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How to Vacation Like a Royal? Take a trip to historic landmarks across the US.

A Guide to Vacationing Like a Royal

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Lest you never follow the news, you might be aware of the royal family’s many exciting travels. You may even be inspired to travel a little bigger and more boldly — and you can do just that, even if you don’t have access to a mind-bending bank account or a direct hotline to the Queen. What does it take to vacation like a royal? Here’s where you can go to enjoy a stately, life-changing experience that won’t break the bank.


In simplest terms, Biltmore is simply breathtaking. Based in Asheville, NC, the lavish estate has been an institution since 1895. That was the year that George Vanderbilt opened the property to family and friends. It wasn’t until 1930, however, that the home opened to the general public — and with that, a beautiful legacy was born. The house is immaculate at a glance, with magnificent old-world pieces, such as artwork, furniture, and clothing, that tell a tale of a golden period in history when such things were always of the highest caliber. Tapestries throughout the property date from the 16th century, while luxurious spots dotted throughout give you a feeling that you may actually be a king or a queen — if only for a day. There’s a dramatic library boasting some 10,000 books. There’s an indoor pool, naturally, and even a bowling alley. Peppered throughout the home are nearly 65 fireplaces for your comfort.

By far one of the most appealing elements of the home is its dramatic garden. Formally arranged by famed landscape designer, Frederick Law Olmsted, the outdoor space hosts over 250 different types of roses, beautiful water features, thick green forests, and plenty of wide open meadows that are framed by beautifully preserved gardens. It’s difficult to overstate the almost shocking beauty of the place, and while you may be tempted to whip out your phone to snap a few photographs, remember that you’re thinking about how to vacation like a royal here — and you may be best off simply soaking in the wonderful ambiance here.

There are several areas where guests can stay, including the dramatic Inn on Biltmore Estate. Rooms are well appointed with the creature comforts of home, but feel decidedly more upscale thanks to their subtle hues, rich fabrics, and elegant furnishings. If you’re inclined, you might book a suite — all named after Vanderbilt’s friends — for an even grander experience. Dark woods, thick drapes, private dining areas, wet bars, living rooms, and jetted tubs are just a few of the world-class amenities you’ll find inside.

Hearst Castle

First things first: guests can’t stay overnight at Hearst Castle, the world-renowned destination in San Simeon, CA. But it’s worth a visit nonetheless for its incredible views and spellbinding architecture. There are several different tours available, and all provide you with an up-close and intimate peek at what it may have been like to stay at the castle as one of W.R. Hearst’s guests. One of the most popular tours is the tour of the Grand Rooms, which features a look at some of the castle’s most beloved spots — the theater, the gardens, the pools, and the billiard room, among others. If you’re more curious about the castle’s exquisite workmanship and design, book a Designing the Dream tour. You’ll learn about the architect responsible for the lavish estate, tour the dramatic Roman Pool dressing rooms, and see the Art Deco elements that transformed Casa Grande’s North Wing.

There are dozens of hotels in the area, and it’s worth seeking a property in keeping with the regal theme. The Cavalier Oceanfront Resort is a favorite for its beautiful ocean views and proximity to Hearst Castle and nearby wine country. The rooms are simple and inviting, and many consider it the ultimate home-base if they’re spending the day at nearby tourist attractions.

Castello di Amorosa

Designed to replicate a 13th-century Tuscan castle, Castello di Amorosa certainly lives up to its inspiration. The stunning property, situated in Calistoga, CA, is one of wine country’s most impressive, truly royal highlights. To its credit, it opened in 2007 — yes, it’s a fairly new castle — and quickly became one of the area’s most impressive and profitable spots. You can enjoy tours and tastings, of course, and take a peek at a dark room where 100-year-old bottles of family wine are lovingly stored. The property is home to some 107 rooms, 90 of which are strictly used for storing or making wine.

When you’re all tasted out, it wouldn’t be very regal to collapse on the floor. It’s important to find a quality place to stay in the area. Fortunately, there are quite a few royal-worthy hotels in the vicinity that are sure to take your breath away. Among them is Solage, a resort where no expense is spared to ensure a perfect stay from start to finish. Book a sleek, modern studio with a personal patio, or enjoy a luxe suite with a hot tub. Take your experience to the next level at the on-site, 20,000-square-foot spa, where therapies celebrate the region’s natural hot springs and mud. When you’re done, retire to your room for a private meal brought directly to you from one of the facility’s helpful staff.

