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Are you looking for a wild west vacation? Check out this town for the most authentic experience.

Where to Go for an Authentic Wild West Vacation

By Arizona, Bus Travel, Cody, Gallup, New Mexico, Tombstone, Tucson, Wyoming

Whether you’re inspired by your favorite western movie or just want to treat yourself to an unexpected adventure, booking a vacation in the so-called “Wild West” is a great way to experience life off the beaten path. Offering opportunities for leisure and activity alike, these destinations are some of the best in the nation. Here are a few Wild West vacation ideas to help you make the most of your next getaway.

White Stallion Ranch – Tucson, AZ

It’s likely you’ve heard of dude ranches, but have you ever been to one? You’ll enjoy the full experience at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, AZ. Designed with tradition and comfort in mind, the family-owned property is one of the country’s most renowned. Here, life is simple and down-to-earth. You’ll enjoy the creature comforts of an unforgettable vacation, including a heated outdoor pool, a spa, and a fitness center, along with warm, inviting guest rooms equipped with wood furnishings and private patios overlooking delightful cactus gardens and corrals. Their intimate restaurant is helmed by chefs who proudly serve fresh, homestyle meals all day long. It’s the activities that make it a truly Wild West getaway, however. While here, go for a hike, enjoy horseback riding, climb rocks, or join the ranch’s certified instructors and learn how to shoot on their private range. You’ll quickly learn to appreciate the wonders of the great outdoors while you’re here.

El Rancho Hotel – Gallup, NM

Make like a real Hollywood old-timer and book a stay at the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, NM. Situated on old Route 66, the hotel has been a mainstay in the city since it first opened in 1937. It played host to hundreds of movie stars who filmed western films in the area during its formative years, including Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Jackie Cooper, Ronald Reagan, and Rita Hayworth. At the time, it was the epitome of grandeur, class, and luxury, and today, the rooms reflect the same comfort and warmth that visitors expect of their accommodations. Best of all, however, is that the hotel puts you within steps of the area’s best Wild West-worthy attractions. You can learn how to ride horses, pay a visit to the trails at El Morrow National Monument, explore Native American artwork at the Zuni Pueblo, or learn more about local culture during the Indian Ceremonials event held each August.

Tombstone Monument Ranch – Tombstone, AZ

Designed to replicate an actual cowboy town, Tombstone Monument Ranch in Arizona will put you in a Wild West state of mind right away. The property’s rooms all face the street, and each is built to reflect a building you might actually see in another era — a blacksmith, a jail, or a grand hotel, for example. Even the saloon features genuine swinging doors, and it’s here that you can enjoy a whiskey while playing a game of cards or listening to live music in the evening. Enjoy a comfortable horseback ride into town and learn about the area’s incredible history as you navigate the dirt-packed roads. You can even enjoy riding lessons if it’s your first time! Naturally, there are plenty of modern amenities to ensure you have a peaceful vacation, too, including a hot tub and a pool. There’s a warm sense of community here. If you’re seeking a Wild West vacation idea that truly transports you to a different time, this is it.

Monster Lake Ranch – Cody, WY

Planning a visit to Cody, WY makes sense if your goal is to plan the most authentic Wild West vacation imaginable. The gateway to Yellowstone National Park has it all — and how could it not, considering it was founded by the revered “Buffalo Bill” Cody? It’s got all of the spirit you would expect of a frontier town, along with beautiful lodging at Monster Lake Ranch. The property is steps away from Quick Lake but is otherwise largely secluded from the rest of the world. It’s an apt choice for outdoorsy types who can’t get enough of the Old West. Here, you can camp in an Indian teepee, go horseback riding along the rocks, observe wild mustangs at play, and enjoy filling meals in a restored barn. Don’t miss all that Cody offers, either; you can go whitewater rafting, enjoy a genuine street shootout, or catch Cody Nite Rodeo anytime in the summer. It’s a fun option if you’re traveling with the family, as there is something for everyone in your group to enjoy!

