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Glimmering cities, and dramatic landscapes, California is hardly challenged when it comes to vacation destinations in the country. Being one of the most famous states, thousands of people visit every year and are impressed with the beautiful scenery and bustling social life. Let’s jump into everything that booking a bus ticket to California has to offer.


The history of California’s success as a state often runs parallel with the history of the United State’s success as a country. Commonly cited as a land of opportunity, California has throughout history served as a promised land for seekers of the American dream. Perhaps the start of this was in 1848, the beginning of the infamous California Gold Rush. Hundreds of thousands of people migrated to California from all over the world in search of gold. The gold rush strengthened the American economy and cemented California’s legacy and statehood.

In the early 1900s, California’s legacy as a leading economy was only strengthened when film producers found Los Angeles’ sunny climate perfect for year-round filming. Today, the city of Los Angeles has boomed into a film industry mecca, where aspiring actors and filmmakers travel from all corners of the world for a chance at the limelight.


California is a state that defines the phrase “melting pot.” Serving as a global center of influence for fashion, food, popular culture, and technology — California is ahead of every new trend. Fashionable cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco combined with California’s rugged and varying landscapes create a land of dreamers, go-getters, movie stars, and outdoor enthusiasts.

There's no shortage of things to do in California.

Golden Gate Bridge

When planning your bus trip to California, it’s hard to know where to even begin. With postcard quality landscapes and more iconic attractions than any other state, California presents a wide range of places to visit. Below are a few to get you started. These cities only scratch the surface when it comes to worthwhile destinations on your travels to California. With places like Sacramento, Oakland, San Bernardino, Fresno, and Long Beach, California offers many options for you to explore.

Bus to Yosemite National Park
Travel four hours east of San Francisco to Yosemite National Park where you can experience the magnificent redwood trees. These ancient giant trees tower 300 feet into the sky.

Top Cities To Visit in California

Bus to Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles

When people think of California, they usually picture Los Angeles. Arguably, one of the most iconic city in the world, Los Angeles is at the forefront of every new cultural trend. Home to Hollywood, world-renowned restaurants, and attractions at every corner, you’ll never find yourself lacking something to do.

Bus to San Francisco, California

San Francisco

Known for its infamous Golden Gate Bridge, the foggy city of San Francisco is a must-see for anyone visiting California. Painted with rolling hills and Victorian architecture, it would be easy to argue that San Francisco is the most inspiring of California’s metropolises.

Bus to Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica

Just west of Los Angeles is the city of Santa Monica. The famous Santa Monica Pier is what it’s most known for as well as a three-mile-long stretch of sandy shoreline where you can find yourself enjoying the beach in true California fashion.

Bus to Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara

The breathtaking Santa Ynez Mountains loom beyond and serve as a backdrop to the coastal city of Santa Barbara. Picturesque and decorated with Mediterranean architecture, Santa Barbara offers a plethora of high-end boutiques, gourmet restaurants, wineries, and art galleries for you to peruse at your leisure.

Bus to San Diego, California

San Diego

Widely considered to be the birthplace of California, the coastal city of San Diego is only a stone’s throw away from Tijuana and features an extensive shoreline of gorgeous beaches. Spanish colonial influences remain throughout the city, which adds to the distinctive culture of San Diego. Find yourself exploring the Victorian-style buildings in the Gaslamp Quarter, where numerous cocktail lounges, clubs, and bars promise a memorable social evening. Or if it’s family fun you’re looking for, visit the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.

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Things to do

California is a massive canvas where you can paint your adventures to every corner of the map. With as many sights to see and attractions to conquer, you’ll never fit them all into one trip. However, with so much to see and do, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from to create your perfect bus adventure in California.

If you’re enamored by the lure of Hollywood, spend a day celebrity sightseeing in Los Angeles, take a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or snap a selfie at the legendary Hollywood sign. After you get your Hollywood fix in the City of Angels, find some time for relaxation and wine in Napa Valley, just north of San Francisco.

If you’re interested in exploring vast and varying landscapes or taking part in exciting outdoor adventures, you won’t be disappointed. California offers an endless realm of possibilities for the outdoor enthusiast. Take a trip to Lake Tahoe where you can kayak, hike, or go searching for waterfalls in summer, while winter gives life to the many ski resorts in the area. Then, make your way four hours east of San Francisco to Yosemite National Park and gaze upon the magnificent redwood trees. Towering 300 feet into the sky, these ancient giants will certainly serve as one of the highlights of your trip.

Where to Stay

From the luxurious hotels in Los Angeles to the cozy cabins at Lake Tahoe, California offers a wide range of lodging options when your bus rolls into the state. Regardless of your budget, style, or destination, be assured it won’t be hard to find a place to stay on your trip.

When to Plan Your Trip

If you’re planning on enjoying the beautiful weather and beaches that California is known for, the best time to travel will be from May to October. This ensures your trip will be full of sunshine and warm weather. However, if you’re trying to avoid the crowds and save some money, the best time to visit is late November to early December.