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How to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling This Winter

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Health Tips for Winter Travel

Fewer things put a damper on a vacation quite like getting sick. When you are traveling during the winter, the chances of getting sick are much higher than they would be during the warmer months. But don’t let that stop you from planning and enjoying a vacation! Although it’s easier to get sick in the winter, there are things you can do to reduce that possibility. If you have a trip coming up and you want to take precautions to ensure you stay healthy, remember the following tips to avoid getting sick when traveling this winter.

Drinks Lots of Water

This one is so simple, yet it’s a health habit easily forgotten by so many people. It’s even easier to forget to drink the right amount of water when you are busy vacationing. Make things simpler for yourself and avoid getting sick when traveling this winter by carrying around a refillable water bottle wherever you go. This way, you can take sips throughout the day and refill when you run out. Strive to drink eight glasses a day. Don’t allow yourself to get dehydrated by filling up on cups of coffee or a couple of cocktails. If you plan to have a few drinks later in the evening, make sure to have one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. It’s amazing how much better and more energetic you will feel after drinking a tall glass of water.

Takes Steps to Combat Stress

The whole point of a vacation is to escape stress, as too much of it can lead to physical illness. Things like the vacation-planning process itself can be stressful as well as learning how to get around an unfamiliar city or destination. Have methods in place to combat stress when it creeps up. If you are feeling overwhelmed because you got lost walking around somewhere, instead of panicking or getting tense, pause and take a few deep breaths. If you enjoy yoga, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to squeeze in a class or two throughout your trip. Even just waking up and doing a few morning stretches will help loosen you up, clear your mind, and boost your mood.

Take Vitamin Supplements

This tip is especially useful if you feel like you have a cold coming on. Take a few vitamin C tablets and other immune-boosting supplements like Vitamin D. If you don’t have any vitamins on hand, you can easily find them in your food. Drink lots of lemon water, have an orange at breakfast, and eat plenty of greens that are loaded with nutrients to avoid getting sick while traveling this winter.


We get it; you’re on vacation. That last thing you want to be thinking about is exercise. But you don’t need to go to the hotel gym and bore yourself on the treadmill for 45 minutes to get in your physical activity. Make exercise fun on your getaway. Swim a few laps at the hotel pool or if you enjoy tennis, spend an hour on the court. If you are a runner, take a scenic jog along the coast or through a scenic area where you are vacationing. Even just a brisk hike or walk around the town will constitute as decent exercise.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Vacation is the time to get a little lax with your diet. However, that doesn’t mean you should throw it all to the wayside and maintain a steady diet of high-calorie delights. Be mindful of what you eat while you are on vacation. Make sure to start your day with a filling, nutrient-rich breakfast like a green smoothie and an omelet. It is possible to eat amazing, delicious food that is also healthy and good for you. Don’t make the mistake of skipping meals when you’re too busy traveling from place to place or exploring your vacation destination. If you know you have a busy day ahead and may not be able to stop for lunch, make sure to pack something like a protein bar or beef jerky to give you the protein you need to stay energized and strong throughout the day. What you eat will have a huge, direct impact on your immune system.

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best fall festivals on the east coast

5 Fun Whole Family Christmas Break Destinations to Visit

By Bus Travel, California, Leavenworth, McAdenville, New York, New York City, Solvang, Washington

’Tis the season to spend some extra quality time with your family. If you tend to hunker down at home for the holidays, you may want to consider doing something a little different this year. With these fun whole family Christmas break destinations in mind, you can break tradition and establish new ones while making memories that will last a lifetime. Before you book your bus ticket, consider these five spots.

New York City

This one’s a no brainer if you love the magic of the season and want your children to experience it, too. Christmas in New York is truly a wonderful time. The kids will be wowed by the spectacular light displays that illuminate Rockefeller Center in Manhattan and Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, while you’ll be dazzled by the beautiful window display at the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue store. This is also a great time to explore some other parts of the city and take advantage of their epic holiday events and offerings. Union Square Holiday Market is a longtime favorite that’s worth braving the chill in the air. There are hundreds of vendors selling everything from handmade jewelry to artwork here, along with tasty treats and gifts for the kids. Another must-visit is The Rooftop at Pier 17, where you can do everything from sip festive cocktails to learn skating.