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How to Vacation Like a Royal? Take a trip to historic landmarks across the US.

A Guide to Vacationing Like a Royal

By Asheville, Bus Travel, California, North Carolina, San Simeon

Lest you never follow the news, you might be aware of the royal family’s many exciting travels. You may even be inspired to travel a little bigger and more boldly — and you can do just that, even if you don’t have access to a mind-bending bank account or a direct hotline to the Queen. What does it take to vacation like a royal? Here’s where you can go to enjoy a stately, life-changing experience that won’t break the bank.


In simplest terms, Biltmore is simply breathtaking. Based in Asheville, NC, the lavish estate has been an institution since 1895. That was the year that George Vanderbilt opened the property to family and friends. It wasn’t until 1930, however, that the home opened to the general public — and with that, a beautiful legacy was born. The house is immaculate at a glance, with magnificent old-world pieces, such as artwork, furniture, and clothing, that tell a tale of a golden period in history when such things were always of the highest caliber. Tapestries throughout the property date from the 16th century, while luxurious spots dotted throughout give you a feeling that you may actually be a king or a queen — if only for a day. There’s a dramatic library boasting some 10,000 books. There’s an indoor pool, naturally, and even a bowling alley. Peppered throughout the home are nearly 65 fireplaces for your comfort.

By far one of the most appealing elements of the home is its dramatic garden. Formally arranged by famed landscape designer, Frederick Law Olmsted, the outdoor space hosts over 250 different types of roses, beautiful water features, thick green forests, and plenty of wide open meadows that are framed by beautifully preserved gardens. It’s difficult to overstate the almost shocking beauty of the place, and while you may be tempted to whip out your phone to snap a few photographs, remember that you’re thinking about how to vacation like a royal here — and you may be best off simply soaking in the wonderful ambiance here.

There are several areas where guests can stay, including the dramatic Inn on Biltmore Estate. Rooms are well appointed with the creature comforts of home, but feel decidedly more upscale thanks to their subtle hues, rich fabrics, and elegant furnishings. If you’re inclined, you might book a suite — all named after Vanderbilt’s friends — for an even grander experience. Dark woods, thick drapes, private dining areas, wet bars, living rooms, and jetted tubs are just a few of the world-class amenities you’ll find inside.

Hearst Castle

First things first: guests can’t stay overnight at Hearst Castle, the world-renowned destination in San Simeon, CA. But it’s worth a visit nonetheless for its incredible views and spellbinding architecture. There are several different tours available, and all provide you with an up-close and intimate peek at what it may have been like to stay at the castle as one of W.R. Hearst’s guests. One of the most popular tours is the tour of the Grand Rooms, which features a look at some of the castle’s most beloved spots — the theater, the gardens, the pools, and the billiard room, among others. If you’re more curious about the castle’s exquisite workmanship and design, book a Designing the Dream tour. You’ll learn about the architect responsible for the lavish estate, tour the dramatic Roman Pool dressing rooms, and see the Art Deco elements that transformed Casa Grande’s North Wing.

There are dozens of hotels in the area, and it’s worth seeking a property in keeping with the regal theme. The Cavalier Oceanfront Resort is a favorite for its beautiful ocean views and proximity to Hearst Castle and nearby wine country. The rooms are simple and inviting, and many consider it the ultimate home-base if they’re spending the day at nearby tourist attractions.

Castello di Amorosa

Designed to replicate a 13th-century Tuscan castle, Castello di Amorosa certainly lives up to its inspiration. The stunning property, situated in Calistoga, CA, is one of wine country’s most impressive, truly royal highlights. To its credit, it opened in 2007 — yes, it’s a fairly new castle — and quickly became one of the area’s most impressive and profitable spots. You can enjoy tours and tastings, of course, and take a peek at a dark room where 100-year-old bottles of family wine are lovingly stored. The property is home to some 107 rooms, 90 of which are strictly used for storing or making wine.

