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Bus Travel To Charleston: What To Expect

Charleston, South Carolina is an invariably warm and inviting Southern city that is steeped in historical influence at every turn. Famous for its antebellum houses and cobblestone streets, Charleston makes visitors feel like they have stepped back in time. If you have never been to this East Coast city, there are plenty of reasons why Charleston should end up on your travel bucket list.

Charming Neighborhoods

The Battery is a stunning neighborhood that no one should miss when visiting Charleston. Spend the late afternoon “oo-ing” and “aa-ing” as you stroll through streets upon lined with breathtaking Southern mansions before making your way to The Waterfront Park for a spectacular view of the sunset. This 12-acre park boasts magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean. If you haven’t already made arrangements for your stay, consider booking a room at one of the several charming bed and breakfasts that sit along the waterfront in The Battery. You’ll get the full experience of vacationing in Charleston while also getting a glimpse of local life in this beloved Southern city.

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Pristine Beaches

Unless you are visiting Charleston in the dead of winter, you should definitely dedicate a portion of your trip to just hanging out on the pristine sands of Folly Beach for an afternoon of sunbathing, swimming, and general frolicking on the beach. There are plenty of ocean activities to partake in including surfing the waves, fishing on the piers, or just pitching an umbrella and taking a leisurely snooze on the sand. After a luxuriously long afternoon of beach-bumming it, you will want to check out any one of the many seafood restaurants along the 12-mile stretch. There are many seaside hotels along the beach if you are considering staying in that part of Charleston. If you are driving in from the downtown area, be prepared to pay a $5-$7 parking fee. On the upside, hanging out on the beach is absolutely free so paying that small parking fee is worth it. It should also be mentioned that Folly Beach has plenty of foot showers and restrooms for visitors to freshen up at before leaving the beach or heading out to dinner.

Historic Markets

Situated on Meeting Street in the heart of downtown Charleston, the Charleston City Market is a great place to find handcrafted items and souvenirs to bring back home from your trip. You can find almost anything at the market including leather goods, toys, and handwoven baskets made out of palmetto leaves and sweetgrass. After checking out the various vendors’ stalls, you can head to one of the many spots to eat in the Charleston City Market and feast on some scrumptious Southern food.