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Popular with nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, Vermont is a state enveloped in beauty. The Green Mountain State is rich in charming towns and ski resorts galore. Although it’s largely known for its vibrant ski culture and fantastic resorts, there’s more to do in this mountainous state than meets the eye — something you’ll find out after you book your bus ticket to Vermont.

A Brief History of Vermont

In the early 17th century, the French colonized the region and called it “New France.” Following the Seven Years’ War, they conceded the territory to Great Britain. Both New Hampshire and New York fought to claim parts of the state as their own until it declared independence during the American Revolution in 1777. In 1791, Vermont entered the Union as the 14th state. Among the state’s most notable moments include the very first social security check was issued to a Ludlow resident in 1940, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield opened their first ice cream shop in Burlington in 1978, and Vermont was the first state to legally recognize same-sex civil unions in 2000.

There's no shortage of things to do in Vermont.

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A Look at Culture in Vermont

As one of the healthiest states in the country, Vermont residents know the value of outdoor living. There’s more to it than merely exercising, though. Here, it’s about appreciating the scenery and enjoying the fresh air on a regular basis. And there’s plenty of that to go around in the largely rustic state that boasts beautifully preserved lands, spectacular views of the Appalachian Mountains, and abundant wildlife. Complementing its charming farms and villages, and vast rural grounds that make up most of the state, the vibe in Vermont is also friendly and low-key. It’s why you’ll encounter countless farmers markets and farm stands during your travels throughout the state, and why there are so many functioning dairy farms everywhere. But there’s also plenty of action and fast-paced city life to explore in towns like Burlington and Barre City. Whether you’re interested in learning about the making of maple syrup, experience Americana in every sense of the word or go hiking and indulge your inner adventurer, you’ll find it all in Vermont.

Bus travel to Vermont
Bus travel to Vermont
Bus travel to Vermont
Bus travel to Vermont
Bus tickets to Vermont
Some of the best leaf-peeping spots in Vermont are along the shore of its many lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Water sports enthusiasts have many water sports options like the Sherman Reservoir which lies between the Vermont and Massachusetts border. Visitors relish the outdoor beauty, good food, and the preservation of unique small towns and cities. Popular ski mountains like Killington, Manchester, Stowe, and Mount Snow; mountain vistas; have attractions for all ages.

Top Cities To Visit in Vermont

Bus to Burlington, Vermont


Set along Lake Champlain, Burlington is unique largely because it brings perspective. If you book a bus ticket to Vermont and stop at Burlington Transit Center, Burlington Airport, or Burlington Transit Center, know that you’re only steps away from many of the state’s most riveting attractions. There’s a lot happening here: the undercurrent of a lively city is undeniable, but step beyond the city center and you’ll spot the farms and trails that characterize Vermont as the outdoor paradise it’s known for being. It speaks to the state’s versatility. If you’re downtown, head to Church Street Marketplace and browse hundreds of boutiques and restaurants on four blocks. Bring the family to ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain and delve into a world of ecology, culture, history, and opportunity (“ECHO”). Want to get active? Rent a bike and cycle the shores of the Winooski River or make your way to the 3.5-mile bike path along Lake Champlain. There’s plenty here to indulge your inner foodie, too. Al’s French Frys is an area institution that has served the community some of the most celebrated French fries in the country since the 1940s. Or pop into a laid-back roadside diner and indulge in some locally produced small-batch ice cream or some sticky sweet maple syrup.

Bus to Montpelier, Vermont


Montpelier has the distinction of being the smallest state capital in the country. There are fewer than 8,000 people in this quaint, welcoming town. Despite its low population, it packs plenty of activity into its vibrant districts and tree-lined streets. After arriving at the Montpelier station, head to Vermont State House. The Greek Revival building is resplendent with its gold-dome cap and classic artwork. It opened its doors during the 1850s, and today the facility offers free guided tours of the property. After, make your way along State Street to explore the Vermont History Museum and learn about the state’s rich heritage. If you booked a bus ticket to Vermont on the weekend, stop by the Capital City Farmers’ Market and stock up on all the fresh goods and crafts you can fit into your bag. And if you’re hungry, a meal at The Wayside Restaurant is a good idea. It opened in 1918 and also happens to be the first “green” solar-powered restaurant in the area.

Bus to White River, Vermont

White River Junction

If you arrive at the White River Junction stop, then you’re just minutes from Dartmouth College, Vermont Law School and the Center for Cartoon Arts. Easily the most noteworthy stop during your time here is Quechee Gorge State Park, set along Route 4. You’ll enjoy truly breathtaking views of the gorge, which was formed some 13,000 years ago, as well as glimpses of the roaring waters of the Ottauquechee River. The village is also home to the White River Junction Historic District, which contains old-world architecture dating back to the late 19th century.

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Bus travel to Vermont
Bus travel to Vermont
Bus travel to Vermont
Bus travel to Vermont

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