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This steakhouse is just one of many iconic American restaurants.

The 4 Most Iconic Restaurants in America

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A tour of the United States invites the opportunity for visits to some of the most famous historical sites, landmarks, buildings, and natural wonders in the world—but we’re here to talk food. The US is home to some incredibly iconic restaurants, a handful of which have been around for well over 100 years. If you are a die-hard foodie who wants to go beyond amazing eats and experience the atmosphere of an iconic location, these are four restaurants you will definitely want to visit.

1. Katz Delicatessen in New York

Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally? Yep, that was filmed in Katz Delicatessen, easily the most famous and iconic diner in Manhattan—and not just because of the classic Nora Ephron film. If you’ve ever found yourself watching the cinematic staple of the ’90s and thinking you just have to try whatever sandwich Meg Ryan was eating, you can make that dream a reality. It’s not a bad idea to try to visit Katz during a weekday afternoon or evening since this popular New York eatery is typically loaded with patrons on the weekend. So iconic is this restaurant that some of those patrons have included a few of the biggest names in pop culture, ranging from legendary comedians to A-list actors to pro NBA players. And why does everyone love it so much? You only have to have one bite of the Rueben on rye or matzo ball soup to understand. Stand in the queue, grab your meal ticket, get your grub in the cafeteria-style diner, and prepare to feast yourself on the biggest sandwich of your life.

2. St. Elmo’s Steakhouse in Indianapolis

Can you justify traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles to this Indianapolis steakhouse? The answer is “yes and always yes.” Why? Because not only is it arguably the most iconic steakhouse in the country, but it’s seriously not an overstatement to say you’ll find some of the juiciest steak in the world at this place. Any kind of steak you’re craving can be found at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. Their dinner menu features filet mignon, ribeye, the porterhouse steak, the USA Prime New York Strip, and other meats including rack of lamb, pork chops, and roasted chicken breast. If you really want to go all out, order some seafood with your steak. You can choose among South African lobster tails, crab-stuffed shrimp, and sashimi yellowfin tuna. Finish your night off with a cappuccino and a decadent dessert like the St. Elmo crème brûlée, a New York-style cheesecake, lemon butter cake, or vanilla bean ice cream.

3. The Berghoff in Chicago

For over 120 years, The Berghoff has been serving Chicago locals and visitors with world-class German eats and drinks and has cemented itself as a fixture in Chicago culture. At the bar, you can happy hour your way into the evening with a hefeweizen before ordering the spinatknoedel, rahm schnitzel, or wiener schnitzel for dinner. Top off your night with a moist German chocolate cake, berghoff root beer float, or an apple strudel!

4. Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami

Key lime pie. Architectural elegance. Summer dining. And fresh crab cuisine. What do you get when you combine all of these things? Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami. All you need to do is bring your appetite and they’ll provide the rest. Bibs, instructions, mustard, and all. For over 100 years, this Miami Beach eatery has taken a holistic approach to the dining experience. After all, when Joe Weiss first opened the restaurant, it began as a lunch shop where he cooked, cleaned, and served patrons on top of operating the business. Today, it is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Miami and a recognizable name all across the country.

Although it had modest beginnings, Joe’s Stone Crab now boasts an extensive menu, featuring items such as jumbo lump crab cakes, Maine lobster, ginger salmon, and king crab legs in addition to many non-seafood options for people who would prefer to stick to land animals or a vegetarian diet. For dessert, try Joe’s Famous Key Lime Pie, the blueberry crème brûlée, or the warm chocolate lava cake. And the best part about Joe’s Stone Crab? You don’t even have to be in Miami to enjoy the fresh stone crab claws that the restaurant is so famous for. They’ll actually ship them to your home address provided you live in any one of the 50 US states or Puerto Rico.

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Are you a Game Of Thrones super fan? Check out these festivals and book your bus ticket today.

