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Bus Travel To Cleveland: The Rock N’ Roll Capital

When thinking about your next family vacation, quick weekend girls trip, or getaway with your significant other, Cleveland might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But there is an argument to be made for visiting this secretly majestic city; in fact, there are several. Cleveland packs in just about everything including beautiful parks and free outdoor attractions, award-winning restaurants, a bustling downtown scene, and energetic nightlife. In today’s article, we’ll introduce you to a few key reasons why you should buy a bus ticket and make the journey to what is known as the “Rock and Roll Capital of the World.”

You Can Shop ‘til You Drop at the Cleveland Arcade

Steeped in historical richness, The Cleveland Arcade was funded and built by The Rockefellers in the 1890s and is still enjoyed by many locals and visitors every day. This regal structure became one of the very first malls in America and is still a famous attraction in Cleveland. Visitors will find a Hyatt Regency Hotel on the top floors of the arcade and below it are floors designated for dining and retail shopping. If only for the opulent architectural design, the Cleveland Arcade is worth a visit.

Visit the 'A Christmas Story House'

Who could forget the infamous line, “you’ll shoot your eye out!” from the beloved Christmas classic, A Christmas Story? It turns out that you can actually visit the very house that was used to film the holiday flick. Not only can you take a tour of the home the movie was filmed in, afterward you can take a few steps across the street to the A Christmas Story museum and have the opportunity to buy a “leg lamp” of your own.

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Go on a “Speakeasy Crawl”

If you’ve already been on your fair share of pub crawls, why not switch it up a bit with a speakeasy crawl through Cleveland? This midwestern American city is home to some seriously impressive speakeasy spots including the famous Velvet Tango Room, Society Lounge, and the fittingly named Speakeasy. The Velvet Tango Room is a particular favorite among anyone obsessed with the roaring 20’s, live jazz, and fancy cocktails. At Society Lounge, you can get a seasonal cocktail to go with your seasonal bites and at Speakeasy, you’ll only be able to enter the premises through a super secret, yet super swanky entrance.

Hit Up Every Pierogi Joint in the City

After a night of speakeasy fun, you’ll need something to soak up all that gin: a pierogi (or several). If you want to find the most authentic pierogi in Cleveland, head to the neighborhood of Tremont for some Polish pockets of goodness. Ease into your pierogi binge by starting off at Sokolowski’s University Inn. Next, make a stop at the famous Prosperity Social Club. Not only does this popular venue churn out some of the tastiest pierogies in the city, but they also have a wide selection of delicious cheeses and drinks at their bar. Finally, end the festivities with a pierogi to go or to stay at Seven Roses Deli in Slavic’s Village.

Pair a Beer with a Donut at Brewnuts

It might sound a little wacky and unconventional on the surface, but once you make a visit to this beer and donut shop, you’ll see why Brewnuts has become a staple in the Cleveland community. Located on the West Side in Gordon Square, Brewnuts always has some great brews on tap and just the right donut to pair with them. From Fruity Pebbles donuts to maple bacon donuts, everyone will find the right flavor to suit their tastes here.

Lay in the Sun at Edgewater Beach

Cleveland may not have an ocean, but it does have a beautiful beach on its own Great Lake. Grab your umbrella and your swimsuit to relax right on the sands of Edgewater Beach. Because it’s a Great Lake (Lake Erie, to be precise), it actually feels quite a lot like an ocean beach as you look out on the endless miles of water. If you forget to bring your own food and drink, you can meander on over to the Beach House for something to cool you off after hours of tanning in the sun. And once the sun goes down, you’ll have no trouble finding a free summer concert happening right on the beach!

Ready to enjoy everything there is to see and do in this famous midwestern American city?