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Bus Ticket To Campus

Back to Campus: How to Score End-of-Summer Bus Ticket Deals

By Bus Travel

It’s been a long, hot summer, and now it’s time to go back to school. But, before you can hit the books, you need to purchase your bus tickets from your hometown to campus. As a college student, you’re probably working with a tight budget, so it’s vital that you find great deals on bus fare. Fortunately, you can make every penny count by following these tips to find the best end-of-summer deals on bus travel.

Book Your Bus Tickets Early

Waiting until the very last second to book bus tickets is a common mistake many travelers make. In theory, the potential to score an excellent last-minute deal is promising, but in reality, the closer you get to the departure date, the higher the demand for tickets becomes. As a result, you’re likely to end up paying hundreds more for bus travel than you would have a few weeks prior.

Whether you’re buying bus tickets to Boston or Seattle, you need to book your travel accommodation as early as possible to avoid a dramatic spike in prices. The ideal booking time is between one to two months ahead of your departure date. If you’ve missed that window, schedule your trip as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the bigger the risk of going over your budget.

Compare Your Bus Travel Options

Knowing your travel options is key to saving money. There are multiple bus carriers across the U.S. from which to choose. Some companies, like Greyhound, operate nationally, while others, like Barons Bus, only service departures from specific regions. By taking the time to research the providers in your area, you’ll know which companies are competing for your business.

To find the top deals among these carriers, you need to compare their prices. However, researching each option will take hours of work, and you run the risk of each provider’s prices changing during this timeframe. Online booking platforms, on the other hand, allow you to compare tickets across multiple bus carriers at once, so you’ll gain instant access to each carrier’s most current prices. From Colorado to Virginia, buying bus tickets using this method will allow you to find and purchase the most budget-friendly option with a few clicks.

Choose the Best Travel Times

As mentioned above, demand plays a large part in bus ticket prices. While you can’t control other people’s travel plans, you can use their scheduling habits to your advantage. Most travelers desire journeys that are convenient to their schedules, which means daytime bus travel with departures and arrivals that aren’t too early or too late. They also prefer bus trips over the weekend because these require fewer days off work, especially if they work a typical Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job.

Such strict preferences open up plenty of opportunities for students to score excellent deals on bus tickets. As a college student, you’re probably used to non-traditional schedules, so an early-morning or late-night departure isn’t an inconvenience. Since you’re also transitioning back to campus life anyway, traveling mid-week won’t feel like a routine interruption. Bus fares are often the lowest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays before 7 a.m. and after 9 p.m. because demand is low, so quote tickets for these periods before you make your purchase.

Look for Student & Seasonal Discounts

There are also plenty of opportunities to score great rates on bus tickets through discounts. Many companies offer reduced fares for certain types of travelers, like students, to encourage loyalty. Some providers also offer promotional prices for certain times of the year. Since the fall semester lines up directly with end-of-summer tourism, you may also score seasonal discounts. For instance, you’re likely to find reduced rates on bus travel to Las Vegas because the carriers want a boost in sales before the tourist season is over. If your school is located in or near Las Vegas or a similar tourist hot spot, then such promotions work to your advantage.

Before you buy your bus tickets, take the time to find any and all potential savings opportunities. Start by browsing social media for coupon codes and special deals. If you don’t find any deals that match your travel needs, check directly with bus carriers and your booking site for exclusive offers, either through email or direct message. You should also contact your school to find out if they have any partnerships with companies that provide their students with savings on bus travel.

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Bus Ride Games

Bus Ride Games – 10 Fun Activities to Play

By Bus Travel

Even the most fun-filled bus rides can use a little extra excitement. Whether you are head to Miami, New York, Atlanta, or Las Vegas, one of the best ways to settle into a bus ride is by engaging in fun games and activities. Below are some one-on-one or large-group activities that are perfect for charter bus travel.

1. Magnetic Bingo

People young and old love Bingo. But with all those pieces, it may be difficult to keep them from dropping on the floor. The solution? Magnetic Bingo. The board is made of a thin metal, and the pieces are made of magnets. Bingo is great for large groups. If you want to encourage more participation, then offer some small prizes, such as roadside snacks or gift certificates.

2. Cards

You should always carry a deck of cards with you on a charter bus trip. You never know if the person sitting next to would love to start a game of spades, hearts, rummy, or a friendly game of poker. Since cards are cheap, you may want to bring multiple decks. Some games require more than one deck for you to play. If you’re not a fan of standard card games, Uno and Phase 10 are always popular.

