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Arizona conjures images of dreamy desert landscapes and picture-perfect canyons, which makes sense because it is known as the Grand Canyon state. It certainly holds up to its nickname because it’s a veritable celebration of nature at its very best: simple, unrefined, magnificent, and pure. You may book a bus ticket to Arizona in search of a meditative spa getaway, to indulge your inner adventurer, or to relax and enjoy the awe-inspiring views. There’s much to see and do here, all under the canopy of clear blue skies and nearly perpetual sunshine. Purchase a bus ticket to explore the state today!

There's no shortage of things to do in Arizona.

Grand Canyon
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A Brief Look at Arizona History

Arizona owns the distinction of being the final of the contiguous 48 states to achieve statehood. It was named so in 1912 and was originally part of New Mexico. Many Native American populations have called this state home for decades, shaping the culture of many communities. People also take pride in the popular “Wild West” history revolving around exciting tales that have been featured in countless movies and novels and there are ample tours and destinations visitors can explore if they’re interested in learning more.

Additionally, the state is known for hot temperatures year round and ample sources of copper. In fact, copper mining was the most popular industry until the 1950s. After World War II, modern advancements in the country like refrigeration and air conditioners directly affected Arizona’s growth, making it a metropolitan state with various urban and suburban towns and cities.

Bus Tickets to Arizona
Bus Tickets to Arizona
Bus Tickets to Arizona
Bus Tickets to Arizona
Bus to the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon National Park celebrates it’s 100th birthday in 2019! You cannot fully appreciate this magnificent natural wonder until you experience it for yourself. The Colorado River has carved this vast canyon more than a mile down though the rocky walls. This epic bucket list adventure will not disappoint and with many opportunities to interact with native Americans.

Top Cities To Visit in Arizona

Bus to Phoenix, Arizona


The state’s capital, and the fifth most populated city in the country, is a great first stop if you’ve booked a bus ticket to Arizona and aren’t sure where to begin. Only here can you experience the state’s enlightening natural beauty in the midst of modern fineries. It may be a bit confusing to the senses at first, but you’ll quickly grow to appreciate all that the city offers. It oozes sophistication, thanks to its collection of chic shops, restaurants, and museums. In the distance, sprawling deserts and landscapes dotted with cactus create strong contrast. Then there are the spas—the luxurious, world-renowned destinations that provide honeymooners, empty-nesters, and everyone in between with the kind of respite they demand of a quality vacation. There’s plenty to experience, including the 125-acre Phoenix Zoo, Camelback Mountain for epic hiking, the intuitive exhibits at the Arizona Science Center, and the wondrous My Mystery Castle.

Bus to Tucson, Arizona


Tucson is situated in the Sonoran Desert, and at every turn you’ll be treated to views of beautiful mountain vistas and vast deserts. Here, you can enjoy a picnic at Saguaro National Park or go for a hike in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. If you love all things botanical, head straight to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for a walk through its fragrant garden (there’s a zoo, too!). The city is also home to the University of Arizona and brims with eclectic boutiques and restaurants. Don’t miss Old Tucson, a former movie set that now serves as a theme park.

Bus to Flagstaff, Arizona


Flagstaff is favored for its proximity to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s about 80 miles away, and the town offers plenty of exciting activities—even if you’re only there for a single day, you’ll find enough to fill every moment. Note that it’s based at a higher altitude, so you should pace yourself and drink water throughout the day. Visiting during winter? Head to the Arizona Snowball for amazing runs, or take a lesson at the Flagstaff Nordic Center. If you book your bus ticket to Arizona in the summer, make room for the Arboretum at Flagstaff, where you’ll learn about native plants and birds. You might also take a scenic hike up Rocky Ridge. There are dozens of breweries and restaurants in town that are worth the visit.

Bus to Kingman, Arizona


Kingman is all about old-school living. Situated on classic Route 66, it’s a former mining town whose historic remnants are alive and well. Among the most epic stops are the Kingman Railroad Museum and the Arizona Route 66 Museum. It plays host to frequent classic car shows, and it feels distinctly vintage despite some of its contemporary trappings. Although many pass through Kingman as a means to reach Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, it’s well worth stopping for a taste of life in the "old days."

Bus to Mesa, Arizona


Although there’s plenty of history in Mesa, too, it’s well balanced by a hearty dose of modern attractions. Visit Hohokam Stadium to catch a baseball game, head to the i.d.e.a. Museum with the kids to check out the interactive exhibits, or head straight to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet to shop, dine, and listen to live music—it’s among the state’s busiest markets! Offering historic institutions, ancient ruins, shopping, art, museums, dining, and pleasant weather year-round, Arizona truly packs a punch. If you’ve booked a bus ticket to the Grand Canyon State, be prepared with a thorough itinerary that allows you to soak up the true Arizona experience.

Bus to Yuma, Arizona


History abounds in Yuma, which is home to several significant sites. The Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park, for example, features preserved cell blocks that date from the Wild West period. The 19th-century Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park still stands, and there’s even a steam locomotive dating from the early 20th century at Pivot Point Plaza. If you’re more into modern-day excitement, head straight to West Wetlands Park to observe the majestic owls and beautiful hummingbirds, or cool off at Centennial Beach.

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The Culture of Arizona

While it’s largely known for its scenery and old-world personality, there’s still ample amounts of modern cultural attractions throughout the state. Art enthusiasts can delve into the scene at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the Mesa Arts Center, and the Phoenix Art Museum. The outdoors play a significant role in everyday activities. Hiking, camping, and biking are high on the list, and dining outside is a common occurrence. Spending even a day in the state is enough to recognize that it’s not a place to experience fleetingly—collective influences from yesteryear coupled with contemporary elements play a strong role in shaping Arizonian culture. You’ll see it in the festive Mexican motifs, the beautiful Native American craft work, and the globally renowned landmarks that contribute to its character.

Explore Arizona by Bus
Explore Arizona by Bus
Explore Arizona by Bus
Explore Arizona by Bus