People flock to Washington, DC, during the holiday season, but if you want to escape the crazy crowds, you might consider visiting nearby Alexandria instead. Situated in Northern Virginia just minutes from the District, the small city packs a ton of festive activity within its confines. This is the place to be if you treasure the feel of a charming old town that transports you to another world. Wander along King Street and pop into the dozens of boutiques to find one-of-a-kind gifts for your nearest and dearest, then stop by one of the independent bakeries or coffee shops for a mug of hot cocoa and a bite to eat. Don’t miss the Alexandria Holiday Boat Parade of Lights, which brings the festivities to the water and provides absolutely awe-inspiring views. Naturally, you can also pose for photographs with Santa and Mrs. Claus!


The California town of Solvang is truly special, with its old-world Danish charm and eclectic landmarks. The most well-known by far are its windmills and Danish bakeries, which set the tone for a truly European Christmas. Throughout the season, you can experience everything from operas to live animal displays to boutique shopping. Each year, locals celebrate Julefest, a month-long extravaganza that brings the true spirit of the season to town. Here, kids can visit Santa’s Village, and everyone can enjoy a lively candlelight tour and watch the parade. There’s even a beer and wine “stein stroll” perfect for parents to enjoy.


Also known as “Christmas Town USA,” McAdenville is easily one of the most fun whole family Christmas break destinations in the country. This is a small North Carolina town — there are just shy of 700 residents in total — but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in festivities! Each year, some 500,000 lights go up and transform the city into a complete winter wonderland. There are also over 160 houses impressively decorated for the season. It’s hard to resist such beauty, especially when you can partake in all this plus a tree lighting ceremony entirely for no charge.


No list would be complete without a mention of Leavenworth, which earns high marks year-round for its exquisite beauty and European charm. During the holiday season, the Washington city transforms into a truly fun whole family Christmas break destination. What else would you expect of an authentic Bavarian village that’s known for its “Christkindlmarkt,” along with beautiful caroling, a town tree, and melodic harp concerts? Stay a little while longer and you can also enjoy the Bavarian Ice Festival in January.

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best fall festivals on the east coast

3 Best Fall Festivals on the East Coast

By Bus Travel, Florida, Maine, Miami, Portland, Washington D.C

It’s that time of the year again! Autumn’s bountiful leaves are transforming landscapes into vast palettes of red, orange, and yellow. The harvest season is a wonderful time to celebrate everything that makes it so special, from delicious foods to fun arts and crafts to great entertainment. In short, fall festivals are the season’s answer to the ubiquitous summer carnival. How can you go wrong? If you’re planning a bus trip, here are some of the best fall festivals on the east coast to keep in mind for your journey.

Harvest on the Harbor

If you’re a self-professed foodie, you have no excuse not to book an excursion to what is truly one of the most enticing festivals in existence. The Harvest on the Harbor was once merely designed to celebrate all that Portland’s eateries had to offer. Today, the Maine event is among the state’s most popular—and with good reason. It honors the small town’s most delectable fare and includes numerous events to indulge your inner culinary enthusiast. Enjoy the Bloody Mary and Gourmet Pig Roast Brunch complete with a variety of local craft brews or stop by the Fusion Coffee Lab for a hot cup of java. The HOTH Market on the Harbor is another must-visit if you’re prepared to enjoy absolutely _everything_, from baked goods and beer to pasta and tea. Be sure to arrive on an empty stomach so that you can leave fully satiated—and ready to book a repeat visit next year!

Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Festival

Of course, there’s more to fall than merely great food, and you’ll find plenty of that at the Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Festival in Miami, Florida. Bring the kids along and delve into the pumpkin patch—there are thousands in all manner of sizes and colors. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true family getaway without stopping by the carnival. Who wouldn’t want to board an exciting roller coaster or have a little fun on the bumper cars?

Be sure to dress in your autumnal best so you can snap a few fall-themed photographs. Grab a frame and you’ll have something to preserve this special memory for a lifetime. Want to have a little fun with scarecrows? Don’t be frightened by these cute pumpkin-heads, which are situated in “Scarecrow Village” just waiting to be dressed up in all kinds of fun and quirky outfits. Kids will also love decorating pumpkins—with supplies provided, of course—and working their way through the beloved cornstalk maze. Of course, it wouldn’t be a festival without food, which is why you can also dig into the many pumpkin-flavored delicacies at the food court, then pop over to the pumpkin beer bar for a nice cold one.

