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Air vs. Bus Travel

Air vs. Bus Travel: Why the Bus Always Wins

By Bus Travel

One of the most common misconceptions in long-distance travel is that it’s better to get on a plane rather than a bus if you’re heading out cross country. Bus travel, however, has a few distinct advantages that flying cannot provide. What are the pros and cons of each and how do they stack up? Let’s take a look.

Air vs. Bus Travel – What Are We Comparing?

Before we crunch the numbers and look at the actual comparisons, it’s important to lay the groundwork for comparing two completely different modes of transportation. Passengers who board a bus or a plane essentially look for the same features, such as:

  1. Travel time
  2. Total cost of travel
  3. Comfort
  4. Safety
  5. Amenities

These are the comparative issues we will tackle.

Travel Time

The truth is, most people are not long-distance travelers. They just want to arrive at their destination in as little time as possible. So when it comes to extended travel, a plane may be a better option. In shorter distances, however, a bus is the better choice when you count in loading times, layovers, and actual travel. If you are flying out of regional airports, you’re likely to make connecting flights. These can take twice as long as the stops on a bus trip.

Total Cost of Bus Travel – Boston to Philadelphia

There is relatively little comparison to the cost of flying versus the cost of bus travel. As the number of airlines continues to shrink and the demand goes up, so does the cost of getting on a plane. You also incur additional fees and expenses such as baggage, into the overall cost. By contrast, bus tickets rates are impressively economical with few, if any, additional expenses. Whereas a plane ticket from Boston to Philadelphia could run you $200-$400, a bus charter from Boston to Philadelphia is a much cheaper purchase at $10-$30.


Airlines are notorious for shoving as many people in coach as possible with little head, arm, or leg room to spare. So, it’s no surprise that the most common passenger complaint is being uncomfortable. This is an area where bus companies like Greyhound and Trailways excel. Greyhound recently increased occupant space by simply removing their entire front row and spacing the seats out. Companies like Barons Bus and Bieber Transportation have upped the ante by offering impressive legroom and leather seats, while continuing to keep the cost of bus travel to  Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Los Vegas lower than airfares. Air vs. Bus Travel, simply put, you’re likely to enjoy a more relaxing experience in a bus than on a plane.


You’ve seen the reports that state over and again that flying is still the safest form of transportation. While this is true, the comparisons are often made with automobiles– millions of them– which by sheer numbers create a more dangerous situation on the road. The fact is, the more people that drive, the more dangerous a road becomes.

Buses, like airplanes, however, have an overall good traffic safety record, because fewer accidents occur on a bus on the highway than in automobiles. Buses have also improved in areas such as routine inspections, repairs, maintenance, and seating conditions in recent years due to tougher laws and regulations. So the real question is: how likely you are to suffer injury or fatality in an accident? The answer? Compared to a commercial jet, you’re more likely to survive a wreck in a charter bus.


What is the overall value of a plane ticket compared to a bus ticket? That question can be answered when you explore what each has to offer once you board and take off. Since commercial airliners are designed for mass transit and less travel time, they’re less likely to offer amenities that make the trip more enjoyable. Thus, there’s nothing fun or memorable about a ride in an air coach.

If you’re the type that loves traveling and sees the trip as an opportunity for more fun, then bus travel is for you. A New York Charter bus now offers all types of amenities such as plush seating, kitchen accommodations, individual electrical outlets and USB ports, Wi-Fi, widescreen entertainment, larger restrooms, and accommodations for children and those with disabilities. To get these types of services in the air, you’d have to book a luxury airliner. That’s okay if it’s in your budget, but that’s a pretty big budget.

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Book Charter Bus Tickets: Features that Make Bus Travel Irresistible

By Charter Bus

Forget everything you thought you knew about charter buses. Today’s modern coaches roll out lots of attention-grabbing amenities that turn the average road trip into a thrilling joyride. Let’s explore some of the road-worthy options now available to you as you book bus tickets to your next destination.

Custom Comfort on the Coach

Ask any passenger who has ever chartered a bus, and they will tell you that relaxation is always the top priority on a trip. This point was not lost on Greyhound, who in recent years has revamped their chartered coach seats to give their passengers more adjustment options, an extended footrest, more legroom, and plush leather.

And get this: some of their most popular lines now feature two-seat rows instead of three. Everyone gets a window and instant access to the aisle. You’ll never have to apologize for getting up again. If you book charter bus tickets for a New York to Miami bus trip, you’ll instantly fall in love with the new Greyhound and relish every mile.

