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The canyons! The national parks! The Four Corners! Can you really pack it all into a single visit to Utah? The state offers a wide range of activities, many of which are geared especially to outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. There’s no denying its beauty — everywhere you turn, you’ll spot something worth photographing. There are tremendous mountain peaks, beautiful red rock canyons, and vast deserts. Also in the mix are the vibrant cities that add modernity. If you book a bus ticket to Utah, come prepared with a must-see and must-do agenda — you’ll be glad that you did.

A Brief History of Utah

Utah is often considered a paradise for fossil hunters. The state is home to many collection sites, where traces of dinosaur tracks and fossils are known to be found. Evidence of the Puebloans of 1200 A.D. also exists in the form of in-laid artwork found on rock walls and in ancient ruins. Native American tribes, including the Navajo, Ute, and Goshute, settled in what came to be Utah and continue to live and thrive in the state. In 1847, Brigham Young lead some 150 Mormon pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley. Many more followed, and in 1869 the very first transcontinental railroad, known as the Pacific Railroad, was constructed at the Golden Spike National Historic Site. This provided easy access for migrants to settle in the region. The state was the 45th to enter the Union in 1896. Many of the nation’s most notable figures were born in Utah, including Harvey Fletcher, who invented the hearing aid; J. Willard Marriott, founder of the Marriott Corporation; and the Osmond siblings, renowned for their singing careers.

There's no shortage of things to do in Utah.

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A Look at Culture in Utah

Offering a healthy balance of small-town and downtown living, Utah provides visitors with a taste of everything from art to history to adventure. It’s one of the many reasons why so many book a bus ticket to Utah — a sheer sense of curiosity alone drives visitors to stay for a few days. If nothing else, a visit to Four Corners, the only spot in the entire nation where four states meet, is worth the trek. Whether you arrive at the St. George or Salt Lake City stop, you’re bound to be greeted by a friendly face. In fact, SLC was named the second friendliest city in the nation by Travel + Leisure. Much of this is attributable to a shared appreciation for the great outdoors. Whether you’re hiking, skiing or mountain biking, you’re likely to meet a few enthusiastic thrill-seekers in the process. Take it all in stride: it’s a way of life here. For a state known primarily for its natural wonders, it may come as a surprise that it’s also rife with great nightlife and plenty of exciting dining options. Farm-to-table options are big here, as are microbreweries and hip artisan restaurants. Sports enthusiasts devote their energy to the Utah Jazz each year, and there are plenty of development and minor league sports teams for you to cheer on if you happen to be in town during basketball, hockey or baseball season.

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The 100+ feet wide Turret Arch has been carving away at its fin for thousands of years. In the future, the secondary, smaller arch to the right of the main arch might join to create a larger arch. These naturally formed arches are part of The Windows Trail which is full of captivating stone formations.

Top Cities To Visit in Utah

Bus to Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City

Vibrant Salt Lake City offers an effervescent blend of activity for everyone. If you’re into everything lively and happening, a night downtown is a must. Enjoy live music at Kilby Court, where Nirvana performed before they hit it big, or at Bar X, owned by actor Ty Burrell. Prefer a posher vibe? Check out Avante Groove and enjoy jazz music and fine dining in an upscale setting. Or hit the eclectic 9th and 9th district and pop into the city’s many espresso bars, bakeries, and hip restaurants to make the most of your foodie adventures. Of course, SLC is not without a rich history, much of which you can learn about at the University of Utah. Hop on the light rail and head to campus, where you can tour the Red Butte Garden and Arboretum, as well as the Natural History Museum of Utah. It’s also worth a trip to the Utah State Capitol, a 40-acre space that offers free tours.

Bus to Cedar City, Utah

Cedar City

A lot happens in Cedar City and it’s unique for a few reasons. It’s situated a mile and 500 feet above sea level, it provides incredible proximity to several of the state’s best national parks and it hosts multiple huge festivals throughout the year. Where to begin? Book your bus ticket to Utah and come straight to Cedar City if you want to be within a reasonable distance of Zion, Capital Reef, Bryce Canyon and even the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. If you want to experience a serious adrenaline rush, head to Brian Head, which offers some 100 miles of downhill, cross-country and single-track trails for enthusiastic mountain bikers. Odds are that no matter when you visit Cedar City, you’ll encounter a festival of some kind. Among the city’s best-known events are the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Red Rock Film Festival, the Cedar Livestock & Heritage Festival and the Wildflower Festival at Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Bus to Green River, Utah

Green River

Green River may not be as widely known as its big-city sisters, but it has an interesting past and provides a great starting point for many of the state’s most popular destinations. It’s notorious for its association with Butch Cassidy, who is said to have committed the first of his many robberies in Telluride. He and his accomplices then escaped to a hideout known as Brown’s Park, situated along the Green River. Make your own adventure by stopping first at the Crystal Geyser, which is one of just 15 cold-water geysers in the world! Green River State Park is also essential if you’re in the mood for some golf or boating through Stillwater or Labyrinth Canyons.

Bus to St. George, Utah

St. George

Welcome to St. George, Utah – and welcome to the many amazing natural wonders it sits amongst. Two of America’s most eye-popping state parks are right at the city’s doorsteps. Majestic destinations like Snow Canyon Drive, Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and Virgin River offer colorful formations perfect for hiking, scenic drives and more. In the summer, there are creeks to dip in during summer and mild weather walks in winter. History abounds here as well, from dinosaur fossils to petroglyphs left centuries ago by aboriginal peoples. There’s also museums, wonderful eateries and art galleries to explore. Enchanting and reinvigorating, St. George is a truly heavenly place to visit.

Bus to Ogden, Utah


If you book a bus ticket to Utah solely with skiing in mind, then Ogden is a perfect starting point. It’s within proximity of the renowned Snowbasin Resort, as well as Powder Mountain and excellent learning slopes at Nordic Valley. But if you’re more inclined to live like the locals, head straight to Historic 25th Street, also known as H25. The vibrant downtown district is packed with activity: cafes, restaurants, boutiques, art and nightlife opportunities line up and down the street.

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