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A woman is walking and healing after being broken up with.

6 Healing Spots to Visit After a Breakup

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Figuring out how to heal after a breakup can be tricky. Life as you knew it seems to come to a sudden halt, and you may be left wondering what happens next. While many find solace in quiet weekends binge-watching their favorite TV shows alone, others might find it more cathartic to escape for a few days. There’s much to see and explore out there, and pulling yourself away from your painful thoughts may be just what you need to remember the good and beauty in the world. Here are six healing locations to visit if you need a little TLC.

1. Seattle

Sometimes it’s the solo travel experience that helps you find your way back to sanity and peace. Seattle, WA, is one of the best places to visit if that’s your goal. The city not only provides beautiful views, but also plenty to do. There’s the well-known music scene, of course, and you can easily find a concert to attend at one of the city’s many vibrant joints any night of the week. But if you’re seeking peace and placidity, it’s worth a trip to Alki Beach in West Seattle. There’s an almost 140-acre park, a dramatic monument, and plenty of delightful city views to experience here. Or, head to Waterfall Garden Park to bust any lingering stress. The beautiful park provides a sweet place to sit amid colorful flowers so you can gaze at the 22-foot waterfall before you. There’s much more in Seattle, but if you want to avoid the heavily crowded coffee shops, just know there’s a whole other side to discover.

2. Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

Situated at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson, AZ, the stunning Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa is the ultimate getaway spot if you’re seeking serious respite after your breakup. Its focus is on you — the goal is to help you relax, unwind, and find within yourself something deeper than what is on the surface. Book an Ayurvedic spa treatment or become one with nature as you enjoy therapies in an outdoor tent in the New Life Village. If you’re so inclined, you can also connect with one of the resort’s many experienced specialists. Ranging from spiritual guides and astrologers to naturopaths and wellness counselors, the staff taps into what you truly need to make the most of your stay there. Naturally, the accommodations are beautiful, too: You can select from rooms, suites, and chic villas, and all are subtly decorated to soothe your senses.

3. Canyon Ranch

Learning how to heal after a breakup is a process. You might not feel especially up to wandering around outside or talking to others — and that’s perfectly fine. When you visit the Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, you have the chance to carve out an experience that aligns with exactly what you need. Engage in a digital detox so you can avoid all those curious questions from friends and acquaintances. Instead, spend your time exploring new activities — aerial yoga, for example, or meditation in a tranquil environment. Learn how to sleep better, eat healthier, and breathe through the stress. Rooms are airy and inviting, and meals are thoughtfully curated using only the freshest ingredients. You’ll feel like a different person when you leave, and the quality time that you spend here will go a long way in helping you recover in the aftermath of your relationship.

4. Killington

There are few experiences more exhilarating than flying down a mountain, the cold air whipping against your skin as you glide along the thick powder below. But if you’re not much for skiing, then visiting Killington, VT, during summer may be the more practical solution. There’s plenty to do here even when it’s warm outside. The area is home to the largest bike park on the east coast. There are hiking trails galore, and if you make up your way up trail J, you can hop onto the K-1 Express gondola and arrive at the top of Killington Mountain to enjoy some breathtaking views. Book a stay at the on-site resort, enjoy a few spa treatments, and treat yourself to lunch on the second tallest mountain in the state. There’s so much adventure that awaits, you won’t even have time to think about all the worries in your mind.

5. Carmel-by-the-Sea

Few places define quaint and charming as well as Carmel-by-the-Sea, an exquisite beach town situated on the Monterey Peninsula in CA. It’s a bit like something out of a storybook, what with its picturesque cottages, tree-lined Main Street, and direct path to white sandy beaches. The city defies convention in many ways. Its homes have no street addresses. There are no street lights or parking meters. And while there are plenty of dining establishments, none of them are chain restaurants. Cozy inns are situated throughout the village, many of which consist largely of stand-alone cottages if you crave a home-away-from-home experience. There are hundreds of things to do in your quest to heal, whether you want to sit quietly by the beach, wander an art gallery, pop into a tasting room for some wine, or wander the cobbled roads and visit some of the area’s eclectic boutiques. It’s easy to forget that there’s another world out there when you’re here — and that may be just what you need to restore your spirit.

