Bus Ticket to New Hampshire

The state motto of New Hampshire is “Live Free or Die,” which perfectly encapsulates the state as it is home to the vast wilderness and rugged mountain landscapes. To fully enjoy the Granite State’s raw, breathtaking beauty, living free is the only way to do it. Learn more about what makes New Hampshire an amazing destination for your next bus adventure.

New Hampshire History

One of the original 13 colonies, New Hampshire’s history is closely tied with that of America’s own. It was in Portsmouth that American folk hero Paul Revere rode 55 miles on horseback to warn of Fort William and Mary’s forthcoming capture by British troops — before his famous “midnight ride” to Lexington, Mass. The state was also the birthplace of American astronaut Alan Shepard Jr., who in 1961 was launched into the atmosphere and orbited the earth, making him the first American to travel into space.

Vibrant Culture of New Hampshire

The same self-reliant attitude that aided in the war of independence centuries ago still exists within the people of New Hampshire today. Proud of their heritage, the people of New Hampshire are welcoming to visitors, encouraging them to enjoy the colonial-influenced cities and robust mountain landscapes that their state is famous for. It’s that landscape that the majority of New Hampshire culture is centered around. Residents of New Hampshire take land conservation very seriously and do so with some of the most effective conservation programs in the country. Enjoying the wilderness and mountains of New Hampshire is common amongst New Hampshirites, and done so through activities like skiing, fishing, and hiking.

What to See and Do in New Hampshire

Home to vast amounts of wilderness, immerse yourself in nature, then stroll the quaint towns when the adventures are complete and you’re ready to relax.

The Mountains

If you’re looking to satisfy your craving for outdoor fun, take a trip to the White Mountains, a mountain range covering a quarter of New Hampshire’s territory. Then, marvel at the grandeur of Mount Washington, the highest peak in all the Northeast, as you can trek through its gorgeous rugged hiking trails. Or, for a leisurely experience, take Mount Washington’s Cog Railway, where you can relax and take in the scenery as the train climbs to the mountain’s peak.

Franconia Notch State Park

Another great place to explore while in the White Mountain ranges is Franconia Notch State Park. Hike, swim, and ski in this beautiful stretch of land nestled inside an expansive mountain pass.

Hit the Towns

Need a break from the outdoors? Head to one of the many cities or towns in New Hampshire. Portsmouth offers a Harbour Trail that includes a walkable downtown and picturesque piers on Ceres Street, home to the city’s famous tugboats. Decorated with 17th-century architecture, peppered with museums, and situated on the Piscataqua River, Portsmouth delivers an easygoing experience amongst historic charm. Other cities are also worth visiting: Concord, Keene, and Manchester. Each glows with unique cuisines, shopping experiences, and museum excursions. Make sure to grab a bite to eat at Red Sparrow Diner in Manchester, a regular haunt on the campaign trail for many presidential candidates.

When to Visit

Factor in the climate while planning your trip and booking your bus ticket to New Hampshire, as the weather in this region varies greatly throughout the year.

Unsurprisingly, summers offer the best weather for travel, with warm temperatures that thaw the stunning landscape and provide the best view for enjoying outdoor activities. It should be noted that precipitation is typically high during the summer season, so be mindful of the forecast when planning your trip. Hotel prices are also at their highest during the summer, so make sure to book lodging well in advance.

Springs and falls are less busy seasons for New Hampshire, so if affordable accommodation is a priority for you, these times of the year would be better to visit during. Spring in New Hampshire tends to be quite cool and makes for nice hiking weather, while fall is known to be chilly here, but not nearly as severe as the winters the state endures. Unless you’re planning on enjoying some skiing, New Hampshire isn’t an ideal place for tourism during the winter season.

Where to Stay

There is no shortage of hotels, cabins, and resorts for you to choose from when considering your lodging options. Ranging from inexpensive to illustrious — you’ll have an easy time of booking the perfect place to lay your head.

There are a few cool and unique places to stay throughout the state that may even serve as one of the highlights of your trip. Adventure Suites in North Conway, for example, is a charming Victorian-styled hotel with meticulously designed themed rooms, such as “The Cave” or “Victorian Spa.” However, if you’re looking to add mountain views to an elegant atmosphere, check out the Omni Mount Washington Resort — a historic Spanish Renaissance building in Bretton Woods.

The promise of thrilling adventures amongst vast mountain landscapes and the comforting solitude of quaint colonial towns calls you to explore all that New Hampshire has to offer. Purchase your bus ticket and start planning your trip today!

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