vacation destinations for artsy travelers, but St. Louis’ collection of eye-catching, man-made artwork and natural visuals rivals that of New York City. Nowhere in the city showcases these qualities better than the St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM). Spanning three stories, the museum features both ancient and contemporary works from around the world. It’s also conveniently located in Forest Park, which is home to The Muny, the Missouri History Museum, and plenty of natural scenery for photographers and painters alike.

The Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) St. Louis is another must-see spot. Along with an ever-changing selection of exhibits, the site hosts regular public forums, artist talks, and lectures. Its location in the Grand Center Arts District provides easy access to some of the other most-visited creative spaces in the city, including the St. Louis University Museum of Art, the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, and The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries.

3. Ann Arbor, Michigan

With a population just over 120,000, it’s hard to imagine Ann Arbor, MI, as a thriving hub for artists. Yet, that is exactly what the small city has become. Its commitment to providing a creative space and culture culminates in the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair. Held in July, the event actually combines four local art fairs: Street Art Fair, Summer Art Fair, State Street Art Fair, and the South University Art Fair.

Whether you make it to town for the festival or not, there are a plethora of other attractions you definitely want to see. From tattoo art to stained glass, the Ann Arbor Art Center offers a unique blend of exhibits as well as instructional classes. For buyers, the gallery provides personalized assistance selecting original pieces, but there’s also an opportunity to buy prints.

4. Austin, Texas

If your aesthetic preferences fall into the quirky or uncanny categories, then Austin, TX, is the perfect vacation destination for you. Following the city’s unofficial slogan, “Keep Austin Weird,” artists and curators in Bat City like to push the boundaries of creativity. This quality is displayed in various local attractions, like the Museum of the Weird, the Hope Outdoor Gallery, and the Cathedral of Junk. Even though it’s slightly more mainstream, there are also plenty of eccentric exhibits at The Contemporary Austin museum.

5. Mesa, Arizona

While the desert landscape offers eye-catching visuals, the brightly colored artwork and intricate sculptures displayed throughout Mesa, AZ, steal the spotlight. The best place to dive into the art scene is the Mesa Arts Center. Not only does the facility’s museum offer a wide collection of exhibits, but they also offer classes regularly, like glass blowing, and play host to the Mesa Arts Festival every December. Other sites in the city you won’t want to miss include the i.d.e.a Museum and the William Barnhart Studio.

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