6. Bend

Sometimes the best way to reconnect is to experience nature at its best. Visitors flock to Bend, OR, in search of placidity and activity, and there are few places that provide more opportunities than this quiet town. On one side, you can enjoy the snow-capped Cascade Mountains, while the other provides the tranquility of the desert. And in-between, Bend features a little bit of everything: endless hiking trails, fun river activities, and a charming mountain town that feels as much old-world as it does contemporary. While you may not think of Bend as the first stop on your heal-my-broken-heart tour, it will all be worth it when you reach the peak of the mountain and look out at the world before you. If you really need to escape, head 20 miles outside of town to Brasada Ranch and enjoy a few private excursions, such as horseback rides through quiet trails, farm-to-table meals, and warm nights around the outdoor firepits.

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Getting away from it all and learning how to heal after a breakup can have cathartic, rejuvenating, and fulfilling experiences. You just need to know where to go. Once you narrow down your choices, head to BusTickets.com to book a memorable stay and make some new memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.







Beaching on a Budget: 5 Cheap Vacation Destinations

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Beach vacations are the perfect time to relax, spend time with family and friends, and eat amazing food. However, it’s not easy to find cheap beach vacation destinations, especially during peak months. Below are five cheap vacation destinations to consider whether you’re searching for the perfect spot for a family vacation, solo trip, or romantic getaway.

With countless spots for beach destination vacations, this list narrows it down to a few that are popular but also stand out for being inexpensive and unique.

1. Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach is a beautiful destination that many people flock to for an unforgettable vacation. While lounging at the beach is always a cheap activity, you can also save money by attending several free festivals held throughout the year, seeing a show at Broadway at the Beach, and visiting the Chapin Art Museum. In addition, there are many inexpensive options to choose from when it comes to restaurants and hotels.

For travelers who like to enjoy local restaurants, there are at least 10 great options for meals under $10, including:

  • Charlie Graingers for amazing hot dogs and BBQ.
  • Z’s Amazing Kitchen providing diners with a fast casual environment.
  • River City Café offering some of the best burgers in the area.
  • Big Mike’s for a perfect southern comfort food dish.
  • Burky’s Grill for an unforgettable 1950’s dining experience.

If you’re looking for hotel options, prices may range from as little as $41 up to around $251, each one providing a comfortable and relaxing stay. A few of the cheapest options are the Dayton House Resort, Ocean Park Resort, and Grande Shores, among others.

It’s also helpful to know the least expensive times to travel. For Myrtle Beach, the cheapest month to stay is in January, while the most expensive month is July.

2. Virginia Beach, VA

Also on the East Coast, Virginia Beach offers a three-mile boardwalk with views of the Atlantic Ocean. There are endless free activities such as the King Neptune Statue on the Boardwalk, the Naval Aviation Monument Park, or the 24th Street Stage.

Virginia Beach also has several great options for eating out. Duck Donuts is known for serving reliable, warm, delicious and creative donuts on the beach, paired perfectly with a beverage from the Belvedere Coffee Shop. For brunch, check outDoc Taylor’s Restaurant, which is known for its southern comfort food and delicious alcoholic drinks. The Beach Bully BBQ is another popular, yet cheap option, perfect for a delicious meal of ribs and brisket.

Finally, while you’ll likely spend much of your time out and about, you’ll find countless options for hotels, such as Howard Johnson by Wyndham Virginia Beach or Sundial Inn right along the beach.

3. Pensacola, FL

Venturing south, Pensacola Beach is a resort community located on the Gulf Coast barrier island of Santa Rosa. Along with beautiful views, you may even see local wildlife like sea turtles or spot a rare manatee swimming along the shore. This is a perfect destination for anyone hoping to go somewhere tropical without spending a lot of money.

Beautiful weather will surely keep you at the beach, although there are a few local spots that everyone should try to go while visiting. These include Fort Pickens, a historical destination, the Naval Aviation Museum, the Gulf Breeze Zoo, and the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier.

There are endless budget-friendly places to eat while you’re staying there. Cafe Bistro is perfect for breakfast on the beach, offering bagels, smoothies, and pancakes. The Drowsy Poet is amazing for a quick cup of coffee. The Dog-House Deli and The Dock are also popular favorites among locals and tourists.

As for hotels, there are numerous spots that won’t break the bank. Baymont by Wyndham, Pensacola Grand Hotel, and Best Western are all favorable options.

