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Bus Travel To New York: Take A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

There is perhaps no better city in the United States to book a bus ticket to than New York City. With so much to do see, experience, and explore, your affordable bus trip will leave plenty of money left over to do it all! There’s a reason why NYC is known as the city that never sleeps, so let’s take a look at all the Big Apple has to offer.


New York City is the center of the universe for theatrical productions. If you’re looking to see a Broadway show, your best bet is to book your seat ahead of time to ensure you get the musical, play, or performance of your choice. If you want to see a venue for up-and-coming actors and playwrights, check out off-Broadway shows for a more intimate setting. You can also be a part of a live studio audience at a late-night talk show filmed in New York, like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert or The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. All you have to do is check NYCgo.com to see what’s available on your selected dates.

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From the corner bodega to the swankiest five-star restaurant, New York has the most eclectic and vibrant culinary scene in the country. Eric Ripert’s lauded Le Bernardin provides the quintessential New York experience– effortless cool mixed with top-notch ingredients and professional service for a seafood-centric meal you’ll never forget.

During your bus trip to New York, you have to taste a few specialty items that true New Yorkers claim are not the same outside the city limits. The first is a true New York bagel, preferably from Russ and Daughters, with a cream cheese “schmear” topped with lox, capers and red onions. New York natives claim that their bagels are the best in the nation because of the city’s tap water, but it may also have to do with the decades of practice within bagel shops.

Another NYC staple of a slice of oh-so-thin pizza. Asking a New Yorker where their favorite pizza joint is located will likely elicit a variety of answers, but you can’t go wrong with a slice at Lombardi’s, which claims to be the first pizzeria in America. However, any New Yorker worth their salt will tell you that a “grandma pie” is where it’s at. This thicker, denser, crispy square slice is especially tasty at Di Fara in Brooklyn, where they’ve been slinging grandma pies since 1965.


One of the best parts of New York is the plethora of parks dotted throughout the cityscape. They are perfect for a quick picnic lunch, reading the newspaper or just people-watching. Bryant Park on East 42nd Street is a year-round destination for visitors and locals alike. During the summertime, they show outdoor movies, ping pong tournaments, and daily yoga sessions, while the wintertime hosts an outdoor skating rink. If you get a chance to stop by Union Square Park between Broadway and Union Square East, you’ll stumble across a massive farmers market, perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll enjoying local goods.

Booking a bus trip to New York City allows you to take a bite out of the Big Apple without gobbling up your entire vacation budget.