When you’re all tasted out, it wouldn’t be very regal to collapse on the floor. It’s important to find a quality place to stay in the area. Fortunately, there are quite a few royal-worthy hotels in the vicinity that are sure to take your breath away. Among them is Solage, a resort where no expense is spared to ensure a perfect stay from start to finish. Book a sleek, modern studio with a personal patio, or enjoy a luxe suite with a hot tub. Take your experience to the next level at the on-site, 20,000-square-foot spa, where therapies celebrate the region’s natural hot springs and mud. When you’re done, retire to your room for a private meal brought directly to you from one of the facility’s helpful staff.

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Enjoy the fresh air and bright greenery on during your cross country road trip.

5 Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Cross-Country Road Trip

By Bus Travel, Washington D.C

A cross-country road trip really is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. The chance to hop in a car, bus, or train to go from coast to coast is really a romantic, idealized concept. But it doesn’t just have to be a fantasy that you daydream about. It can really happen. And it can be an overwhelmingly positive experience, provided you plan accordingly for your big trip. If you’re not sure where to begin, you have come to the right place. Take a look at five things you can do to make the most out of your cross-country road trip.

1. Go the Old-Fashioned Way

And by the old-fashioned way we mean to bring a map. Not Google Maps. Not Waze. A bona fide United States road map that you can hold in your hands. In this day and age, reading a map and finding your way along a certain route is almost a lost art. Nevertheless, it’s a skill that will almost definitely come in handy one day. Why not brush up your map-reading and navigation skills by bringing a physical, paper map on your cross-country trip? And if you ever are in a bind, whip out your GPS on your smartphone and get back on track. Until then, see how long you can last navigating your trip with just a good old-fashioned map.

2. Ditch the Car, Take a Bus

What’s one surefire way to really enjoy a road trip? Make sure you’re not the one driving the vehicle. When you’re on a road trip and you are the one driving, it’s hard to focus on all the amazing sights around you when you are supposed to be focused on the road. But when you opt for bus travel rather than driving a car yourself, you’ll literally be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Being on a bus will allow you to stargaze out the giant windows as you drive across the country at night, watch the sunrise over the morning, and spot amazing natural wonders along the way.

3. Stuff in as Much Sightseeing as You Can

If you are going to Washington D.C., you should go for more than just a selfie in front of the White House. You should definitely go see the White House, the National Mall, the Smithsonian Institute, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. If you are going to the Grand Canyon, don’t just go see the Grand Canyon, also check out the South Rim and Bright Angel Trail. Wherever you end up stopping on your cross-country trip, try to make two or three visits to famous landmarks and natural wonders. This way, you’re really getting your money’s worth and getting more memorable experiences packed into your trip.

4. Eat Right

It’s definitely very easy to let your healthy eating slide when you’re on vacation, even more so when you are traveling on the road for long hours. But if you do it right, it presents the opportunity to keep your health in order and eat filling meals that aren’t full of sugar or empty calories. Both things will just bog you down and make you tired on your journey. Whenever you aren’t able to stop off at a restaurant for a meal, have food packed for the road trip. Sandwiches, beef jerky, nuts, chocolate, and protein bars all make great options. And whenever you can stop for food, opt for local restaurants with quality entrees rather than cheap, greasy fast food. This is particularly important if you plan to do a lot of long-term travel throughout the country.

5. And Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Let’s face it. A 3,000-mile road trip can be stressful. There will be plenty of traffic, long hours on the road, and the regular pre-trip stress like planning and making travel arrangements. The important thing to remember along the away, particularly in the tiring or stressful moments, is to give yourself a moment, breathe, and remember you are doing this to have fun. If you’re riding a bus on your cross-country trip, pack things to keep yourself entertained, like a few good books. Keeps your eyes peeled along the way for amazing sites on your trip. Get creative with the ways to keep yourself entertained.