3. Trivia

Trivial Pursuit is a game that is flexible enough to play one-on-one or with large groups during your bus trip. If your bus is tech-friendly, you may be able to play a game of electronic or online trivia with the entire bus via a smartphone app. One of the best ways to play the game is by breaking large groups up into sections or teams. Teamwork always makes every game more interesting on a New York to Atlanta charter bus.

4. Name That Tune

Speaking of trivia, few road games are as fun as Name That Tune. All you need is a small device such as a smartphone and an iTunes or Spotify pre-made playlist. There are also some apps available such as Song Pop or Music Quiz. See if you can plug the phone into the bus’ on-board stereo system, and you’re all set for full bus participation.

5. 20 Questions

This classic highway activity is quick, easy, and never gets old. You simply think of an object in your head. Your opponents have to ask 20 yes or no questions to try to figure out the object. First person to get it right wins.

6. Mini Board Games

When you buy bus tickets from Pittsburgh to New York, there are dozens of small games that are specifically designed for charter bus travel. Games like Bananagrams, Thirty Seconds, The Settlers of Catan, and Guesstures have few pieces, are easy to setup, and can be played by two or more passengers. In most cases, modern charter buses offer small tables or trays for you to place items like games on.

7. Mad Libs

Mad Libs provides hours of entertainment for passengers who like funny games. Mad Libs also requires little more than a pencil and a piece of paper. You can purchase Mad Libs books or create your own Mad Libs stories off the top of your head.

8. Karaoke for Miami Charter Bus Travel

If you’re renting an entire bus for your group, karaoke should be on your list of items. Most karaoke machines are cheap to purchase. A lot of newer karaoke machines now offer online services and even Bluetooth features that allow you to display the words on the bus screens.

9. Scavenger Hunt

If you’re not careful, the passengers on the bus can get a little crazy during a scavenger hunt. So you’ll need to lay down a few ground rules. Otherwise, scavenger hunts can provide a memorable experience for everyone onboard. This is especially true if you book bus tickets from Atlanta to Las Vegas, or another extended trip.

10. Pencil and Paper Games

If you’re looking for a game that involves only two to three passengers, there are plenty of pencil and paper games for you to enjoy. Dots, Panagrams, Bulls & Cows, and traditional tic-tac-toe are all favorites on the road.

No matter what games you choose, always make sure you have all the pieces and parts necessary to play the game before you head out on the road. You may also want to bring games that cater to both small and large groups if you’re planning a large group trip.

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Stress free bus travel vacation

Stress-Free Vacation: Choose Bus Travel

By Bus Travel

From long days at the office to putting in extra hours on the weekends, you work hard all year, so when the opportunity for a vacation arises, you jump at the chance. The last thing you want to do when putting the chaos of work behind you for a few days is to face a stressful transportation situation. Luckily, bus travel will get you to your destination without any unnecessary complications. If you’re planning a relaxing getaway, here are a few reasons you should book a bus ticket.

Reduce Your Travel Costs

Vacations are expensive, and there’s really no way to get around it. From eating at restaurants to hotel bookings, you’re likely to spend thousands of dollars on a week-long getaway. However, you can reduce costs with your choice of travel accommodations. Bus tickets are incredibly affordable, so you can utilize the money you save on traveling for other aspects of your trip, like entertainment. Whether your journey consists of a few hundred miles or a couple thousand, you’ll feasibly save hundreds of dollars traveling by bus.

Make the Journey Part of the Experience

Far too often, the focal point of traveling is the destination. While the location may be the reason for scheduling your trip, it doesn’t have to be the only focus. One of the biggest benefits of bus travel is the time you get to spend with your loved ones. Even in the blandest and featureless areas of the country, you’d be surprised by how easy conversations flow without the distractions of regular life. Whether you’re booking bus tickets to Florida or Las Vegas, you’re sure to make long-lasting memories every mile of the way.

The Comfort of Bus Travel Can’t Be Beat

One of the biggest complaints of air passengers is the ever-shrinking seats. Not only have airlines reduced their seat sizes, but they’ve also limited the amount of leg room available to increase the planes’ capacity. Luckily, bus manufacturers seemed to have moved in the opposite direction by making their seats roomier with cozier padding and covering materials. If you’re going to be sitting for long periods of time, any discomfort can put a damper on your entire trip. Skip the aches and pains simply by choosing bus travel for your vacation.

