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Bus Travel To Baltimore: Must See Places

Baltimore, Maryland, a seaport city with a rich history, is an ideal location for a late summer vacation. If you’ve never been to Baltimore, but have always been curious about this glistening, metropolitan center that sits on the harbor, it’s worth hopping on a bus to go check it out. Let us introduce you to a few essential stops you must add to your Baltimore bus trip.

Have Your Breath Taken Away at the George Peabody Library

Dubbed the “cathedral of books,” the magnificent George Peabody Library will leave you overwhelmed by its architectural beauty and rows upon rows of books. While many come to read, tourists also come to study the intricacies of the decorative railings, black and white marble floors, and impressively long pillars. The library also acts as a venue for events, so check out the George Peabody Library calendar to see what’s currently happening in the space.

Have a Drink at The Horse You Came in On Saloon

Housed in a colonial building, it’s said that this 200-year old saloon was the final destination of famous poet Edgar Allan Poe before he died. While historians still don’t know if this is definitely true, it’s likely that Poe had his last drink there since he died mere blocks away from the bar. Visitors to Maryland can drink to Poe in the oldest bar in Baltimore while listening to some music played by local and traveling performing artists. If you end up staying till closing, you may even see the bartender leave a drink on the bar for Poe’s ghost.

Admire Artwork at the American Visionary Art Museum

The American Visionary Art Museum, founded by Rebecca Hoffberger in 1984, was opened with a very unique concept: feature the work of self-taught artists. This generally means that the artwork you’ll find at AVAM is radically different from what you’ll find at traditional art galleries. Because the artwork is so distinctive and bold, it sets a striking background for events, particularly weddings.

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Spend the Afternoon at the National Aquarium

With over 200,000 animals living at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, it’s unlikely you’ll have time to meet every single one of them, but it’s worth being ambitious and going for it. The impressive aquarium is home to land and sea animals and there are even dolphins available for personal swim and play sessions! Another custom experience at the aquarium includes a shark tour, where you’ll learn everything there is to know about sharks, including what they eat and how their food is prepared at the National Aquarium.

Spend the Night at a Baltimore Orioles Baseball Game

Would a trip to Baltimore really be complete without catching an Orioles game? Whether you’re a sports fan or not, you have to admit that a professional baseball game is a riveting experience, and the enthusiastic cheering of the thousands of fans is contagious. Grab a hot dog and a beer and take in the game. During the seventh inning stretch, be prepared to stretch those limbs to John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy,” a country classic played at every single Orioles game.

Explore Fort McHenry and Its Important History

Fort McHenry, now a national park and popular tourist attraction, played a critical role in the War of 1812 and is now immortalized in school textbooks and historical literature around the world. During the fight against the British, Fort Henry, built only a few years earlier in 1798, defended the Baltimore Harbor. And as many people know, Francis Key Scott spotted a Garrison Flag flying over Fort McHenry in 1814. This alerted everyone that the war was finally over and it inspired Scott to pen the poem “Defence of Fort M’Henry,” which we all know today as our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.

Have a Religious Experience at America’s First Cathedral

In 1821, America’s First Cathedral, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (more commonly and conveniently referred to as the Baltimore Basilica) was constructed. Visiting this beautiful structure is a must for anyone vacationing in Baltimore, particularly history buffs. The cathedral was designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, who is known as the “Father of American Architecture” and also designed the United States Capitol. A little over a decade ago, the cathedral went through $34 million in renovations, so the structure is not exactly the same as it once was.

Ready to pack your bags and get your history on in Baltimore?