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Whether you know it for its deep sports culture, its magnetic cities, or merely as a state in the Midwest, one thing is certain: there’s much more to Ohio than meets the eye. There’s more to do here than a person could fit into a short trip, so when you book a bus ticket to Ohio you can expect to fill your itinerary quickly. Here’s what makes the state so special.

There's no shortage of things to do in Ohio.

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A Brief History of Ohio

Admitted to the Union in 1803, Ohio has a long and esteemed history in the U.S. It is often referred to as the “Mother of Presidents,” as seven of the nation’s presidents were born in the state. The state played a highly significant role during the Civil War, with both the Ohio River and the state’s railroads serving as primary sources in the transportation of ship supplies and military troops. Ohio boasts plenty of notable “firsts” in its diverse history, too: the first ambulance was developed in Cincinnati in 1865, Cleveland was the home of the country’s first traffic light in 1914, Akron was the first city to employ police vehicles, and a Dayton resident was the inventor of the cash register. And as any true Ohioan knows, the Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team in the country.

Bus to Ohio State Stadium
Football fans in Ohio pack into the stadium to cheer on their favorite teams – The Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, The Ohio State Buckeyes!

Top Cities To Visit in Ohio

Bus to Cleveland, Ohio


It might take a few days to make the most of your time in Cleveland. The city is home to plenty of notable cultural spots, including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cedar Point Amusement Park, the circa-1930 Cleveland Botanical Garden, the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), and Jack Cleveland Casino. If you’re hungry, stop by the bustling West Side Market and visit hundreds of food vendors whose Euro-style offerings will leave you craving seconds and thirds. And if you’re a film buff, don’t even think about leaving town without paying a visit to the house that was the movie set for A Christmas Story. There are plenty of reputable hotels downtown, all within proximity of the best the city has to offer. If there’s time, head south about an hour to Canton and visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Bus to Columbus, Ohio


As the state capital and the largest city in the state, you can fill your agenda from dusk ‘til dawn in Columbus. It may well be the foodie capital of the Midwest, thanks to its abundance of unexpectedly chic restaurants that cater to all tastes. If you go nowhere else, check out North Market — just be sure to arrive on an empty stomach! For art enthusiasts, it’s humbling to tour the Topiary Park, home to a beloved topiary garden inspired by George Seurat’s painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte. With its many trails, Columbus is also a great place to go hiking. Or if you prefer, satisfy your inner history buff with a stroll through the German Village, which is dotted with homes crafted by 19th-century immigrants. There are several stops here, including one at Columbus Ohio State.

Bus to Lima, Ohio


Craving a little quiet time? Consider a visit to Lima, a humble city that’s home to both the University of Northwestern Ohio and Ohio State University Lima. A few chain hotels have rooted themselves in the area for families visiting their college students. Another spot worth checking out is the Neil Armstrong Museum

Bus to Toledo, Ohio


Along the border of the Great Lakes is Toledo, which enjoys a reputation as a family-friendly city with plenty of charming attractions. They include the 60-acre Toledo Botanical Garden, the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, and the free-to-tour Wildhood Manor House in the Wildwood Preserve Metropark downtown. This is a beautiful spot to enjoy unforgettable views and occasional concerts. If you’re hungry, pop into Tony Packo’s. It’s an area institution dating from 1932 that’s known nationwide for its hot dogs.

Bus to Cincinnati, Ohio


Arts, sports, animals, history — is there anything that Cincinnati doesn’t have? This city alone is reason enough to book a bus ticket to Ohio. The city is home to the Great American Ball Park, where you can cheer on the Cincinnati Reds. If you’re with the family, don’t miss Kings Island, known as the largest amusement park in the Midwest. Kids will also enjoy the exhibits at Newport Aquarium and the Cincinnati Museum Center complex. This is also the place to be if you want to explore the Ohio River. Hop aboard a riverboat and enjoy a relaxing cruise as you admire the cityscape. A convenient bus stop to pull into is the Cincinnati University of Cincinnati location.

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A Glimpse at Life in Ohio

If you’re in the mood to be greeted with a smile at every turn, you can travel anywhere in Ohio. The state is known for its courteous residents, so at the very least you will be met with universal friendliness everywhere you go. Whether you’re in a small town like Wooster or Youngstown, meeting people at the Athens Community Center, milling around the shores of Lake Erie in Sandusky, or pulling into the station at Dayton Trotwood, you’re sure to experience this positivity firsthand. The beauty of Ohio is that there’s truly something for everyone, too. Sure, the state is largely known as the home to mouth-watering chili and hot dogs, but there’s an extensive culinary scene here that extends from Cleveland all the way to Cincinnati. At every spot throughout the state, you’ll find something delicious to savor. With approximately 250 breweries, it’s also the right place to visit if you’ve got a thirst for beer. As for sports, football is king here — there’s a reason it’s called the Buckeye State, and you’re likely to encounter more than your fair share of rabid fans. The state’s creative industry is huge, with designers and performing artists enjoying tremendous growth over the years. There are numerous galleries throughout and, of course, Ohio is also home to the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra.

Bus tickets to Ohio
Bus tickets to Ohio
Bus tickets to Ohio
Bus tickets to Ohio