Avoid the Chaos of Airports

If your choice vacation spot is more than a few hours away, you’ve probably considered flying. In theory, a flight will get you there quickly, but when reality sets in, you’ll start cursing your past self for your choice of travel accommodations. Have you ever seen an airport security station without an enormously long line? Probably not. Making it to your departure terminal can easily be a three-hour journey in itself, not to mention the risk of flight delays, which could cause you to miss connecting flights. Oh, and don’t forget — there’s also a chance that your baggage will be lost in transit. Opting instead for bus travel lets your bypass the inevitable chaos of airports with a two-step process: get on the bus, then get off the bus.

Skip the Hassle of Self-Navigation

In an attempt to avoid the mayhem of air travel, you may consider driving yourself, but you’re likely to find that this is another one of those “good in theory” options. Most families plan their vacations around school breaks and great weather, which makes summer the prime season for a getaway. However, summer is also the most popular time of year for roadwork because of the ideal temperatures. As a result, you can expect to sit and wait for hours on end, wasting gas and precious time. Since you don’t know the area yourself, you’re probably not going to feel comfortable finding an alternative route, so instead, you’ll slowly creep an inch at a time toward your destination.

Fortunately, buses are backed by teams that are committed to efficiency. For instance, if you’re taking a Greyhound to New York and hit roadwork, your driver will utilize their resources to find a quick and efficient way around the delay to ensure that you reach your destination on time and without any inconvenience.

If you’re planning an upcoming vacation, get the most out of it by opting for bus travel. Ready to book your bus fare? Make it a hassle-free, quick purchase with BusTickets.com. Our convenient platform allows you to efficiently research, compare prices, and book tickets at a moments notice. Buy bus tickets for your much-needed getaway today!

If you're ready to visit Sin City without breaking the bank, here are five expert tips for finding affordable bus tickets to Las Vegas.

5 Expert Tips for Finding Affordable Bus Tickets to Las Vegas

By Bus Travel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Bus travel is known for being incredibly affordable, even to a destination as popular as Las Vegas. However, the Nevada tourist hub is notorious for its food, entertainment, and hotel costs, so it’s only natural to want to reduce your travel expenses as much as possible. Fortunately, following a few simple steps in the lead-up to your ticket purchase can help you achieve substantial savings. If you’re ready to visit Sin City without breaking the bank, here are five expert tips for finding affordable bus tickets to Las Vegas.

1. Start Shopping Early

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm”? When it comes to bus travel to Las Vegas, the early bird gets incredible ticket prices. Sin City is one of the most popular locations for last-minute travel plans, so waiting until the last minute to book bus tickets can cost you. Any surge in demand during the week or two before your desired departure date from other travelers placing their orders will result in prices skyrocketing. Yet, if you choose to order early on when the supply far outweighs the demand, you’re likely to secure better rates. It’s best to make your purchase at least a month in advance, but two to three months ahead is better.

2. Know Your Bus Ticket Options

Booking your seat sooner rather later doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around. To find the best bus ticket deals, it’s important that you do your research. There isn’t a set travel price among bus carriers, so simply choosing the first one you find won’t help you find the best rate. However, browsing different sites will take you hours to gather all of the information you need to make an educated decision. Fortunately, online booking sites allow you to compare prices from multiple companies at the same time so that you can find the most affordable option for your travel needs.

3. Avoid Peak Tourist Season

Vegas is a tourist haven, but the hordes of visitors are concentrated during certain times of year. April through June and late-August through October are some of the busiest seasons because of the overlap of good weather and summer breaks. However, the scorching heat of July creates a slight dip in travelers as do the cooler desert temperatures in November through February. Scheduling your vacation during the lower census periods can drastically reduce your travel costs because demand is low. However, be wary of booking trips around holidays, as the city experiences a flood of tourists.

4. Research Local Events

Even outside of peak tourist season, Las Vegas is a popular destination to hold national and international events. From conferences to sporting events, the city’s combination of near-endless food and entertainment opportunities, huge capacity venues, and hotel options make it the go-to destination for large group gatherings. Consequently, there are seamlessly random spikes in ticket rates, which will quickly eat away your budget. Fortunately, you can avoid higher travel costs by double checking the city’s events calendar before you book, even if it’s the off-season.

5. Consider Mid-Week Travel

Las Vegas is one of the rare tourist locations that sees repeat visitors, some of whom travel to the city multiple times per year. Many individuals will make the journey solely for a weekend or 24-hour getaway instead of a week-long trip, which results in higher travel costs during weekends. As such, you can score better bus ticket rates by booking your arrival and departure times to fall within the middle of the week. Bonus: Many hotels also offer their best booking prices during the week as opposed to the weekend, so this strategy could end up saving you even more in the end.

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