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Adirondack - New York Trailways

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Adirondack - New York Trailways

With over 90 years of service, Trailways of New York is the largest intercity bus company in New York State. Their early bus lines linked the Hudson Valley and Adirondack region with New York City, which is how Adirondack Trailways received its name.

The Trailways fleet boasts some of the newest and safest coaches in the country. Every coach includes electrical outlets at each seat, complimentary WIFI, and onboard restrooms. The family owned and operated company has scheduled service throughout New York State, and also to Montreal and Toronto. Check out their “million mile drivers” club to see members of the Trailways team that have driven an impressive number of miles in their careers.


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Customer Service:
(800) 858-8555

Fairfax, VA

Free Power
Free Power
Luxury Seats
Luxury Seats
Adirondack - New York Trailways photo
Adirondack - New York Trailways photo
Adirondack - New York Trailways photo
Adirondack - New York Trailways photo
Daily Trips
Bus Stops
When to arrive at the terminal

Our recommended arrival times are meant to allow plenty of time to check-in (with or without baggage) and get squared away before scheduled departure.

Scheduled service – 30 to 40 min.
Charters – 30-40 min.

The power outlets on our coaches are intended for the use of a household laptop or cellphone and may not be able to support your device.

You should make sure to charge your device prior to your trip not be dependent on their availability to power the device or to act as a substitute for fully charged batteries.

Children's fares may be available for children aged 2 - 16 depending on carrier, as well as free travel for children under two. Please see list below for participating carriers and their child fare policies:

Adirondack, New York, & Pine Hill Trailways

One child under two may ride for free on the lap of an adult per adult ticket purchased.

Children aged 2 – 16 may save up to 20% off the regular adult fare when accompanied by a qualifying adult. Children’s fare tickets may not be purchased without the accompanying purchase of an adult fare ticket. Only two children’s fare tickets can be purchased per adult fare ticket in the same order. Children's fares will only apply to those fares that permit such reduction.

Passengers aged 17+ will be charged the adult fare.

Trailways of New York reserves the right to require proof of age.

An easy to follow guide for policies & restrictions when with children:

Children 17 years and older may travel unaccompanied, without restriction

Children age 12 through 16 may travel alone under the following conditions only:

with an adult fare ticket purchased in person at the bus terminal (no online tickets); AND

with an Unaccompanied Minor Form, which must be completed at the originating ticket-selling agency and signed by a parent, guardian or custodian.

A $5.00 fee is charged for each Unaccompanied Minor Form.

This is in addition to the fare; AND

on trips between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., which do not exceed 8 hours in duration, and do not require changing buses; AND
to a destination where the ticket selling agency is open upon the child’s arrival; AND

if a parent/guardian/custodian will be present to meet the child upon arrival at the destination.

Children under the age of 12 must travel with a passenger 17 years of age or older.

Border crossings are not allowed

*Trailways reserves the right to refuse unaccompanied children transportation. Also, please keep in mind that children’s fares will apply only to those fares that allow such a reduction. This means that for some fares and travel destinations, we are not permitted to offer discounts for children.

Please visit Trailways' Refunds and Ticket Exchanges section of their website

Each passenger is permitted to board the vehicle with one (1) complimentary carry-on item that may be stowed in the overhead compartment or under your seat. Additional carry-on items are not permitted.

Each adult passenger is permitted to stow up to three (3) pieces of luggage in the buses luggage bay, the first bag free of charge. Children are permitted one complimentary stowed bag per purchased ticket.

Guidelines on stowed baggage:

All baggage must be tagged with an identification tag bearing the passenger’s name and telephone number.
Dimensions should not be greater than 62 inches (combined length + width + height).

No plastic bags, garbage bags or perishable items will be accepted as baggage. Moreover, plastic bags may not be used to house items intended for storage under the vehicle.

No single piece of luggage may exceed 50 pounds and the total weight of all luggage per ticket may not exceed 100 pounds.

All bags must be claimed by the passenger at all transfer points and at the final destination.

Trailways is a nation-wide network of bus carriers and as such, excess baggage fees vary. Typical fees are $15.00–$20.00 for each piece of baggage over the 2-piece limit. For more details please check the baggage policy for the carrier with whom you’ll be traveling.

Only service animals trained to perform tasks directly related to its handler’s disability may board a Trailways vehicle.

Service animal means any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to work or perform tasked for an individual with a disability, including, but not limited to, guiding individuals with impaired vision, alerting individuals with impaired hearing to intruders or sounds, providing minimal protection or rescue work, pulling a wheelchair, or fetching dropped items.

Please note that emotional support animals are not considered a working service animal under the ADA and therefore will not be permitted to board the bus. To ensure that both you and your service animal travel easily and comfortably, please review the following information.

Cheapest Routes offered by Adirondack - New York Trailways

Out of all the routes Adirondack - New York Trailways offers, here are the 6 cheapest routes they offer within the next week. Click on a route to see more information.

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