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Looking for a quirky vacation spot? Check out these top quirky hotels in the US.

10 of the Quirkiest Hotels in the US

By Bus Travel, California, Los Angeles, Oregon, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, Washington

Odds are you’ve stayed at your fair share of run-of-the-mill hotels. There are generic inns on every main road in the United States, along with chain properties that promise you the usual reliable amenities and creature comforts of home. If you crave something different, however, you may be intrigued by the quirkiest hotels on the West Coast. These are the locations that are as much worth the visit as many of the region’s most historic and beloved sites. Here are 10 that you can’t miss.

1. Thornewood Castle

Tacoma, WA

Whether or not you lay claim to any royal ties, you’ll certainly feel the part once you step onto the grounds of Thornewood Castle. The property is Tudor Gothic elegance at its best. The handsome home is resplendent in its beauty, boasting the types of old-world luxuries you would expect of a place so quaint and historic. Shaded by abundant fir trees, the hotel consists of pieces of a 400-year-old Elizabethan manor purchased in England shipped to Tacoma in the early 1900s. Exquisite grounds include a lakefront, plush green grass, and even a charming English garden where you can enjoy a quiet break after a good night’s sleep inside your beautifully appointed suite filled with opulent furnishings reminiscent of Victorian-era glamour.

2. The Charlie Hotel

Hollywood, CA

Once owned by Charlie Chaplin, The Charlie Hotel is worth a visit for its dramatic architecture and intriguing history alone. Beyond the iron gates lies a veritable step back in time: lush greenery, the sound of water crisply falling from fountains, the spacious deck dotted with cozy lounge chairs. It was built in 1924 and taken over by Chaplin some years later. The actor eventually sold the property, and it wasn’t until 2002 that it was restored. Today, it’s home to several decadent cottages that feel as posh as their Hollywood namesakes —it’s worth a stay in the inviting Marilyn suite if you want to enjoy a homey stay. You may be in Hollywood, but you would never know it by your surroundings here.

3. Hotel Figueroa

Los Angeles, CA

It’s humbling to step inside the Hotel Figueroa downtown. It’s a place of deep history and empowerment — it opened in 1926 as a YWCA. At the time, this was an enormous step in a considerably unusual direction. It’s “quirky” for its place in innovation history. It’s essentially a snapshot of a time when such progress was considered heresy — yet it stands today as a model example of what is possible with effort and hard work. It’s as creative as it ever was, and it earns accolades for its artfully decorated rooms, dynamic courtyard, and the area’s only ground-floor pool. The on-site restaurants take culinary art to an entirely new level: masterfully designed interiors vie for the spotlight, but it’s ultimately the creative dishes crafted from local ingredients that rule the dining experience.

4. Mama Shelter

Los Angeles, CA

If mega quirk is what you’re after, you’ll find it in droves at Mama Shelter. Set in Los Angeles, the offbeat property, designed by Thierry Gaugin, earns rave reviews as one of the hippest spots in town. There’s a lot happening here, from the outrageous colors to the lively accents to the killer views from the rooftop bar. The rooms range from compact to jumbo, all sized just right for a stay in the city, complete with all of the amenities you expect of the perfect place to stay. Enjoy a bite to eat, chill on the roof, have a drink or two, or just marvel at your surroundings from up high, where you can see everything from the iconic Hollywood sign to the activity below on Hollywood Boulevard.

5. McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel

Portland, OR

Among the quirkiest hotels on the West Coast, this is one you can definitely file under “I can’t believe it’s actually real.” McMenamins Kennedy School Hotel was founded in 1915, but at the time it was an actual elementary school. Fast forward many years, and today it’s a hip boutique hotel that many people specifically visit Portland for. And why not? The interior is dramatic and fun, where former classrooms now serve as guestrooms, and where old-school artwork sets the tone for a vintage-ready stay. Many of the rooms are even equipped with the original cloakrooms and chalkboards. The school’s former boiler room even serves as a vibrant, multistory bar.

6. Hotel Zeppelin

San Francisco, CA

Escape to an edgy hideout that’s equal parts urban-chic, industrial, and contemporary. Whether you’re a creative type, a wallflower, or somewhere in between, you’ll find a home for yourself in the Hotel Zeppelin, whose bohemian roots are evident in its laid-back, welcoming ambiance.

7. The Inn at El Gaucho

Seattle, WA

In a fast-paced world where everything seems in need of an upgrade, it’s hard to believe a place like The Inn at El Gaucho exists. Yet it does, and it’s inside this retro-inspired haunt that you can enjoy a stay in a dramatic guestroom and a cocktail bar that exudes 1950s charm.

