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Bus Travel To Birmingham: Top Places To Visit

Today Birmingham, Alabama is entrenched in cultural and historical richness. With careful planning, you can guarantee that your trip there has a packed itinerary of memorable fun. It’s not difficult to find plenty of breweries, dining establishments, art galleries, music halls, and museums. If you’re wondering why it’s worth buying a bus ticket and shuffling off to Birmingham, here are a few reasons why you should make the trip.

Discover Art From Around the World at Birmingham Museum of Art

An art museum that first opened nearly 60 years ago, the Birmingham Museum of Art boasts an incredibly vast selection of international art, with over 25,000 pieces from different countries within Europe, Asia, and Africa. There is also plenty of Pre-Columbian and Native American art housed in the downtown art museum. Whether you are a fan of sculptures, Renaissance paintings, Wedgwood china, or Vietnamese ceramics, the Birmingham Museum of Art has something for every art enthusiast to enjoy. If you are interested in a more educational and interactive experience, check out the museum’s website to see when different events, lectures, and other activities are taking place. There are also several programs available for children and teens who have an interest in art.

Get Your Farmers Market on at the Pepper Place Saturday Market

If you are going to be in Birmingham over the weekend, then Saturday is your opportunity to meet all the farmers within a 100-mile radius. For nearly two decades, the Pepper Place Saturday Market has been a Birmingham ritual that attracts plenty of community members and tourists for a full day of fresh produce shopping. Set up at 2829 2nd Ave S, the Pepper Place Saturday Market now has over 100 tents filled with savory burritos and sausages, mouthwatering pastries, fresh-picked berries and fruit, cheese, greens, and herbs. Aside from food, the Saturday market also offers handcrafted gifts, artisanal goods, and home decor items.

Spend the Afternoon at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

You can’t leave Birmingham without first visiting the impressive and moving Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. At this educational center, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the deep history of the 1950’s and 1960’s Civil Rights Movement. The Institute is an excellent place for both children and adults to visit and there are a variety of activities, events, and programs to attend. This 58,000 square foot center was first opened in 1992 and contains temporary and permanent exhibits, archives, and galleries.

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Get Musical at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

Even if you aren’t a jazz buff, you’ll find it incredibly difficult not to be impressed by the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. Opened in 1993, this historical museum is packed with jazzy memorabilia such as instruments, paintings, and items that belonged to jazz giants such as Miss Ella Fitzgerald. Aside from the museum’s exhibits, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame hosts free jazz music classes every week as well as jazz concerts at the center and around the city at different performance venues.

Red Mountain Park

Whether you are avid outdoorsman with a penchant for treacherous hikes or someone who just enjoys the occasional leisurely stroll through the woods, a sunny spring, summer, or fall afternoon at Red Mountain Park is a real treat. This park hosts several programs including summer camps and field trips for children and teens. There are plenty of trails designed for biking and hiking and there are several attractions within the park including the Red Ore Zip Tour, Kaul Adventure Tower, and even a six-acre dog park that allows dogs to run around freely without a leash. Other fun activities include mines, overlooks, and tree houses.

Meet the Good People at Good People Brewing Company

Birmingham has plenty of quality breweries that are worth checking out and at the top of that list is the Good People Brewing Company. First opened over a decade ago, this downtown brewery offers classic brews including Coffee Oatmeal Flavored Stouts, India Pale Ale, The Bearded Lady American Wheat Ale, Snake Handler, and Mumbai Rye. On their menu, you’ll find both seasonal beers and year-round beers. Attached to the brewery is a festive taproom that frequently hosts film nights, fundraisers, and others community events. It’s important to note that the taproom does not serve food, but they do have a policy that allows you to bring your own so feel free to chow down on whatever you want. Ready to start planning your trip to Birmingham? Get in touch with us to learn more about travel to Birmingham or take the plunge and buy your bus tickets today.