Savvy Travel Tech Keeps You Entertained

If you’re looking for more advanced tech features for your journey, then get on the bus. To stay current with the onboard media trend that comes standard in flight and railway companies, charter services are now offering a smorgasbord of high-end media and connectivity features sure to keep you and your family entertained for hours.

For instance, Adirondack Trailways, one of New York’s oldest and most popular charter bus services, has thrown in the essential tech package that includes personal electrical outlets, complimentary WiFi, as well as large screen TVs for large group viewing. They’ve also upgraded their per-seat lighting systems and controlled AC vents. The best part is that you can travel virtually anywhere throughout New York, or from New York to destinations around the country. One of the most popular trailway destinations for bus travel is Las Vegas.

Bus Travel Accommodations for Every Passenger

Bus companies are providing more amenities on four wheels to take care of a wide range of needs. Case in point, Barons Bus, a Northeast-based charter line that books trips from states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and New York bus travel to the lower 48 states anywhere in the U.S., offers its patrons extras like onboard spacious bathrooms for easier use. They also boast ADA fully accessible aisles to aid those with disabilities. Something else Barons Bus is known for is designing seats that are safer for children five years and under to ride in. Parents can easily secure their children using manufacturer-approved harnesses, straps, and belts that comfortably fit around the entire seat. Bonus feature: Children five and under travel for free.

Charter Bus Online Travel Companions

Charter coach companies have modernized their services in the 21st century by allowing you to retrieve important information online or through your smartphone or wireless device. GPS tracking is now available from Baron Bus on their website. You can monitor New York or Philadelphia bus travel in real time from any location. Greyhound also has a useful app that allows you to search your schedule, access your Road Reward points, confirm arrival and departure times, find terminal locations, and read useful travel tips to make your experience on the travel bus even better.

More Bus Travel Options for Your Group Adventure

Charter bus companies have moved away from the one-size-fits-all traditional bus models in favor of designing coaches that meet a wide range of needs for small and large groups. If you are planning a group event, you can charter the entire coach or take advantage of the large group discounts that many of the bus lines are offering without reserving the whole vehicle. If you’re looking for the ultimate travel experience, ask about luxury models and travel packages.

Speaking of luxury, if you want to go all out for your next wedding, business meeting, or other large group event, you need to check out Bieber Transportation Group. This high-end charter service goes all out in offering amenities and features that you can’t find on standard coaches. Guests can enjoy DVD players, microphones, USB/AC plug-ins, leather seats, a small kitchen, satellite TV, and music services. Coaches are more exclusive, offering lots of room for seating and moving around. Bieber Transportation is perfect for extended trips, such as Atlanta to Dallas.

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travel by bus

Planning a Boston Vacation? 5 Reasons to Travel by Bus

By Boston, Bus Travel, Massachusetts

From historic sites and modern adventures to good eats and epic sports events, Boston, MA, is an excellent vacation spot any time of the year. As Boston is a popular destination, there are a variety of transportation modes available, but none of them compare to bus travel. If you’re ready to book your Boston bus trip, here are a few reasons you won’t regret traveling by bus.

1. Traveling by Bus Is Affordable

Whether on a budget or not, no one wants to spend thousands of dollars on travel accommodations for their vacation. The whole goal of the trip is to relax, see some interesting sites, and truly enjoy yourself, but that feat is impossible if you’re forced to pinch pennies as a result of excessive airfare costs. Mercifully, you’ll never have to experience the pain of overpriced tickets when you book a bus ticket. Coaches are designed with efficiency in mind, so carriers are able to offer affordable costs year-round. In many cases, you can even purchase a ticket for under $100, which is a fraction of the cost of air travel.

2. Experience a Comfortable Journey

While airplane seats have drastically shrunk over the last three decades, buses have gone in the opposite direction. Today’s travelers can expect ample leg room, spacious seats, and cushy padding, all of which are chosen by manufacturers to increase the comfort of riders. Along with the coziness of today’s bus seating, many coaches also offer modern amenities. From flat screen TVs to Wi-Fi capabilities, you may find yourself more comfortable traveling by bus than you are at home. You’ll quickly wonder why there’s a need for any other style of transportation.

3. Enjoy the First-Class Views

One of the top perks of traveling by bus is the views. While you get to see multiple blobs in various colors from the sky, a bus offers first-class views of the towns, cities, and countryside that you pass through along the way. Essentially, the journey itself serves as part of your vacation because it’ll feel as if you’re receiving a tour of the scenic areas you travel through.

