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When planning a vacation getaway, most people spring for the relaxing beaches of some tropical paradise — and nobody’s blaming them. For others, however, an adventure in the great outdoors takes the cake. Marveling at the raw beauty of the Badlands, spotting wild bison at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park or riding horseback through rustic plains are all available for those adventure seekers in the Rough rider State. Learn more about why you should take a thrilling bus excursion to North Dakota.

A Brief History of North Dakota

First becoming a U.S. territory in 1803 as a part of the famed Louisiana Purchase, North Dakota would eventually be admitted to statehood in 1889 — but not before a little “sibling rivalry.” Before being signed into statehood, the North and South Dakota territories bickered about who would be admitted first. President Benjamin Harrison cleverly solved this by selecting at random which bill to sign first and not recording the order in which they were signed. Since then, the state has gone on to become a hub for frontiersmen and outdoor enthusiasts, attracting larger than life figures like former president Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt spent many years of his youth hunting bison, ranching and putting outlaws in their place throughout the rugged badlands of North Dakota.

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A Look at Culture in North Dakota

The cultural atmosphere of North Dakota is heavily influenced by the large groups of Native Americans who lived on the land for thousands of years, hunting mammoths and bison that roamed the North Dakotan plains. In the 19th century, many German and Scandinavian immigrants settled in the state, who went on to forge the frontiersman way of life, which became synonymous with North Dakota. Cattle ranchers, big game hunters and avid outdoors man flourished in the beautiful, rugged landscapes of North Dakota — most notably, Roosevelt. Like many others, Roosevelt was drawn to North Dakota’s raw beauty and rustic way of life. The time he spent in the state had a lasting influence and is prevalent in North Dakotan culture to this day.

Top Cities To Visit in North Dakota

Bus to Fargo, North Dakota


Sitting on the western bank of the Red River is the most populated city in North Dakota — Fargo. Flying mostly under the radar, most people only know of this hidden gem of a city through the critically acclaimed movie and television series “Fargo.” However, outside of being an incredible movie setting, the city of Fargo makes for a fantastic place to explore. While here, visit The Plains Art Museum to learn about the extensive history of Native Americans who have called North Dakota their home for years. Plan a trip to the Red River Zoo, one of the few places in the U.S. where visitors can see cold climate species, like gray wolves and red pandas. Also found in Fargo are many wineries and breweries for you to indulge in, where craft alcohol is served as an art form.

Bus to Grand Forks, North Dakota

Grand Forks

Offering the same warmth and comfort as one might find around a campfire on a cold winter night, Grand Forks invites you into the folds of its cozy — yet bustling — city. Because Grand Forks is home to the University of North Dakota, you’ll find ample opportunity to take part in the lively social scene. Breweries, coffee shops, and gourmet eateries can be found throughout the city, where locals strive to contribute to a welcoming and fun atmosphere for tourists. Along the banks of the Red River is the Greenway, a 2,200-acre system of beautiful waterfront parks and trails worthy of your exploration. If you’re looking for a bit of lighthearted playtime, head to Splashers of the South Seas — a vast indoor water park where you can unleash your inner kid on the water slides or just stick to your adult facade while lounging in the lazy river or hot tubs.

Bus to Medora, North Dakota


If you’re planning a bus trip to North Dakota, it would be fair to say you’re likely fond of outdoor adventures and breathtaking landscapes. If we’re not generalizing too much, then Medora is the perfect place for you. Serving as the perfect gateway to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora is located in the beautiful Badlands of North Dakota. While visiting this laidback, cowboy-themed town — make yourself busy with some horseback riding, camping or hiking. Elaborate on your rustic western experience with some wildlife sightseeing, as critters like bison, prairie dogs, eagles, and wild horses can be found in abundance. Highlight your trip to Medora by catching a performance of the Medora Musical, a nightly summer musical based on the life of Roosevelt, before and after his presidency.

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When to Go

When planning your bus trip to North Dakota, it’s important to be aware of the season in which you visit to best take advantage of the beautiful landscapes for which you’ll likely be traveling. Hands down, the best time to visit is during the summer. From late May through October, the weather is sublime. Prairies magically shift from green to yellow and the air is warm, comfortable and fresh. If traveling during the spring season, be aware that this is when North Dakota’s weather is highly unpredictable — with occasional snowstorms, tornadoes, and flooding. Finally, unless you’re the abominable snowman or just really fond of freezing cold temperatures, you should avoid visiting during winter.

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