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Are you thinking about visiting a national park? We highly suggest going and visiting some of the most beautiful parks in the country.

5 Tips for Your First National Park Visit

By Bus Travel, Maine, Wyoming

In the U.S., we love our national parks. In fact, there are 60 sites protected by the federal government across the country. From hiking to archeology, every location offers its own set of adventures, making the parks a prime spot for travel. If you’re ready to take on an outdoor adventure of your own, follow these national park visit tips for a successful trip.

1. Find the Right Fit

While there’s an enormous selection of parks to choose from, each site has its own features and restrictions. For instance, many locations restrict access for pets. If you’re traveling with your dog, then you’ll need to choose a pet-friendly park, like Acadia National Park in Maine. The same sentiment applies to families. A park with a kids’ ranger program and easy-level trails are better suited for families than more rugged terrain. For those reasons, you need to learn more about a site before you delve too far into the planning process.

You also need to consider the type of outdoor experience you want to enjoy. Most sites offer hiking trails, but certain locations also offer other types of adventures, like camping, fishing, and whitewater rafting. First, determine what your ideal getaway entails, and then research national parks to find the right match for your needs.

2. Create a List of Must-See Landmarks

Many parks cover thousands of acres, with each location offering its own set of popular landmarks. However, it’s virtually impossible to see all of the attractions in one trip, and attempting to do so will only create a stressful visit. Instead, review the most popular options at the national park you’re planning to visit and choose three to five that you want to see first. Prioritize the first two, and then fit more in if there is time. This step prevents you from getting overwhelmed and allows you to take in and fully appreciate each landmark you see.

3. Pack the Right Supplies

Wearing the right outfit is one of the most valuable national park visit tips to take to heart. Clothing has a significant impact on your experience, especially in an outdoor setting. For example, wearing flip-flops on the trails in the Grand Canyon National Park is sure to cause blisters as well as a potential serious injury from slips or falls.

To ensure you’re able to actually enjoy your visit, pack clothing that matches your itinerary. Comfortable shoes are a must-have, but if you’re taking on rugged trails, then opt for proper hiking boots. It’s also wise to come prepared for the elements by packing a raincoat or poncho, and dress in layers so that you can easily accommodate changing temperatures.

4. Utilize the Park’s Resources

During your first national park visit, it’s incredibly helpful to seek assistance and guidance from individuals that are well versed in the area. The U.S. National Park Service offers an abundance of online resources for all of the parks, including operational hours, closures, and maps. These are vital tools when planning your trip to ensure you know where you’re going and what to avoid.

On-site, most parks also offer a visitor center or welcome station. In many cases, there are ranger-led walks and programs designed specifically for the needs of first-time visitors. Such services can help you get your feet wet before diving into a self-guided adventure. Some locations also offer safety tools, like Yellowstone National Park’s bear spray rental, and camping equipment for convenience.

5. Respect the Site

One of the most important things to remember when visiting a national park is that it deserves respect. Every location is filled with a plethora of wildlife and plant species, all of which are vital components of the local ecosystem. As a result, you need to care for the park while you’re there. Be sure to take all trash with you, and avoid disturbing wildlife or trekking into restricted areas during your adventures. Additionally, follow all rules set forth by the NPS to limit the impact of human visitors.

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Some of the Most Haunted Places in U.S. are right around the corner. Check out our top picks for a real "spook".

5 of the Most Haunted Places to Visit in the USA

By Bus Travel, Colorado, Estes, Georgia, New Orleans, New York, San Antonio, Savannah, Texas

There’s no better way to escape from the real world than to go on vacation. But have you ever considered entering a paranormal world instead of doing the usual beach-and-tourist thing? If you’re curious about the most haunted places in the U.S., then you have no choice but to delve deeper into five of the most intriguing, historic, and truly scary destinations throughout the country!