4. Huntington Beach, CA

Located just southeast of Los Angeles, California, Huntington Beach is known for its surf beaches and is the perfect choice for a relaxing vacation, especially for those who love the west coast!

With several beaches to choose from, you can check out a new site every day, such as the Bolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington State Beach, Huntington Beach Pier, the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, and Balboa Pier.

Beyond the beach, you can watch local street performers during Surf City Nights every Tuesday along Main Street, visit Shipley Nature Center to learn about California-native plants, or stop by the Surfers’ Hall of Fame to see if you have the same hand or shoe size as a famous surfer.

If you’re looking to stay near a beautiful beach with an inexpensive hotel, you can try The Hotel Huntington Beach, Quality Inn & Suites Huntington Beach, or Travelodge Ocean Front.

5. Cannon Beach, OR

Finally, to round out our cheap vacation destinations, go for an unconventional beach trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Depending on the time of year, it’s unlikely that you’ll be sunbathing on this beach, but if you’re looking for a different experience with gorgeous views and endless hiking options, consider booking a trip to this location.

Along with its iconic Haystack Rock, vacationers can also explore Ecola State Park, the Cannon Beach History Center and Museum, or the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.

To explore beyond the beach, you can check out a number of local spots such as the Coaster Theatre, Cannon Beach Distillery, and more.

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Book a bus ticket to explore California and visit Santa Barbara.

5 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Santa Barbara

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Once you’ve spent even a moment in Santa Barbara, you’ll understand the appeal. It’s not just about the beautiful weather, although that captures your attention immediately. There’s a certain calm and solitude euphoria that envelops you as soon as you enter the famed coastal city. Often known as the “American Riviera,” the scenic destination is at once historic and elegant, quaint and lively, cool and eclectic. It’s a city with flavor, offering countless activities and beautiful hallmarks that are worth a visit if you happen to be around. Here are five of the many reasons to visit Santa Barbara.

1. Visit Summerland Lookout Park

A part of the Santa Barbara County park system, Lookout Park faces the beach in Summerland. Situated on a bluff, it’s an exquisite spot to take in the views from a more serene vantage point. There are plenty of the usual park amenities, including picnic tables, benches, lawn space, and a volleyball court, but it’s the sandy beach below and the mesmerizing views that capture your attention right away. It’s an ideal spot to visit if you’re with kids, as the park features a cute playground packed with dinosaur amusements, winding slides, and swings for little ones of all ages. Feel free to stop and snap a few photographs as you make your way to the sand below — there are plenty of colorful blossoms along the way!

2. Book a Wellness Getaway

If you really need to get away from it all, it’s worth a visit to the luxury spa at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara. Overlooking the serene waters of the Pacific, the mesmerizing resort features an incredible wellness center where guests and visitors can book a variety of indulgent treatments. Try a rooftop massage as the sun beats down on your skin, or ask about a sensory aromatherapy treatment to soothe your senses and calm your mind. You can even stop by for a post-massage bite at the chic on-site bistro, which features an oceanfront terrace where you can enjoy your meal in complete peace.

3. Check out Stearns Wharf

There’s a reason so many tourists flock to Stearns Wharf — in fact, it’s one of the many reasons to visit Santa Barbara! It’s a wildly enjoyable spot that’s served as an area institution since its inception in 1872. There’s plenty to do here, no matter what your preference. You can take to the open water and enjoy a sunset cruise aboard a yacht. Enjoy a hearty seafood meal on the harbor. Or pay a visit to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center, where interactive exhibits provide guests with a chance to delve deep into what makes the area’s marine life so enigmatic and special. The kids can play scientist for a day — and you won’t want to miss the life-size gray whale replicas on display, either.

4. Explore the Old Mission

For all of its lavish modern establishments and beautiful surroundings, there’s real history in Santa Barbara — and it’s fascinating. One of the best places to learn more is at the Old Mission Santa Barbara, marked by the iconic double bell towers set in a soft blush-clay tone. You’ll glimpse the San Ynez mountains as they rise majestically in the background, but odds are you’ll be mesmerized by what awaits you here: genuine artwork from the 17th century; old-world artifacts; meticulous architecture; and vibrant gardens are just a few of the sights you don’t want to miss. Naturally, the building also provides incredible views of the city from its amazing vantage point. Do bear in mind that the church is active, so if this is your key reason to visit Santa Barbara, give them a call beforehand in case you need to make other arrangements while you wait. You can always contact the church in advance to make sure there’s availability.

