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The Beaver state has so much natural beauty and so much happening in Oregon that it may be difficult to know where to begin. This not-so-secret treasure in the Pacific Northwest beckons visitors to take in the mountain surroundings and laze along the rugged coastline. If you plan to book a bus ticket to Oregon and explore this wondrous state for yourself, here’s where to begin.

There's no shortage of things to do in Oregon.

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A Brief History of Oregon

Once upon a time, both the United States and Great Britain occupied Oregon. The Oregon Treaty of 1846 changed that, however, and the United States assumed complete control. The Oregon Trail was the primary route that migrants took to settle in the state, and by 1848 the Oregon Territory was created. This large land included what eventually became Washington, along with Idaho and a portion of Montana. Oregon continued to grow rapidly and eventually broke from these other regions to become its own state.

Bus travel to Oregon
Bus travel to Oregon
Bus travel to Oregon
Bus travel to Oregon
Bus tickets to Crater Lake
Crater Lake is the star feature of Crater Lake National Park and is known for it's deep blue water color. It has two small islands, Wizard Island and a rock pillar called Phantom Ship.

Top Cities To Visit in Oregon

Bus to Portland, Oregon


If you can dream it, you can probably do it in Portland. The city is rife with near-endless attractions and activities. Where to first? If you’re with family, visit the more than 2,000 animals at the Oregon Zoo, or check out the exhibits at the Oregon Museum of Science and History. Art and nature-buffs can’t miss the Portland Japanese Garden and Lan Su Chinese Garden — both are virtual oases blooming with colorful blossoms. On weekends, enjoy a stroll around Portland Saturday Market and indulge in some delicious food while catching live performances. Of course, Portland is also a foodie lover’s paradise: you’ll find everything from mouth-watering pastries to global delicacies to amazing donuts to killer cocktails. Bus stops include Portland NW Bolt and Portland Bolt Pearl District.

Bus to Eugene, Oregon


You’d be remiss not to take a bus to the Eugene Bolt Market District and explore the second-largest city in Oregon. Situated along the Willamette River, Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. In addition to being a quintessential college town, it’s also a standout one: there are more than 500 beautiful trees throughout — and the reason it’s known as the “Emerald City.” If that’s not enough to entice you, maybe the chance to catch a college football game at Autzen Stadium will do it. There are many microbreweries in the area, too, and every February the KLCC Microbrew Festival provides enthusiasts with the chance to sample the area’s most distinct flavors. Here for the outdoor scenery? Check out the living tree museum after taking a hike up Mount Pisgah, or head up Spencer Butte and enjoy the magnificent views.

Bus to Bend, Oregon


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, then there’s only one real reason to book a bus ticket to Oregon: visit Bend. The beautiful city is known for its proximity to water, trails, and mountains, and it provides a hearty dose of adventure coupled with awe-inspiring beauty at every turn. The Deschutes River runs through town, and it’s ideal for rafting. Approximately half an hour from the city are the Tumalo Falls, where you can take a half-mile hike to the falls, or enjoy an over seven-mile hike closer to other waterfalls. Or bring a friend and walk along the North Folk Trail. If you’re curious about Bend’s past, a visit to the High Desert Museum is in order. The interactive exhibits tell you all there is to know about the area’s rich culture, fascinating wildlife, and inspiring history. And if you happen to be in town during winter, head on over to Mount Bachelor and enjoy some skiing and snowboarding.

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Life in Oregon

If you love riding bikes, look no further than Oregon. It’s the first nation in the country to adopt a Scenic Bikeways program, for which locals nominate specific areas best suited to bike riding. Whether along a state park or the coast, you’ll enjoy magnificent scenery during your journey — and likely meet plenty of fellow bicyclists along the way. And while everyone tends to associate Oregon with its shining jewel of Portland, there’s a lot more going on in this diverse state. For starters, it’s the home of proud coffee enthusiasts. It’s also dog country, so you’re in the right place if you have a furry friend. Because the climate is right and the beautiful lands contain rich, abundant soil, it’s a farmer’s dream. If you book a bus ticket to Oregon, that means you’re likely to come across countless roadside stands and farmers markets during your journey.

In short, scenery is king here, and whether you’re exploring the sprawling valleys in Medford or enjoying some quality time in the high desert town of Klamath Falls, you’ll find something new to appreciate everywhere you go. There’s also great food here — consider Portland for the best of plates — and it’s also a downright friendly state. You don’t even have to pay sales tax! It’s truly a little slice of sweet paradise.

Bus travel to Oregon
Bus travel to Oregon
Bus travel to Oregon
Bus travel to Oregon