8. Madonna Inn

San Luis Obispo, CA

It’s tough to compete with the eclectic charm that the Madonna Inn brings to San Luis Obispo. Boulders are built into the construction, and there are 110 themed rooms with out-of-this-world amenities, like rock showers and stone fireplaces.

9. Out’n’About Treehouses Treesort

Takilma, OR

The serene Out’n’About Treehouses Treesort is quite literally a village of treehouses. There’s a scenic, rustic vibe here that anyone with an appreciation for the great outdoors will absolutely love. Each abode is equipped with a kitchenette and a bathroom to lend it a truly homey feel.

10. Inn at Northrup Station

Portland, OR

There are few places more quintessentially Portland than the bright and lively all-suite Inn at Northrup Station. The rooms are obsessively fun, with vibrant pops everywhere you turn. No detail is spared here, and odds are you’ll quickly grow to love the place for its electrifying personality.

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Hit by the waderlust bug? Here are some of the most beautiful hotels to visit.

The 4 Most Beautiful US Hotels to Stay in Before You Die

By Bus Travel, California, Canyon Point, Florida, New York, New York City, San Diego, Sunny Isles Beach, Utah

The United States is home to some of the most spectacularly beautiful destinations in the world, including natural wonders, historical landmarks, and brilliantly designed structures. There is no lack of incredible hotels throughout the country and if you are looking for a vacation that is both relaxing and surrounded by beauty, you have come to the right place. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the most beautiful hotels in the United States.

Amangiri Resort, Canyon Point, Utah

Amangiri Resort in Canyon Point, Utah, is surrounded by 600 acres of majestic mountain ranges, dunes, and plateaus, making for a delightfully remote and serene desert getaway. The resort is less than 30 minutes away from the town of Page, Arizona, and the neighboring Lake Powell and national parks are easily accessible by car. The resort sits right next door to the biggest Native American reservation in the country and invites guests to explore thousands of years of Navajo and natural history.

Guests can relax in the cold plunge pool, the steam room, and a sauna, all located on the pavilion. A dip in the pool is made even more enjoyable after a rigorous gym session with an on-site wellness coach or a rejuvenating yoga class. The resort has dining options available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you definitely want to make a point of trying the various dishes on the dinner menu. After a long day of swimming or hiking, order the fire roasted tortilla soup along with the Chile-spiced ahi tuna tempura and finish it off with a sweet Navajo fry bread for dessert.

The Peninsula, New York City, New York

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a glamorous hotel from New York City. And with so many stately, historical hotels to choose from, it wasn’t an easy pick. But there is something about the old-school New York elegance of The Peninsula that rivals any other gorgeous hotel in the Big Apple.

Situated on the equally glamorous 5th Avenue in Manhattan, The Peninsula boasts a sprawling selection of breathtaking suites, all unique in their own right. The Peninsula Suite is a whopping 3,300 square feet and comes with a baby grand piano, unparalleled views of Manhattan, a dining room that seats eight, a jacuzzi hot tub, and a master bedroom. The suites at the peninsula go for several thousand dollars a night, so if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, take a look at the rooms (although even these tend to go for several hundred a night).

A weekend stay at The Peninsula is undoubtedly a splurge, but definitely worth it for anyone wishing to capture the essence of New York. The good news is that it isn’t necessary to be an overnight guest in order to enjoy the ambiance and (certain) amenities of the Peninsula. You can sip a cocktail at Salon de Ning, the hotel’s rooftop bar and terrace or enjoy a romantic dinner at Clement Restaurant.

Acqualina Resort and Spa, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Sitting on 4.5 acres of pristine beachfront, Acqualina Resort and Spa offers guests immaculate views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as killer sunsets in the evening. The resort is lined with palm trees and surrounded by lush green grass with plenty of areas to set up camp for a well-deserved catnap or a cold drink at sunset.

In addition to prime real estate on Sunny Isles Beach, the resort has three oceanfront pools to choose from. The interiors of the resort are just as stunning as the surrounding areas and offer such a beautiful backdrop that many weddings take place on the grounds. The resort also has many child-friendly activities, making it a great destination for families. Activities available to people of all ages include foosball, chess, a soccer field, and a basketball net. Children aged 5–12 can enjoy marine biology activities for free!

Fairmont Grand Del Mar, San Diego, California

The 5-star Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego, California is reminiscent of a Spanish villa on the Mediterranean. The resort includes a spa center, an indoor hot tub, a sprawling outdoor pool, an equestrian center for horseback riding, a golf course, a garden, and an outdoor fireplace.

Just outside of the resort, you’ll find miles of outdoor areas to hike as well as several miles of beachfront on the Pacific Ocean. At the spa center, you can unwind with a therapeutic massage, take a yoga class, and get a cleansing facial with fully organic skin care products.

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