Shenandoah Uncorked Wine Festival

It’s an epic festival that every wine lover in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area knows and loves. But even people who don’t live in Virginia will want to make their way to the Shenandoah Uncorked Wine Festival in Quicksburg. For 10 years now, the festival has given people the type of experience they demand each fall—fun for the entire family in the form of playful activities for children, along with tasty food, delectable Virginia wines, and beautiful locally made crafts. It’s a true celebration of what makes local creations so special. This is where you can enjoy handmade wares from some of the region’s best designers, chow down on mouthwatering barbecue and desserts from local favorites, and sip on wines from the area’s best vineyards, including Peaks of Otter Winery and Hilltop Berry Farm & Winery.

Head for the Best Fall Festivals on the East Coast

Can’t decide? Why not try to hit all the best fall festivals on the east coast? This is a great way to expand your horizons, indulge in local flavors, meet people from different communities, eat to your heart’s delight, pick pumpkins and apples galore, and celebrate the season in an altogether fresh and exciting way—all while making priceless memories with your family and friends. Visit BusTickets.com to book your affordable ticket to the destination of your choice today.





Stay at These Holiday Season Hotels This Winter

By Bus Travel

If you’re entranced by the magic of the holiday season and spend most of the year counting down the days until twinkling lights return, then you probably wouldn’t say no to spending some quality time at a festive hotel for your winter vacation. Some of the most impressive properties in the country go all out in their celebrations. While you might not normally go out of your way to travel somewhere just to stay at a particular hotel, these holiday season hotels may just change your mind. Here’s where to set your sights this year.

Mohonk Mountain House

Winter is simply a magical time of year at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York. The resort, situated approximately 90 miles north of Manhattan, is a beautiful place to escape from the chaos and settle into some cozy, festive fun for a few wondrous days and nights. Best of all, it’s completely family-friendly! The entire property is decorated with meticulous attention to detail, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

There’s a variety of fun holiday-themed activities that await at Mohonk Mountain House. Don’t forget to pack your ugliest sweater to partake in the annual Ugly Sweater Weekend and try for your chance at the prize! The Hudson Valley Gingerbread Competition is also worth a try if you love to bake, mingle with fellow cooking enthusiasts, and enjoy some sweet treats. The resort itself is filled with enormous Christmas trees and wreaths. Little ones can have some holiday fun of their own through the Kids’ Club program. There’s also live music (including carols, of course!), regular nightly entertainment for the entire family, arts and crafts, movie nights, and delicious food. What’s not to love?

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

If you’ve never been to Arizona before, this may be the perfect excuse to make a first-time trek to the sunny state. The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is a luxury resort in the Sonoran Desert. Enjoy views of grand mountain ranges at every turn, witness the magic of the humbling sunset over stunning greenery, and enjoy delicious meals at the property’s many restaurants and bars.

Things at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess get particularly festive during Christmastime, with over four million lights on display. There’s also an ice skating rink, a light show in the Enchanted Plaza, and plenty of mouthwatering food—think s’mores and freshly baked cookies galore! Kids can take a photograph with Santa Claus and mingle with other fun characters while the entire family will enjoy making treasured memories together. From the beloved Christmas carousel to the gleaming ice slide, the resort leaves nothing untouched in celebrating the holiday in a grand, unforgettable style.

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

It’s difficult to compete with the countless activities that the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center offers in National Harbor, Maryland, each year. The property brings the wonders of the season to life through a series of comprehensive itineraries and packages designed to meet the entire family’s needs. Enjoy a meal with The Grinch, spend some time decorating gingerbread, explore the harbor and the beautiful scenery, catch the laser light show at the Atrium, and go shopping in the Christmas Village. There’s also a miniature express train, ice skating in Christmas Square, and the addition of over three million shimmering Christmas lights to wow you at every turn.

The property itself is nothing short of spectacular. Slumber in contemporary rooms featuring plush beds, enjoy some quality time alone in the full-service spa, dine in one (or all!) of seven restaurants, and pop into the bar for a cocktail after the kids have gone to bed. Offering the best of all worlds—and just under half an hour by car from Washington, D.C. —the holiday season hotel offers everything you could possibly want in a memorable holiday experience.

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