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Bus Travel To Las Vegas: Why You Should Book A Bus Ticket

The idea of packing up and traveling out West speaks to some of our country’s oldest desires to see what lies past the mighty Mississippi. Traveling by bus to a bustling city such as Las Vegas will give you a glimpse of terrain (and temperatures) that you’ve likely not experienced before. Las Vegas is a city that is often overlooked as a vacation destination because it conjures up images of cheesy magic shows and neon signs, but Sin City has evolved. If you’re looking to book a bus ticket to Vegas, here are some of the can’t-miss stops that will provide plenty of desert heat.


No matter what time of day or what your mood, you’ll easily find a cuisine to fit your craving and your wallet. In recent years, Las Vegas has also become home to high-end restaurants whose flagship locations in other cities have an impossibly long wait list. Here in Vegas, though, you’ll have a better shot at scoring a seat.

A perfect example of this is Rao’s, located in Caesars Palace. Rao’s New York location is notoriously the hardest reservation to get on the planet, as tables have been reserved for decades by its regular customers. At the Vegas location, you can easily book your table to experience the Italian classic comfort foods that have kept customers coming back for more than 100 years.

Looking to splurge on a truly epic feast? Hit up the Wynn Las Vegas for its top-rated buffet. Fifteen live-action cooking stations and more than 120 meal options to choose from are served in an opulent setting dripping with ornate flower arrangements.

Hearing about In ‘N Out Burger’s legendary “secret” menu makes East Coast bus travelers drool with jealousy, as the chain is exclusively a West Coast gem. However, the Vegas outpost will give you a chance to try out your first “animal style” burger at an affordable price.

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While pools are limited for guests staying at that specific resort, did you know that you can visit neighboring pools when they throw special events or pool parties? This is an extra bonus if your hotel doesn’t have its own outdoor pool. Check out Wet Republic‘s saltwater pool at the MGM Grand and the Palms Pool and Dayclub party calendar to reserve your sunbathing spot.


Getting an adrenaline rush is easy in Vegas. If you’re feeling brave, the Stratosphere Hotel has a few activities to keep your heart racing. At 855 feet above the Vegas Strip, the Sky Jump is a vertical zip line that makes it appear you’re plummeting toward the asphalt before it comes to a controlled stop. You can also lose your mind on Insanity the Ride, where you spin 64 feet away from the Tower and hang directly over the Strip. If just thinking about these activities makes your palms sweaty, you can head over to the High Roller Ferris wheel, which is modeled after the London Eye. The large glass pods move at a steady pace to allow you to capture a bird’s-eye view of Sin City.


Vegas makes even museums fun! The city’s link to organized crime is well-documented during its early 20th-century heyday. Go visit the Mob Museum to see the Mafia’s impact on Vegas culture and nightlife. If you want to see pieces of the city’s past, head to the Neon Museum, where a virtual graveyard of neon signs will make you picture what the city looked like during the days of the Rat Pack.

What are you waiting for? Grab a bus ticket, and go west young man (or woman)!