1. LaLaurie Mansion

If you’ve ever set foot in New Orleans, LA, then you might have heard a few breathless tales about LaLaurie Mansion. The infamous gray stone home is thought to be the scariest spot in the French Quarter — and, indeed, in the entire city. It’s a tourist attraction for its beautiful architecture, but the draw is something different for those interested solely in visiting the most haunted places in the U.S. It all begins in 1834, when a fire broke out at the home that belonged to Madame Delphine LaLaurie and her third husband. The blaze destroyed part of the home, and in the process, unearthed seven slaves who were chained in the uppermost part of the home. Locals were appalled and arrived at the home in the hopes of witnessing the couple’s arrest — only to find that they had fled. It is said that corpses were found throughout the home some 20 years later, and people have reported hearing choruses of wails, footsteps, and cries in the halls. The general public is not permitted to enter the mansion, but you’re free to photograph the haunted property at 1140 Royal Street at any time.

2. The Stanley Hotel

It’s almost a given that one of the most haunted places in the U.S. would be included in a Stephen King novel. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, was the inspiration for The Shining — a story that the author conceived after spending a single night in room 217. The movie was not shot at the hotel, but served as ghostly and often ghastly inspiration for the famed story about a writer driven to slow madness. Open since 1909, the hotel has over 400 rooms, an opulent foyer, a concert hall, and a series of underground caves. Legend tells of Mrs. Wilson, the hotel’s lead housekeeper in its early days, who haunts room 217 by turning lights on and off, moving items, and even making her displeasure known when an unmarried couple books a room. It’s said that the ghost of Paul, a former hotel worker, haunts the concert hall, and that the ghosts of children run around playing and laughing in room 401. This was once an enormous attic where female employees and their kids lived. Spooky!

3. The Menger Hotel

Often considered the most haunted hotel in Texas, The Menger Hotel is situated adjacent to The Alamo in San Antonio. It opened in 1859, and since then was a mere two-story property. During its illustrious history, it has played host to the likes of Babe Ruth, Theodore Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton. The hotel is known primarily, though, for the many spirits that roam the halls at all hours of the day. Perhaps the most known is Sallie White, a former maid who was allegedly killed by her husband in the hotel. She’s been spotted countless times, clad in her uniform, carrying towels and floating along the halls at night. The ghost of President Roosevelt is also said to spend time in the lobby bar, sipping on a drink from time to time. Due to its proximity to the Alamo, many believe that the ghosts of those who died in the Battle of the Alamo also reside in the hotel — it may explain why some report hearing the telltale footsteps of heavy military boots throughout the hotel.

4. House of Death

Any location informally known as the House of Death is likely to earn some attention. The notorious home on 14 West 10th Street in New York City was built during the 1850s and is known largely for its association with some 22 ghosts. The most noteworthy of these apparitions is reportedly Mark Twain, who lived there for about a year. Residents of the apartment building have reported occurrences such as strong odors, visions of Twain in a white suit floating through doorways, and sightings of women in gowns moving from one room to the next. Actress Jan Bryant Bartell, who lived there with her husband in 1957, hired a paranormal investigator to do some detective work. The medium detected the presence of death beneath the floorboards and theorized the possibility of a gray cat or a young girl underneath. Once a single residence, the property is now home to 10 separate apartments.

5. Kehoe House

In your search for hotels in Savannah, GA, you might not expect to encounter one of the most haunted places in the U.S. Yet that’s exactly what you’ll stumble upon at The Kehoe House, which opened in 1892. At the time, it was home to William Kehoe, his wife, and their 10 kids. One day, Mrs. Kehoe arrived home to discover that two of her kids were missing. A search revealed nothing, until sometime later when a strong odor developed in the house. Upon inspection of the chimney, the bodies of the two children were found inside. Although there’s no proof that this actually happened, Kehoe House was also once a funeral home, furthering the belief that Kehoe House is haunted. Visitors report hearing children’s voices throughout the mansion. If you’re tempted, you can book a stately room and do some investigating of your own.

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