Birthplace of the United States of America

Sports fans have 2 National Football League Teams

plus the huge college football game rivals, Army Vs. Navy

Hop A Bus or Train to Maryland

Maryland is a state filled with endless things to do whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, with family, or with your partner. Maryland has a rich history and riveting culture that spans across the state regardless of whether you’re in a big city or a small town. Read more about fun things to do and see in Maryland, and be sure to book your bus ticket for a safe and fun trip.


As one of the original 13 colonies, Maryland has a long history. The birthplace of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, and home to many stops on the underground railroad, Maryland has roots that greatly affected the outcome of the monumental Civil War that split our country (and Maryland) in two.

There's no shortage of things to do in Maryland

National Monuments

National Parks



Maryland Must See List

  • Amp up the action at Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI), McHenry
  • Coast Downhill for Mountain Scenes, McHenry
  • The National Road Museum
  • Craft Your Own Glassworks, Deep Creek Lake’
  • Savor Sunsets on National Harbor  and ride the Capital Wheel
  • Commemorate the Civil War at the Monocacy National Battlefield
  • Trace the Escape Route of John Wilkes Booth
  • Follow the Patuxent Wine Trail
  • Great Chesapeake Bay Loop
  • Smith Island
  • The Wednesday Night Sailboat Races in Annapolis

Maryland locals have great pride in their national baseball and football teams. Camden Yards is the home of Oriole Park which hosts the MLB team, the Baltimore Orioles. Maryland also has two NFL teams, the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins.

Top Cities To Visit In Maryland


Annapolis, the state’s capital, is known for its historic, charming downtown. Take a dinner cruise on the Harbor Queen, enjoy a spooky ghost tour when the weather turns chilly, or just enjoy the bright summer sun, sailboats, and a view of the iconic, four-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge — known as one of the scariest bridges in America.

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The Eastern Shore

From Kent Island and St. Michael’s, all the way to Ocean City, there’s plenty to do across the bridge on the eastern shore of Maryland. Salisbury is just a short drive from the ocean, making it a great spot to stop on the way in.

Washington, D.C.

Another perk of being in Maryland is that Washington D.C. is just around the corner. Grab the Metro at New Carrolton Station. The train will bring you into the city where you’ll have the opportunity to sightsee and explore museums in the patriotic, political powerhouse responsible for the big decisions in our country.


Baltimore’s Penn Station is a gorgeous and convenient train station bringing you right into the center of the city. You can grab a bus directly into Penn Station for ample fun. This bustling city has a lot to offer. Fell’s Point is full of tasty treats. One of our favorites is R House, a food hall featuring various vendors. Plus, the Baltimore Downtown area is home to the Ravens stadium, the Baltimore Orioles stadium, and Old Bay seasoning. If you’re near the harbor, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the National Aquarium. Once you’re in town, grab a cruise at the Port of Baltimore for a weeklong getaway to Florida or the Bahamas. Take a tour of Edgar Allen Poe’s house (hence the Ravens), pay homage to him by leaving roses at his gravesite, or explore Baltimore’s Little Italy, full of international delights. There’s so much to do in town.


Another historic downtown area, Frederick has a lot to offer. Nestled between mountains, the city, and the country, you’ll find yourself with plenty to do. Tour a farm, go apple picking, grab some food downtown, and stroll the Riverwalk down the center of town. It’s also home to a great brewery, Attaboy Beer, offering creative infusions and combinations by local master brewers.

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Located just below the Mason-Dixon line (technically making it part of the South), Marylanders themselves tend not to categorize themselves as northern or southern. As a mid-Atlantic state, Maryland offers the best of both worlds. In fact, many consider Maryland to be “America in Miniature.” Offering the sea, the mountains, the countryside, and bustling city life, it really does pack quite a punch for a small state.

Some of the highlights? First of all, the architecture. Whether in Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick, or Ellicott City, Maryland is known for its cute, historical, brick-laden row homes with vivid, functional shutters.

One of Maryland’s “best kept yet not meant to be secret” is that it’s home to a large, brackish body of water called The Chesapeake Bay. That means there’s plenty to do both bayside and oceanside. In Annapolis and Baltimore, you’ll find active, bustling harbors, lots of sailing, and, of course, tons of seafood. Both crabs and oysters are found in the Bay, so get ready for crabcakes, fried oysters, or some good ole’ fashioned crab-picking.

Eating crab in Maryland is an all-day event. Perfect for any social setting in the summer, all Marylanders know a crab feast should be stocked with piles of hot crabs, Old Bay seasoning, butter, vinegar, Eastern Shore corn on the cob, and cold beer — all atop a paper-lined picnic table.

Not sure summer is your vibe? You’ll love the wineries along the Appalachian Trail in Frederick, Potomac, and other mountainside cities in Maryland. One of our favorites is Rockland’s Farm. Here, you’ll find live bands, food stands, and wine made on the premises, along with cuts of beef, pork, and other meats fresh from the farm.

Where to Stay

Because there are such vast differences in the regions found throughout Maryland, you are bound to find accommodations that meet your interests. Whether it’s a penthouse in Downtown Silver Spring, a quiet cabin in Appalachia, a beach house near Assateague Island, a houseboat in Downtown Annapolis, or an urban escape in Baltimore, you’ll find yourself in a great adventure.

When to Go

Depending on the purpose of your travel and your interests, Maryland is a great vacation spot year-round, as it experiences all four seasons in full. Enjoy a cozy cabin in the winter. Breakaway at the beaches in summer. Go apple picking and enjoy a corn maze in the fall. Smell the sweet flower buds in the spring. You’ll never regret a trip to the Old-Line State.

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