5 Festivals All Game of Thrones Fans Need to Attend

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With the HBO series ending and an unknown wait time for George R. R. Martin’s final A Song of Ice and Fire book, many Game of Thrones fans are left with a void. Fortunately, the popularity of the series has given rise to massive fan events all over the country. Whether you want to get up close and personal to the show’s stars or take on the Night King as Jon Snow in cosplay, fuel your passion at one of these five Games of Thrones festivals.

1. Ice & Fire Con — Mt. Sterling, Ohio

Since 2013, Ice and Fire Con has become a rite of passage for GoT fans in the U.S. Hosted in Mt. Sterling, OH, the conference caters to adult fans of the series with an age restriction of 18 years. It’s also one of the only events run by fans for fans, which offers a fun, interactive environment that’s both welcoming and affordable.

Since Fire and Ice Con is a nonprofit event, it doesn’t chase big names associated with the show. Instead, it creates a safe space for self-proclaimed GoT geeks to come together and find their people. Check out the book and show panels to discuss various aspects of the series, record a memory at the themed photoshoots, and become a champion at the board game and cosplay tournaments. There’s even a Westeros-inspired musical.

2. Con of Thrones — Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, TN, has long been considered the home of country music, but soon it’ll likely be renamed to Dragon City thanks to Con of Thrones. The conference only began in 2017, but as one of few festivals dedicated solely to the GoT fandom, it’s already made a huge impact. Spanning three days, attendees have the opportunity to take part in a plethora of events. There are panels delving deep into the history, politics, and folklore of the series; theatrical cosplay presentations and contests; and after-hour parties.

Every year thus far, Con of Thrones offers appearances from some of the television show’s most popular actors and creators. For instance, in 2019, Hannah Murray (Gilly), John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) are all featured guests at the Games of Thrones festival. Along with interviews, guests have the ability to purchase event add-ons to get photos with the stars as well as autographs.

3. San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is one of the most well-known fan conventions in the world, attracting over 100,000 people annually. While it’s not solely focused on Game of Thrones, the cast, producers, writers, and even George R. R. Martin have made appearances at the event over the years. Plus, there are GoT panels featured just about every year. Even when there aren’t any official appearances at the San Diego conference, you’re sure to meet up with like-minded fans through cosplay, booths, exhibits, and parties.

4. Dragon Con — Atlanta, Georgia

Hosted yearly over Labor Day weekend, Dragon Con predates the A Song of Ice and Fire by nearly a decade, but the name is perfectly suited for Game of Thrones. The Atlanta festival invites fans of all ages to geek out over their favorite science fiction and fantasy novels, comics, movies, and television series. Along with panels, parties, and cosplay events, there’s even a parade and dedicated GoT group.

5. New York Comic Con

Serving as the East Coast’s answer to SDCC — without any actual brand affiliation, the New York Comic Con has been attracting fans of comics, television, and video games since 2006. Even though it doesn’t quite offer the name recognition of its California-based counterpart, the New York City event actually draws in a larger crowd with upwards of 180,000 people in attendance. It also regularly hosted star-studded _GoT_panels, pop-up shops, and parties. The three-day conference is held every year in October. If you want to enjoy an extended trip, use the festival as a jumping-off point for a New York vacation to explore the rest of what the state has to offer.

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Bus Trip to Buffalo, NY: What You’ll Find to “Buffalove”

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Buffalonians have heard all of your jokes before: the never-ending snow, the four Super Bowl losses, the hockey team that can’t catch a break. However, Buffalo is getting the last laugh now, as this emerging city on Lake Erie’s shoreline is going through a renaissance. Affordable housing, a young and thriving arts and music scene, and its proximity to Canada have made this once-declining Rust Belt city an attractive option to both live in and visit. Don’t be surprised if your friends are shocked at first when you tell them that your taking a bus trip to Buffalo. However, what your friends don’t know is that this city’s hidden secrets make it the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Here’s what you’ll find to “Buffalove” during your bus trip:

Museums and Architecture

Did you know that famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright has more than one building in the Western New York area? You can visit the Darwin Martin House, which is located in Buffalo’s Parkside neighborhood and known for being one of the crown jewels of Wright’s portfolio. Schedule a tour of the interior for a world-class lesson on architecture and design. His sprawling Graycliff Manor, perched above the shores of Lake Erie about 20 minutes away from the downtown corridor, will make you wish you were alive during its heyday to host a supper party on the expansive grounds.

