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A great vacation destination is often marked by its ability to provide a unique experience. Pennsylvania does just that as a state that’s deeply rooted in history, showcasing 17th-century architecture and landmarks. Pennsylvania is also home to culturally iconic cities like Philadelphia, where food and fun can be found in abundance.

The second state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, Pennsylvania has been the site of numerous significant historical occurrences over the last couple hundred years. The land originally was given to William Penn from King Charles II of England in 1681, as repayment to a debt owed to his father. Named after Penn, Pennsylvania means “Penn’s Woods” or “Penn’s Land.” These historical sights will have you on a bus to Pennsylvania in no time.

There's no shortage of things to do in Pennsylvania.

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A Look at Culture in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanian culture is influenced heavily by the unmatched historical significance of the state. Originally a colony founded by Quakers, the state is now rich in diversity, made up of urban dwellers in cities like Philadelphia, as well as many Amish and Pennsylvania-Dutch communities that reside in the rural areas of the state. Pennsylvania is a welcoming and friendly place, even in the bustling cities, where robust concentrations of Italian, Irish, and Chinese communities influence the diverse atmosphere of the state. One of Pennsylvania’s most iconic cultural relics hails from the city of Philadelphia, where tourists from around the world visit to get their hands on a mouth-watering Philly cheesesteak. A Philly cheesesteak alone is reason enough to hop on a bus to Philadelphia.

Bus to the Pirates Stadium
“Take me out to the ball game!” The home of the Pittsburgh Pirates is located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Top Cities To Visit in Pennsylvania

Bus to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The number one destination on your bus to Pennsylvania should undoubtedly be the city of Philadelphia. Steeped in history and a robust sports culture, “Philly” is the sixth most populated city in the U.S. for a reason. While here, check out historic monuments like the Liberty Bell, one of America’s most iconic landmarks. Or visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Sylvester Stallone famously ran up its steps in the film “Rocky.” Philadelphia is also home to great restaurants and a thriving nightlife. Head to Center City, Philadelphia’s bustling downtown, for an exciting evening out on the town. There are a great number of rooftop bars and beer gardens if you’re looking to grab a drink. If it’s the food you’re after, try something new and interesting at Zahav, an upscale restaurant serving modern takes on traditional Israeli cuisine. Or if you want a lowkey affair, head to Steve’s Prince of Steaks for a taste of its famous Philly cheesesteak.

Bus to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Located in western Pennsylvania, where three rivers converge, is the colorful city of Pittsburgh. A true capital of 20th-century industrial progress, Pittsburgh is filled to the brim with places to explore. Marvel at the elaborate nature displays offered at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, which features a Victorian-era greenhouse and 15 acres of stunning gardens. Be wowed at the Andy Warhol Museum, where you can browse the late artist’s famous works, as well as art inspired by his legacy. Alternately, get your blood flowing with some hiking, biking, or boating at Point State Park, a gorgeous 36-acre park featuring the Fort Pitt Museum.

Bus to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


History buff, are you? Then make certain you go to Gettysburg, home to the Gettysburg National Battlefield, the site of the infamous battle during the Civil War. Take a walk through the park to appreciate the landscape preserved by the National Park Service and reflect on what it may have looked like in 1863 when the battle took place. Visit the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center to check out the park’s numerous artifacts.

Bus to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Edging the banks of the storied Susquehanna River, the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is the hub of a metro with over 500,000 residents. There’s much to see here from the many historical buildings to the unique shopping opportunities. The culinary culture is surprisingly diverse whether you’re looking for Italian fare, craft brews or local confections. Wildlife fans will be thrilled to explore both Wildwood Park and the Boyd Big Tree Conservation Area. There are also museums, a vibrant music scene and of course the famous nearby theme parks and you will find plenty to do to fill your time here.

Bus to State College, Pennsylvania

State College

Welcome to State College, Pennsylvania, the home of the famous Penn State University, located right in the middle of the Keystone State. The school area itself offers everything from fun eateries to surprisingly eclectic museums and even an arboretum. Entertainment includes local theater and a robust collegiate sports scene. Outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to check out some of the many nearby state parks to walk along the trails or hike Mount Nittany to the peak. The more adventurous may want to plunge into one of the local caves. And if you’re into fishing, the local streams are legendary for casting.

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Where to Stay

Lodging and accommodations are always a concern when you’re planning bus trip to Pennsylvania, but in the Keystone State, there’s an abundance of hotels and B&Bs with considerable options for all budgets.

Some interesting places to stay include the Feather Nest Inn in Philadelphia, where visitors can choose from multiple themed rooms and suites, such as “the Blue Lagoon” or “Natural Cave.” Another unique lodging option is the Fulton Steamboat Inn in Lancaster, where visitors can stay on an authentic 19th-century riverboat with Victorian decorated rooms.

Bus travel to Pennsylvania
Bus travel to Pennsylvania
Bus travel to Pennsylvania
Bus travel to Pennsylvania
When to Go

Enjoy a bus to Pennsylvania during the spring to experience the best weather. March through May offers mild, comfortable temperatures in addition to affordable room rates. During the fall and especially the winter months, be prepared to see your breath when you exhale. Brrr, it can get really cold! But if you visit during these times, you will be rewarded with the cheapest hotel rates — just make sure to pack a warm winter coat! The summer months provide exceptional weather and are the busiest months for tourism, so if you travel during this season, be sure to book your hotels well in advance.

Excitement in a World of History Awaits You

Families seeking a fun vacation, couples looking for a great getaway, and lone travelers craving historic intrigue can all find what they seek in the state of Pennsylvania. Purchase your bus ticket to Pennsylvania and start planning your trip today!

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