5. Explore Casa del Herrero

Casa del Herrero, or the House of the Blacksmith, is simply architectural grandeur at its finest. If you go to see only one example of such incredibly handiwork in the city, make it this 11-acre estate. Designed in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is surrounded by lavish gardens that would also make great photographic backdrops for your vacation album. There’s much to see, which you can enjoy during an epic 90-minute tour of the house and grounds. The exquisite courtyard serves as the introduction to the property, but it’s the old-world artwork and beautifully maintained interior that will stay with you forever.

Getting away from it all is easy when you book a bus trip to Santa Barbara. This coastal getaway offers sunshine, good times, and something exciting to do year-round!

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Best West Coast Cities to Admire Spring Blossoms

By | Bus Travel

Nothing says “spring” quite like a bed of colorful wildflowers in full bloom. On the West Coast, there are a number of places that offer unparalleled views of vibrant color and awe-inspiring beauty. If you’re looking for a surefire way to officially say “goodbye” to winter and “hello” to the beauty of spring, you definitely need to plan a spring blossoms tour of the West Coast. In this post, we’ll go over a few of the best cities to spot the spring blossoms.

Carrizo Plain

The flowers of Carrizo Plain are of such otherworldly beauty that you may feel like you stepped into a different universe upon seeing them for the first time. Located in Central California, the plain boasts miles and miles of gorgeous yellow and purple color. You will behold a variety of flowers including jewel flowers, California poppies, owls closer, tidy tips, and lupine. March through May are the best times to visit the plain and see the flowers in full bloom.

Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve

Any time between February and May you can catch an incredible explosion of orange color in the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve in Northern Los Angeles County. Hundreds of thousands of California poppies, which happen to be the state’s official flower, fill the preserve and take up miles and miles of land, showing off their radiant, deep orange color. At the preserve, you’ll be able to explore over eight miles of hiking trails throughout the hilly areas filled with poppies. Although the poppies are usually only in bloom from February through May, you can visit the preserve year round and still enjoy incredible views of the scenery. The preserve is free to enter; however, there is a $10 fee for parking.

The Lavender Farms of Oregon

In Oregon, you’ll not only be treated to stunning views of lavender flowers in bloom (provided you visit anytime between April and August), but you’ll also get to take in the incredible snowy mountaintop backdrop. During your time in the state, there is no one place to go for lavender flowers; you’ll be able to find several lavender farms throughout this West Coast state. Lavenders are so prevalent in the state during the spring and summer season that there are many lavender-themed events and festivals you should plan on attending. Whether you go to an event or just visit one of the farms, you should be able to find plenty of lavender-related products to buy and take home as a souvenir. Many of the farms sell lavender perfumes, teas, soaps, candles, and essential oils … all products that will make fabulous gifts for yourself and others! If you are in Southern Oregon, lavender could bloom as early as April. However, if you are in Central Oregon, don’t plan on seeing any lavender flowers until July.

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Tulip lovers will get a real kick out of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington State. At the event, millions of brightly colored tulips are in bloom, filling up the Skagit Valley. All the tulips are grown by Roozengaarde and Tulip Town. If you stop by Roozengaarde, you’ll find 44 acres of tulips and yellow Daffodils along with a real Dutch windmill. At Tulip Town, you can enjoy a tour of the tulips via a trolley ride. Both Roozengaarde and Tulip Town have a small $7 admission fee.

Anza-Borrego Desert

The flowers of Anza-Borrego Desert are in full bloom from January until March. The white andpurple flowers are so stunning that they don’t even appear real at first, especially when they are in the sunlight. Aside from a variety of flowers, you’ll also spot many different cactuses and other plants in this California desert. Another great thing about Anza-Borrego Park is that you’ll be able to camp in the park if you so choose and sleep surrounded by the beautiful wildflowers.

Death Valley

Don’t let the “Death Valley” name deter you from making a trip to this California valley. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to gauge when exactly the flowers will be in bloom. It can be so tricky, in fact, that super blooms only occur once every five to ten years! However, if you can get the time down just right (usually sometime between February and April) you can behold stunning views of bright yellow flowers and a variety of other exotic plant species that inhabit the valley.

Ready to enjoy spring the best way one can? Don’t hesitate to buy your bus ticket to one of these West Coast regions and start planning your spring blossoms trip today!