Buffalo is also host to a world-class art museum: the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, which houses both modern and contemporary art. Museum curation rotates regularly and has hosted exhibits featuring Monet, Modigliani, Takashi Murakami, Jackson Pollock and Frida Kahlo. When you’re done touring the gallery, make sure you step out back to enjoy Hoyt Lake and its perfectly manicured Japanese gardens.


Everyone knows Buffalo’s claim to culinary fame is its wings. You can hit the original Anchor Bar, where Frank and Teressa Bellissimo’s creation sparked a worldwide wing frenzy. However, any local worth their sauce knows that the best wings are found in local pubs and dive bars such as Kelly’s KornerThe Nine-Eleven Tavern or Gabriel’s Gate. Get ’em hot and extra crispy, and don’t you dare order ranch for dipping.

Juxtaposed with corner bar food is a thriving local food scene that is home to several chefs who have been featured at the James Beard House in New York City. Chefs Steve and Ellen Gedra, of Black Sheep, pride themselves on using locally sourced animals, cheese and vegetables to create dishes that utilize every part of their products. Don’t forget to order Ellen’s legendary sticky toffee pudding for dessert. When you’re finished, head across the street to Steve’s sister’s joint, Lait Cru Brasserie. You can also visit the thoughtfully curated Nickel City Cheese and Mercantile, which is housed on the same floor as the restaurant and features a French bistro-inspired menu.

You’ll never look at Mexican food quite the same after sampling Victor Parra-Gonzalez’s menu at Las Puertas. A classically trained French chef, Gonzalez takes the flavors and ingredients of his native Mexico and prepares them with unrivaled finesse. You’ll look at your plate and find it hard to believe you’re sitting in a cozy restaurant on the West Side of Buffalo, New York and not a 5-star Michelin restaurant.


The music scene in Buffalo is active and thriving, so you can’t miss a chance to catch a show at The Town Ballroom. Once a supper club in the 1940s that housed the likes of Al Capone and Frank Sinatra, the vintage architecture hosts some of modern music’s hottest acts.

If you’re lucky enough to take your bus trip to Buffalo during the summer months, you’ll find that the city comes alive with sunshine and outdoor concerts. Check out Canalside, a newly refurbished portion of the city’s waterfront that hosts diverse acts, to catch some rays and enjoy the feeling of an outdoor live event.

Buffalo’s Colored Musicians Club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017 of housing jazz and blues acts from all over the globe. A true haven for music lovers, their legendary Sunday night jam sessions encourage anyone to with a passion for playing to join seasoned musicians on stage.

The Arts

Located near the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo hosts one of the country’s longest-running productions of Shakespeare in the Park. Pack a picnic from some gourmet snacks and drinks (local Big Ditch Brewing Company is a winner) you grabbed at local grocery gem Wegmans, and enjoy a free, world-class production.


You are probably familiar with the Bills and the Sabers, but did you know that soccer is also big in the Queen City? During your bus trip to Buffalo, drop over to All-High Stadium to catch NPSL’s FC Buffalo take a match on the pitch “for our city.” You’ll have a blast in the stands with fervent fans who have their own chants and songs for their hometown team. When the match is over, head to Mes Que, the city’s only soccer-centric pub.

The best part about your bus trip to Buffalo? You’ll fall in love with the city’s charm and the kindness of the people you’ll encounter. Sitting alone at the bar eating wings? Not for long. Soon you’ll have a new friend sitting next to you, wanting to give you their best recommendations in the city. You can even tell your bad Buffalo jokes, and they’ll smile — because they’re in on the secret that their city is actually wonderful.


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