4. Score a Seat Without the Battle

While international jets are huge, smaller planes are used for national and regional flights, which means there’s a limited number of seats available. With fewer spots, you’re likely to end up competing with hundreds of other flyers for affordable fare or with a standby ticket for which there’s no guarantee you’ll make the flight you want.

Thankfully, there are multiple bus carriers, and the majority of them provide numerous trips per day to popular metropolitan destinations like Boston. Every commercial bus, even if they only serve a regional area, offers a massive amount of seating. If you end up having to book bus tickets last minute, you’re still sure to find a spot on one of the many buses that arrive in Beantown on a daily basis.

5. Skip the Never-Ending Security Line

Airport security lines are the stuff of nightmares. You wait for hours just to make it to the front of the line only then to feel overwhelmed by the rules surrounding what articles of clothing do and don’t need to be removed. The whole situation is enough for many travelers to forego a vacation altogether. Fortunately, traveling by bus doesn’t require that riders experience that level of chaos and confusion.

Security for bus travel is effective and safe, but it doesn’t require that passengers jump through unnecessary hoops. While bus depots utilize a variety of security features, the spacing of the departures and efficiency of the employees ensure a quick and stress-free inspection. You’ll be ready to board your bus in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Beantown offers the perfect mix of old and new, combining its rich history with modern adventures. If you’re planning a vacation to Boston, traveling by bus is the way to the go, and at BusTickets.com, booking bus tickets has never been so easy. Our simple and efficient platform allows you to compare prices and customize your departure and return trips to fit your vacation needs. Buy your bus tickets today – Save More, Travel More!

Find the Best Bus Ticket Rates

By Bus Travel

Traveling shouldn’t break the bank, and with bus travel, you can find affordable fare to anywhere in the country at a moment’s notice. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to save even more on your travel accommodations. The better the deal you can find on tickets, the more money you have in your pocket to expand your adventures. Fortunately, a little virtual groundwork goes a long way in securing an excellent price! Here are a few insider tips for finding the best rates on your bus tickets.

Review Your Options

Before you book, you need to get the lay of the land. Delve into the different bus carriers that service your area, and take a close look at their schedules. Most companies have set arrival and departure trips in place with the exception of peak travel times and holidays. By reviewing what’s available, you can begin analyzing the best times to book your tickets.

To execute this step, use your booking company’s online portal to find out on which days or times certain carriers offer the best deals. If you haven’t booked your room accommodations yet, you could score serious savings by shifting the start or end date of your trip. Since dates aren’t always negotiable, it’s also potentially valuable to move the time of day that you want to arrive. Worst case scenario, you arrive at your destination a few hours before the designated check-in time, but you can utilize the additional time to get a jumpstart on sightseeing.

Always Book Bus Tickets Sooner Rather Than Later

If you want to get the best rate on your bus tickets, don’t put off your purchase. For many people, the slim chance of a last-minute reduced rate is tempting enough to delay obtaining tickets. However, the odds aren’t in your favor, and waiting to make your purchase can easily backfire.

In fact, high demand could cause the price to skyrocket the day before your journey, potentially eating into or completely destroying your budget. You also run the risk of the coach selling out all of their seats, which could leave you without any travel accommodations or forced to push back your arrival by a few days. In short, skip the stress and book your tickets sooner rather than later.

Take Advantage of Social Media Connections

Social media is a vital component of modern marketing, so many companies will promote special deals on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. This is especially common in the off-season for popular vacation destinations as well as for trips experiencing a low census. From a few dollars savings to over half off of your ticket, follow your booking company on social media to gain access to their latest deals.

If you struggle to find anything relating to your desired trip, don’t be afraid to go straight to the source and ask. A simple tweet or message to the company is enough to find out if there are any current price reductions that aren’t being advertised or that you might have missed during your search. There’s also a chance that you could receive an exclusive deal for connecting with them on a public platform.

Buy Your Tickets Online

The beauty of the digital age is being able to accomplish all of your trip planning from the comfort of your couch. While online ordering is convenient, it’ll also save you money. If you buy your bus tickets in person, the price is usually reflective of a pre-set number determined by the carrier. But, with online sales, the price fluctuates based on the current demand. You’ll also have the ability to compare prices of multiple companies at one time, which erases any doubt that you’re actually getting the best rate. Plus, there isn’t a line when you’re shopping online.

Securing affordable tickets can make all of the difference to the outcome of your trip, so find the best rate for your bus tickets with the help of BusTickets.com. Our easy-to-use portal takes the stress out of travel by allowing you to book tickets effortlessly with a click of a button. It also provides price comparisons, so you never have to second-guess your choice. Book bus tickets with ease today!